10 December 2006 @ 02:55 pm
Completed Maya model!  
Yes...yesterday I drove down to the school and finally finished the model! @_@ It's far from perfect...some of the symbols I wanted to put on the scales weren't working for some reason, the texture on the wings ended up looking kinda funky, and there were several scales that just looked like crap. But overall, I'm at least happy I finished the dang thing! (I think there were about a dozen people in that class when I started, and only seven people had projects there and ready to show. o_O) I got a lot of good critique on the model, as the teacher was fairly tough, but all in all, I feel like I learned a lot. 3D definitely does not come as easily to me as drawing and requires work. But I'm still going to apply for the certificate program, because I think I can't just assume that a comics career will pan out for me.

And here's the process for it!

VERY image-heavy! )

Okay, enough of the picture spam. That was my Maya model!

Par-teeee )

Drawing: Still workin' on comic pages and giftarts. I might actually try to redo some pages I've already done for practice's sake...

Writing: Tiny bits here and there on le smuts.
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