27 March 2008 @ 10:57 am
Hooray for breaktime  
Thusfar I have spent it...uh...relaxing, I guess. As much relaxing as I can with constantly thinking "Need to get X done by Y date for Z overall goals..."

Our entire kitchen is being redone! It's just a big empty space now, since all of the cabinets, dishwasher, fridge, oven and tile are being replaced, and all the walls are being repainted and redone. Which means we've been kind of kitchen-less for the past few days and will continue to be so for a week or three. >_> We now have a makeshift kitchen in the garage, where the fridge and microwave have been hooked up...still no oven, and no sink to do dishes in, though, so it's weeks' worth of microwave dinners and takeout for us. At least mom will be happy with a new kitchen, considering she's been wanting to redo it for years...

Sunday was Easter; got up early to go to service with the family, and then we drove out to Bakersfield to visit more family. Nothing humongous, but we had a big lunch with roast and corn on the cob and other delicious goodness. *_* Visited with cousins a little. We didn't get any Easter baskets or chocolate this year, but since the 'rents just bought themselves a new TV to replace the who-knows-how-old set that couldn't even keep the picture onscreen for a minute at a time, I'm not complaining.

Also, went to Disneyland yesterday with mom and little brother! I didn't really get much drawing done, just some ink sketches of kids, but it was fun just taking the day off and chatting. Went on all kinds of various rides, including a few I don't usually do...I really need to go to some of the shows sometime. :o We also went to the Rainforest Cafe in Downtown Disney for dinner, which was a nice little splurge. Also, got some delicious fudge from the candy shop in Main Street! :3 Very good times! Next time I go, though, I think I need to pack my own lunch. I love Disneyland food to pieces, but it's always so expensive... ;_;

Finally, there was a new Lunargyros page on Tuesday; you can read it here.

Uhhhh...yeah, boring entry is boring. XD; And now, I'm gonna go do tags in [ profile] daisychainrpg... \o/

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