25 May 2011 @ 11:38 pm
*Needs to update on time more*  
*FLOPS* Not much to report currently...I finished the art test I was working on today, and need to send it on tomorrow. Hope hope hope I will hear back on it soooooon *crosses fingers* I think I did pretty well with both pieces, and I wish I could post them here. I also got to play around with a fun new (free!) software that I did not even know existed, and I may try using it more in the future, because I can see it being useful for many things...particularly for cityscapes or just buildings in general. Otherwise, I've mostly been busy at the internship, at work or working on LG.

Speaking of, there's a new page of it up; you can read it here.

I'm starting to crave some new KH news...can we hear more about KH3D at E3 maybe, please?

Also, at MST3K night tonight, we ended up watching the movie 'Clue' (yes, based on the board game) which I had not seen before. It was actually a lot of LOL! I now get where the "flames on the side of my face" line comes from!

I also seem to be suffering from some strange...brain effects, but I dunno whether it's anything serious or not... ><

And ALSO speaking of strange brain things, here's a catching-up of waking-up drawings:

Under-covers drawings 64-68 )

While hanging around the internship, I also ended up doodling a bunch of reindeer. Not very good doodles, sob, but hopefully at least a bit fun:

Reindeer being silly )

Drawing: Finished art test and all commish stuff, lots of LG, various sketches...

Writing: Transcribing and tags
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04 February 2011 @ 09:43 pm
Men With Beards  
There are two new Lunargyros pages up today; you can read 'em here.

Man, I am glad it's the weekend tomorrow, I could use some breaktimes. Been working on a bunch of different things; just hoping they pay off. I keep having to make edits to the Okami boards, but I thiiiiink they should be done now. Just need one or two more checks. :P I still wish I could get the timing right.

HOWEVER, managed to finish another scene of the reindeer story! Apologies for the fact that it's so short; I'll admit I had trouble trying to figure out what to do at this point. At least it's something after that awful long wait. Short scene inside:

Santa and Donner )

Drawing: Practice, Okami boards, reindeer story stuff, waiting to hear back on other freelance bits

Writing: Reindeer story!
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12 January 2011 @ 05:04 pm
Not a joke, but an incredible simulation  
More Re:Coded commentary later tonight, but first, I've finished the next scene from the reindeer story! It's coming along slowly yet surely, since I have many other things to do in the meanwhile. Thoughts are always appreciated!

First flight )

Drawing: Finished this, board practice, need to work more on long-running commissions now

Writing: Nothing new
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01 January 2011 @ 07:27 pm
Reindeer Story continues  
Happy 2011, coolest dudes! Hope this year is one of your best.

FINALLY, I've gotten around to finishing the next section of the reindeer story! Little shorter section than before, but hopefully will help with interest-building. I need to stop having such big gaps inbetween these things.

Those enemies were moving )

Hopefully the next part won't take so long to get down!

Drawing: This, still tons of LG, may be able to work on the Okami board...

Writing: Finished fic; just needs some beta-ing.
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14 December 2010 @ 08:01 pm
Next reindeer bits  
Thanks to dudes who commented on the other stuff; will keep thinking things over. o/

[ profile] bouncy_erbear, I got your card! It was super cute!

There's a new Lunnargyros page up too; read it here.

Have to get up stupid-early for works tomorrow, but BEFORE THEN. I have another scene (chapter? Portion? IDK) of the still-really-needs-a-title reindeer story! Finally got back onto it after that unexpected hiatus with Thanksgiving and other things. I thiiiink I have a proper outline of the whole thing working now...

Tour of the factory )

More to come later! I'm wondering if I should start crossposting this stuff to dA...

Drawing: 10HAD, reindeer stuff

Writing: And the same
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18 November 2010 @ 09:03 pm
Always-necessary going-to-con post  
As you may have guessed from my chatting about it, CTN Animation Expo starts tomorrow, so don't expect to see me at all this weekend. It should be a bunch of fun; we'll see how much my wallet is hurting after a weekend of so many delishus and shiny art books and comics and prints and aaaaaaahhh! And seeing people I haven't seen in awhile, and seeing incredible artists being incredible! Also maybe will meet some new dudes; who knows. Sadly I'll be missing the new Harry Potter movie, but hopefully I can see it soon next week. 'Cause new Harry Potter movie is always fun.

But before I go, have some more arts for the reindeer story as I continue to puzzle stuff out. Including some villains this time...

Reindeer, elves and monsters )

Will probably write more on them later, too. For now...AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH CONNNNNNNNN

Drawing: Just this stuff, 10HAD, more when I can

Writing: Plotty things
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17 November 2010 @ 04:01 pm
Another scene of Christmas things  
There's a new Lunargyros page up from yesterday; read it here.

Been working a ton on art stuff, mostly boarding for the freelance thing and the reindeer story, and hoping I'm ready for the con this weekend. I'm thinking of getting my hair cut tomorrow...fresh haircut can do wonders for feeling good and all.

Anyways! I wrote and drew out another scene from the reindeer story, should be following off the first one. I'm not sure where to go next from here; I think I have to figure out the plot in a more solid manner. But I bought a copy of 'The Year Without A Santa Claus,' so yay more Rankin/Bass cartoon info. XD/ Hopefully dudes like this!

To the Pole... )

Aaaand off to go draw some more...

Drawing: All this and even more boards; more 10HAD

Writing: Christmas cards and more
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14 November 2010 @ 08:07 pm
Various four-legged things  
Disneyland was fun yesterday! Got to hang with [ profile] hystericblue42, who I haven't seen in awhile. Did various things across both D-Land and DCA, even though we didn't do all of our staples. XD Still good times. Also, we managed to catch the end of Fantasmic, and they have the new dragon up, holy crap! It's pretty dang impressive. Not as tall as the old one, but less skeletal and a lot of movement on the dragon's neck and face.

Finished a second lineup for the reindeer story (dang it needs a title!) so here's a look at all the characters as humans...

Second lineup! )

CTN Expo is coming up this next weekend, and I've been thinking of possibly taking the reindeer story idea around to people and asking where/who would be good places to pitch to, or how to go about doing it. (Since dudes seem to like it enough). I'm definitely not in a position to actually pitch now; I don't have enough details worked out and no way can I get enough of that by Friday. But aside from being nervous about attempting to throw half-finished ideas at Big Name People in the first place, I'm nervous about it getting the absolutely inevitable put-through-the-shredder treatment that happens to everything in Hollywood. So...all in all I'm nervous, and not entirely sure what to do. 8(a

Drawing: LG pages, 10HAD, this reindeer stuff

Writing: More plotty things and another scene for reindeer story...
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10 November 2010 @ 11:20 am
Oh Deer  
There's a new Lunargyros page up now; check it out here.

Aaaah I can't believe how close CTN Expo is...*runs around feeling excited but also really nervous*

IN THE MEANWHILE. I've still been drawing and musing out more stuff for the reindeer story. XD (It also needs a title...don't really want to use 'Reindeer Games' since Ben Affleck already ruined that.)

Lotsa reindeer story stuff under the cut )

SO YEAH, that's what I have so far...likely more to come later. XD

Drawing: 10HAD, Christmas cards, reindeer stuff

Writing: This stuff
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05 November 2010 @ 08:36 pm
The third straight week of the full moon  
Well, today didn't start out so good. I drove out all the way to work, sat down for another eight hours of hardcore arting, and then the bossdude came in and said that the client decided they didn't want our company for the project...they were going with the competition. D: So basically me and the other artist had nothing else we needed to do, so we had to bid our farewells and leave. The bossdudes were very understanding and apologetic...said that they loved the art we'd done; thought it was great, and agreed that the clients were being buttfaces about the whole thing. This was after communication failures all week on the client's part...very slow in getting back to us about changes, really unclear on what exactly they wanted, giving little to no reference material and then expecting us to be able to read their minds. I think the bossdudes were glad to not have to deal with them anymore, since they were frustrated with how thick the client company was being. :|

It's not a total loss...I'll still get paid, I enjoyed the work well enough, and the bossdudes were happy to work with me and said they'd contact me if any more work came up in the future. Yay more business relations! It's just a disappointment that this job didn't turn into something longer. :<

Sooo, left early, and went and got a bunch of errands done, which was nice because now I don't have to spend my Saturday doing errands. And also did some drawing~

Now the more fun part! I suddenly got a nibble or two of inspiration on another old story idea from ages ago, so I whipped out some really fast sketches for that. It could probably use reworking, but it's a start.

Be warned, weird story idea and character descriptions are within...

Reindeer Games )

...SO YEAH. If I do anything else with these, I'll probably redraw them until I'm happy with the look.

It is now my intention to fight Mysterious Figure for several hours.


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