31 August 2010 @ 05:52 pm
Meanwhile, in the better but more confusing story  
There's a new Lunargyros page today; check it out here.

Not much else since I've just been inking all day, so let's get to the last movie:

Day 31 - Surf's Up )

Aaaand with THAT, movie month August has come to an end! Phew, I can't believe I got through all of them! Obviously a few I had to change up, but all in all I think I managed to get everything on my list. While some movies I liked more than others, I'm glad I went to the trouble to see everything, just to now say that I've seen it!

Movies I liked more than I was expecting:
- The Lives of Others
- Amadeus
- Young Frankenstein
- Memento
- Donnie Darko
Movies I liked less than I was expecting:
- A Clockwork Orange
- The Science of Sleep
- A Streetcar Named Desire
- Blade Runner

Drawing: Still slooowly working through 12 covers

Writing: On the fic again...

Days until BBS release: 7 (ONE WEEK FROM NOW!)
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30 August 2010 @ 09:54 pm
So, those are my dreams of blood. Wild, huh?  
Okay flist, I must request some more from you! Tonight I would like some ~recipes!~

Got a good recipe? Please tell me it! Your favorite dish, old family recipe, whatever you can think of. Specifically,
- Something for dinner
- For three people
- That is relatively easy to cook, as I am a totally inept cook. I don't know how to do a lot of basic stuff, because I fail. >>
- Something that will work for a picky eater (me)

Thank you and thank you in advance! ♥

Day 30 - Goodbye, Lenin! )

Drawing: Suddenly have 12 covers to do; they'll take awhile

Writing: On the fic again...

Days until BBS release: 8
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29 August 2010 @ 01:04 pm
The names have been changed to protect the visible  
Aww man, I had a really awful nightmare last of those layered, semi-lucid ones where some part of you knows that you're dreaming but most of you is unable to stop, so you confuse your wanting to stop dreaming with having actually woken up, but you haven't, and...yeah.

This got a little long... )

...You know for once I would really like to remember a nice dream. 8(((

Day 29 - Rope )

Okay, let's end with something a little happier:

Jiminy Cricket form changes )

Drawing: More practice, but also some LG covers...

Writing: Nothin'

Days until BBS release: 9 (DOWN TO SINGLE DIGITS AAAH)
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28 August 2010 @ 02:43 pm
Never make light of boing  
While I was out swimming with my bro this morning, I saw this gorgeous red-tailed hawk come sailing in and land on a light post right next to the pool. It was huge and just kind of sat there for a moment looking regal. I've seen hawks flying around the canyon before, but I've never seen a wild one that close. *_*

Sunshine is doing a little better. She's walking a little more, but still won't go across the street or upstairs, and walking too much tires her out. But she doesn't look so bad anymore.

Day 28 - Blade Runner )

Drawing: Have some non-LG things planned for today

Writing: Nothin'

Days until BBS release: 10
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27 August 2010 @ 10:07 pm
Staggers from one commercial break to another  
There's a new Lunargyros page up today, read it here.

Sunshine is back home from the vet today...she was bitten on the nose by a rattlesnake yesterday. 8((( Luckily, my bro caught it early and was able to run her down to the vet in about 15 minutes. They got her on an IV drip with antivenin real fast. Luckily she was able to get home fairly soon, but she's still recovering very slowly...she's very tired and her face is puffy, and she's been having a lot of trouble walking. She keeps tripping over her back feet, and it takes a lot of effort for her to take any steps. I just really hope she gets better soon. ._.

Also got to hang out with [ profile] ghettopeach and [ profile] sbcpanuru, who I haven't seen in a loooong time, so it was awesome to get to hang out with him again! We had delicious seafood and watched MST3K.

Otherwise, today was kinda slow and upsetting. I'm still sitting on the egg and worrying about the dog, mostly.

Day 26 - Terminator 2: Judgment Day )

Day 27 - Shaun of the Dead )

Drawing: Just finishing up LG

Writing: Feeling an itch...

Days until BBS release: 11
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25 August 2010 @ 10:20 pm
Are we inside television city?  
Okay so, related completely to the new egg mentioned earlier, I've been trying out the beta test of a cute lil' kids' MMO made by NatGeo...sort of in the same vein as Neopets or Club Penguin. Want to get a sense of how the game works and what the art style is like. It's abhorrently cute. Make little animal characters, give them flashy colors and patterns, play minigames, read nature facts, buy them accessories and prizes with points, all that usual kid MMO stuff. So I made a little blue and white wolf and named it Sir Snarkyfoot, and have just been running around collecting points to buy cute is in beta so it's obviously not that big right now.

And while running around, I run into a little pink wolf (I think wolf is the most popular animal, not surprisingly) and she's like "My friend said you were here! You want to go out with me?"
Me: .........(uhh) "Okay, sure."
Pink Wolf: "Okay, let's go back to my den!"
Me: *finally figures out how to visit another player's home base, goes there*
Pink Wolf: "Yay!" *proceeds to chase all her other friends out of her den, runs around making little hearty faces; sends me a nature postcard*
Me: ...fffffffffffffffffffffff *makes little heart faces too?!*

WTF, I've only been trying out an MMO for two days and I already have an internet girlfriend who is probably half my age HOW DID THIS EVEN HAPPEN 8|||||

Day 25 - Millennium Actress )

Hmm, I should go clean out my tags now...

Drawing: LG and a little practice stuff here and there

Writing: Still nothing

Days until BBS release: 13
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24 August 2010 @ 08:43 pm
Pregnant woman and Schnauzer optional  
There's a new Lunargyros page up today; read it here.

So apparently Satoshi Kon died, which is really depressing news. :( He wasn't that old at all, and it's sad to think we won't see any more of his films. Maybe I should replace one of the movies on my list with one of his (I still haven't seen Millennium Actress, for one thing).

Day 24 - Good Night, And Good Luck )

Drawing: Still more LG; no time to get to more today

Writing: Still nothing

Days until BBS release: 14 (TWO WEEKS NOW)
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23 August 2010 @ 10:21 pm
Isn't kidnapping Santa a federal offense?  
LOOKY LOOKY LOOKY at long last, I have a brand new shiny layout! It is the shiniest ever!

[ profile] lynxgriffin [ profile] lynxgriffin [ profile] lynxgriffin

It was made for me by [ profile] purapea! Because she makes awesome stuff! :D

Also yesterday I spent helping [ profile] yamikonumber7 move apartments. It was a hot hot day, so we tired quickly, but prevailed nonetheless. There were brownies and pizza and hilarious moments involved, so that's always good.

I got another egg today. I am really hoping this one hatches.

Day 22 - A Streetcar Named Desire )

Day 23 - Donnie Darko )
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21 August 2010 @ 10:48 pm
Zoom Zoom Zoom  
AT LAST, I have a new car! 8D It is pretty much the same as the old one, thus I have christened it

Falcon Peak II

Not that many miles on it, and it's a 2007 instead of a 2004, but still basically the same car. 8D; It also needs to get the tailpipe fixed, but I'll go in and do that later. Either way, it's soooo nice to finally have a car again! Considering how much everyone in the family drives, it's definitely necessary to have.

And this time dad didn't have to get mad. XDD The salesman was actually willing to bargain with us, and while we didn't get it down to our preferred price, we did get it down to a fair price (which was $3000 less than what the other place was insisting on...take THAT, stupid place!)

Day 21 - Persepolis )

Drawing: Finished 3 LG pages

Writing: *stares at unfinished fic*

Days until BBS release: 17
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20 August 2010 @ 10:44 pm
Vincent Price, burn victim  
There were good things yesterday! Went to the Gnomon preview day yesterday, saw some dudes from school that I haven't seen in awhile, and also talked with a few companies. Afterwards, [ profile] yamikonumber7 and I went to see Rifftrax Live, and hooooooly crap we laughed our heads off. That was an awesome show full of many lulz. I need to get that one on DVD. XD

I also completed a page of things yesterday. I need to keep doing more pages of things:

A Page of Things )

Less good things tablet is dying, and fast. D8 The cord is torn at the root where it connects to the tablet, and there are little bits of wire starting to twist out. Pretty sure the tablet is past its warranty. Which means I need to either magically be able to fix this wire (very unlikely) or else it's time to buy a new tablet. Uuuuugh this is money I did not want to spend. X(

Help me out, artists on my flist. What would you recommend? I am looking at either the Intuos 4 Wireless or the Intuos 4 medium-size. I had an Intuos 3 before and an Intuos 2 before that; it seems they've discontinued those since then. I would loooove to get a Cintiq, but I just can't afford it right now. :( Does anyone on my list use the Intuos Wireless? How is it? Is it worth the extra money? If this last tablet is dying because the wire got twisted up, then it may be advantageous to avoid wires in the future...

Day 19 - Wayne's World )

Day 20 - Gojira (Godzilla) )

And there's a new Lunargyros page up today; read it here.

Drawing: Too much LG, will hopefully do board thing soon...

Writing: Still stuck on the RP for now

Days until BBS release: 18 (WE'RE IN THE TEENS NOW)
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18 August 2010 @ 10:07 pm
Jam-packed full of schtuff today  




I felt like drawing all the eeveelutions in a Claire Wendling style. So, I did!

Circle of Eevees )

Day 17 - Memento )

Day 18 - Memoirs of a Geisha )

There's also two new Lunargyros pages, read 'em here.

Drawing: Still LG and fanart

Writing: Stuck on the RP for now

Days until BBS release: 20
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16 August 2010 @ 09:30 pm
Oh like Columbo isn't going to figure THIS out.  
Thanks to dudes who came over this weekend and hung out! I was super glad for the company. :D

I have another BBS fanarts! This one I did for a countdown, and you can view it here. I'll probably put it up on dA later.

Now for some movies...

Day 15 - The Jazz Singer )

Day 16 - Spellbound )

Drawing: LG, fanart, need to start on the board stuff again

Writing: Doing a little more on the RP, but much left to figure out...

Days until BBS release: 22
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14 August 2010 @ 10:22 pm
Much is under cuts  
Yay, [ profile] ghettopeach came and hung out with me today! We watched MST3K, other movies and made delicious pizza. 'Twas much funtimes!

Also, I finished a fanart! Here it be:

Legacy Trio )

Day 13 - Pulp Fiction )

Day 14 - Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind )

Drawing: Bunch more LG, finished this fanart and finished basic board thumbs

Writing: Nothing

Days until BBS release: 24
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12 August 2010 @ 09:30 pm
This trumpet is flatlining!  
Still waiting for the eggs to hatch, although one now has a big crack in it. Er...something with that metaphor. Man this is nerve-wracking...

Hey, so my 'rents are out of state for pretty much the next week or so...having fun up in Iowa. Since my little bro is often a busy dude himself, this leaves me alone in the house for the weekend. Does anyone want to come down and hang with me awhile Saturday and/or Sunday? Bring your swimsuit and we'll go to the hot tub! I'll make you pizza and we'll watch MST3K! Please let me know! ♥

Day 11 - Young Frankenstein )

Day 12 - The Science of Sleep )

Drawing: LG thumbs, fanart, and may try another storyboard...

Writing: Poking at fic

Days until BBS release: 26
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10 August 2010 @ 10:09 pm
Always look on...  
There's a new Lunargyros page up! Check it here.

Well, I'm doing better than I was yesterday, so that's nice. I've got some eggs that are likely to hatch, I'm just very unsure of what they'll hatch into. Here's hoping for chickens.

But in more bleh news, I have to get up before 5:00 tomorrow morning to take parents to the airport, since they'll be gone for almost a week. Blaaaah getting up at Terrible O'Clock. I hope I survive. 8|

Day 10 - Wicker M--I mean, The Life of Brian )

Speaking of such, I suddenly seem to be reading/talking lots about religion lately. I'm tempted to make a post on it, but I dunno if I should. (Or what on, anyway.)

Drawing: LG, color versions of some of this long commission, and may start on a fanart

Writing: Wrote third treatment, may have to revise it, but at least it's done

Days until BBS release: 28
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09 August 2010 @ 10:27 pm
Oh yeah?  
I was going to type up more, but to put it simply, today sucked. Here's hoping tomorrow doesn't suck.

So instead, let's just go straight to today's movie.

Day 9 - Fargo )

Drawing: More of the same

Writing: I am...trying to decide what to write next. This may be tricky...

Days until BBS release: 29
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08 August 2010 @ 10:01 pm
I've seen too many movies this weekend  
Was feeling down again, but I think (hope) that's passed, for the most part. I kind of want to something for people, I don't know. I feel like I want to give more. My time, my money, my interest, my art, something. Sometimes I feel like I'm not being as good a friend as I could be. I feel like sometimes I make it all about me when I should be thinking more about how others are feeling. It's been nagging at me, and not sure how I can correct that...

In other news, I have seen so many movies lately, I don't even. Yesterday I went and saw Inception with my mom. Won't give too many spoilers, but overall, I enjoyed it! I don't think it was OMG THE MOST AMAZING ORIGINAL BRAINBREAKING MOVIE EVAAAR, since essentially it was The Dark Knight meets Paprika. XD But it was intense, fun to watch, and I kind of like how they left the ending open-ended juuuuust enough. Would definitely recommend dudes go see it. Also, I kinda wish they had played around with physics more in the dream worlds, because those were some of the most fun parts. And I don't know about anyone else, but at least when I dream, physics never behaves properly. It seems like all of my dreams have at least one portion where I seem to be operating in less-than-normal gravity.

Now for stuff that hasn't come out recently...

Day 7 - A Clockwork Orange )

Day 8 - Alien )

Drawing: A bunch of the concept stuff in early sketches...not much to show

Writing: Not much at the moment

Days until BBS release: 30
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06 August 2010 @ 10:35 pm
This will affect your credit rating  
Looky looky looky! I finally made my profile all shiny! I just modified some profile code from here! Huzzah for having a shiny profile!

Also, two new Lunargyros pages today; check 'em out here.

Day 6 - Brazil )

Drawing: More of LG and concept stuff today

Writing: Still on treatments

Days until BBS release: 32
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05 August 2010 @ 10:43 pm
Bodies are silly  
So, my little bro headed off to Texas today, where he'll be doing his theater thang. The house is going to get pretty empty soon...

Some personal health TMI; may want to skip )

WELL, aside from that unpleasantness, here's today's movie...

Day 5 - Amadeus )

Drawing: Started on some more sketches for that long project

Writing: Started on second treatment

Days until BBS release: 33
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04 August 2010 @ 10:01 pm
California sucks less!  
I'm sure most people have heard the news by now, but still: YAAAAY! At last, I can be proud of my state again! I know there's still a lot left to go and marriages aren't technically legal again yet, but a step in the right direction is still a step!

Just had to glee about that! And for today's movie...

Day 4 - King Kong (1933) )
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