10 March 2008 @ 10:29 am
Mishmash of stuff, yet again  
- If I'm not on AIM much this week, it's 'cause I'm at school trying to finish up final projects. @_@ I'll probably have to go in Thursday and Friday for a makeup class and to finish up my sculpture, anyway, 'cause I've still got to finish out the wings and then do all secondary and tertiary details before next Monday, aaaagh...

- I've been resisting it, but I think I'm gonna app Wolf (from 10th Kingdom) in Daisychain after all. >_>

- My Heinrich Kley art book shipped from Amazon today! Eeeeee.

- So on Friday, I went to Nickelodeon to visit a sibling of a church friend (who was basically the reason I ended up going to Gnomon at all) and she introduced me to some friends of hers in the art department, Bill Dely and Angela Ursillo, among them. I had just done a quick revamp of my reel because I was all OHGOD SHOULD SHOW SOMETHING I GUESS DON'T HAVE ANYTHING ARRGH. But Bill gave me a really honest, straightforward critique on my reel, saying what stuff looked great and what I should take out, and what I should work on, etc. (Mostly it seems I need to bump up the contrast and light/shadow play in my pictures, which I will say I've had trouble with). I wasn't expecting to get an objective critique like that from the visit, but wow, that was useful. I've got a better idea of what people like, and ironically enough, it's usually the stuff that was done quickly or for fun. o_O Also, apparently my storyboards are just kinda standard, while the actual concept art is better. Hmmm, guess I'll have to work on that.

- Soooo...does anyone know if any of the latest RSOM 8 entries are worth reading? I don't even think I read last year's entries, come to think of it... I feel kind of bad dropping out of that part of OEL comics, since I used to be such a huge RSOM participant and made a ton of cool friends through there. But I haven't been able to muster the energy to go looking at the more recent comics since the TP site became impossible to navigate (heck, I don't even think I've looked at the forums since my password got mysteriously changed and I couldn't figure out how to change it back) And after losing four RSOMs (the fourth one which I felt at least deserved to go to the voting round) and then getting the runaround from other editors on a project that pretty much pittered out nowhere? I've kinda lost interest. D: I'm almost kinda glad I've lost interest, as it's gotten me back into animation and into expanding on my art in ways I don't think I would've done if I'd gotten a comics gig. And frankly, I'm really happy with my Wirepop setup...I can still tell my big epic comic story, but at a reasonable pace for me and without having to stress myself over what it is and isn't "marketable."
...Or something. I forgot what I was saying. Uh...RSOM! Is it worth looking into? That's what I was wondering.

- Nnnnnnngh, I wanna play Brawl so badly. ;_; I wish I could've gone to a midnight party or anything like that, but I don't have a Wii and I have no clue when I'd get one. Everyone's all going nuts having fun playing it. I guess I have to bug my brother to actually come home sometime this month and bring his Wii so we can battle each other.

- Holy crap, who's excited about this Saturday?! I imagine it's gonna be EPIIIIIC. I'm not gonna be able to participate in the protests, as I've got class and final projects that day grrr argh and I'm really chicken, but I'm totally gonna drive by and cheer on the Anons! I actually had no clue the Hollywood Scientology building was so close to my commute route until yesterday. I knew it was somewhere on Hollywood Blvd., but I just happened to glance up while sitting at a red light yesterday and was all HOLYCRAP it's RIGHT THERE :O. I wish I had a camera, then I could get some pics of the Anons for internets posterity.

- I've still gotta do answers for that rant meme; I'll get to that sometime soon. >_>

*More hugs to my whole flist* I wish I could fix problems for everyone and just make the world better! I'm sorry if I'm not spending enough time with dudes or being the friend that I should. ._. Kick me to try harder if I need a kick! I miss a bunch of people, and I hope your day/week/month is going better...
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