20 November 2006 @ 12:12 pm
Completed storyboard!  
At last, all of that sitting and drawing has at least paid off in one area! :P Here's the completed practice storyboard that I want to stick in my portfolio, just to say HAY GUYZ I CAN STOREEBORED GUD. (At least, I hope it's good.)

This was pretty much all based out of my head and from what small observations I could glean from my internship long ago. If any persons out there have taken formal storyboarding classes or gotten instruction, constructive critique is greatly appreciated. Heck, constructive critique from anyone is appreciated.

WARNING: Image-heavy, dialup beware! )

And one more thing )

Still jobhunting; I called the temp place again today. :P But this week feels like too much of a holiday for me to pay attention to jobthings, so I'll work on arts as much as I can.

Man, I need to buy a Wii sometime soon. Sometime when I have monies. :O

Drawing: Finished this! Still working on doujin pages and Lunargyros pages. The time I was using on storyboard stuff will probably go towards working on giftarts now.

Writing: Finished a sporking, and finished a beta! Also wrote a smidge of a scene for LW. Need to work more on that, though, actually.
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