30 April 2007 @ 10:56 am
Venting Time  
...Because maybe it will make me feel better, I don't know.

Damn it all! I thought that the second term for GNOMON would start after AX, but as it turns out, it starts before. I've already paid for registration and the hotel and that's all non-refundable, plus there are people flying in that I'm picking up and sharing hotels with, so it's not like I can just cancel on AX now. But it means that I'll probably be missing the first day of a few classes, no matter when they are. Except I don't know when they'll be because we haven't gotten the schedules for second term yet. Either way, that means emailing teachers and doing makeup work, which is a pain in the ass.

And I might as well kiss Comic Con goodbye, since the weekend directly before that it's the big family reunion that I Absolutely Am Not Allowed To Miss Under Any Circumstances. If I did SDCC too, that'd be three uber-weekends (about Wednesday through Sunday) used up, and taking about the equivalent of three weeks off out of a ten-week term just won't fly, even if it is early in the term when there's less work. Fuggit, I really wanted to go to Comic Con, too! It's about equal with my AX tradition, if not moreso, and there were some people I really wanted to see there. DDDX

Ironically enough, the whole reason school is starting a week earlier at all is because they're taking a week off for Siggraph. Which I guess I should go and register for instead. AX can be by "fun con," and Siggraph can be my networking con for this year. But I still want Comic Con for both networking and fun, cryyyyyy. ;_;

Also, I got a jury summons, but I can't frecking register for it until tomorrow at whatever time, anyway. And I didn't get it until late anyway because the letter went to my old address and I had to get here and...whatever, I don't know. I better not have to actually show up, because I'll be uber-pissed if I have to take that time off of school to go sit in a damn court room all day. Screw you, patriotic duty!

Argh, I was doing just fine today until all this stuff kinda settled into my brain at once. XP I played around with NURBS during lab today on something that wasn't homework; maybe I'll post it tomorrow. All things considered, it was coming out okay, and I actually felt like I was problem-solving. I really want to make sure I'm having fun while at this school, 'cause I'll learn more and learn faster if I have fun at it.

Yeah, just had to vent; will go work on various things until bed...

Drawing: Comic pages galore.

Writing: Sporking's going slowly. I'm hoping to have more time to work on MWWBK starting around this weekend.
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