30 April 2011 @ 03:48 pm
Malibu has two kinds of weather: "beautiful" and "interesting."  
And today was of the "interesting" variety.

Since it was my mom's graduation (getting her Masters), got up at a decent hour and went down to the ceremony. Pepperdine's graduation ceremony is always held outdoors at alumni park, which is a big, grassy hill overlooking the Pacific. Because it's such a wide open space with grass + ocean and a pretty photo op, it's always held there unless it rains, and it almost never rains.

However, it was immensely windy. Like, knock-over-trees-and-keep-you-up-at-night windy. I know you guys have heard me complain about the wind before; I HATE the sound of strong wind. And today it was those strong winds alllllll throughout the graduation. The chairs had been set up the previous day for the graduates and VIPs to sit in, and all of the chairs had been blown over and were rolling down the hill by morning. So when we arrived, we pretty much had to be handed a folding chair and then remain sitting in it as much as possible, because if you left a chair unattended for too long it would blow over. They put extra weights on the stadium and bleachers, and tied down all of the speakers with rolls of duct tape.

All of the graduates' names were read out of alphabetical order, because I guess they lined up a third of the students had to go chasing their hats or leis when they blew off in the wind, and so everyone lined up out of order. Also, everyone's graduation photo is going to look like this:

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Oh also, at one point, these weird jets flew overhead. I WAS WONDERING IF ANY AIRCRAFT NERDS COULD IDENTIFY THEM. I've never seen jets like these before, so I tried to draw their basic shape:

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(The bottom two are more correct). They were silver, with very broad wings in the back, and a very short, stubby tail. The tips of their wings were turned up straight. They also had these two small wing-like appendages up towards the front of the nose. There were three of them flying in a close pattern together, and they were making almost no least no sound that I could hear. They made one pass over us, then a short while later made another pass back. Does anyone know what kind of jets these are, or what their purpose is?

And here's something else I drew while sitting through the graduation; I'm debating coloring it in the future.

Water griffin )

And finally, a new waking-up drawing:

Under-covers drawing 42 )

...And there is a sunburn growing on my chest and arms now. 8|

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02 May 2010 @ 08:07 am
Yay It's May  
Hey dudes, sorry I haven't been chatty much lately. I've been working on another uber-last-minute rush project for a new company, and it's an animation, so that's nabbed most of my time. Luckily, I've got most of it done by now, and the company seems to like it. Here's hoping I finish everything in time!

Yesterday was the Pepperdine graduation, so of course I went with the family. The weather was seriously perfect; it was bright and sunny, but there was plenty of breeze to keep it from being too hot. The graduation didn't go on too long; the speeches were nice and succinct. However, since there was lots of sitting and listening to speeches, I decided to do some drawing:

View from the bleachers )

Afterwards, we went out for delicious, delicious steak at Woodranch, and then went and saw How To Train Your Dragon, because that movie is always worth more than one viewing. I swear, I teared up even more at the end of the movie this time than I did the first time I saw it. (And why the heck haven't I drawn Toothless yet?!)

Huge congraaaats, [ profile] yamikonumber7! I tried to find you afterwards, but I couldn't. D: Did find your roommate, tho! And we need to go to D-Land on Thursday!

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