26 January 2011 @ 10:07 pm
Cut Short?  
There's a new LG page up from it is!

Oh, also...thanks to donations, I was able to put up the puppet show for Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban!

Took my grandma to Disneyland and DCA on Monday, and it went really well! It was a really beautiful day, and we managed to do lots of things since there were very few crowds. We caught World of Color at the end, too, and I saw the Tron part they added on this time. XD We also just talked about all sorts of things, which is nice since I don't get to do that often. So, pretty successful D-Land trip. Although, there was a lot of construction going on...large chunks of Main Street were roped off, and the best parts of the animation building were closed. D:

Man...I feel like there was all this other stuff I was going to say, but now I can't think of it. -_- Suddenly feeling overwhelmed with lots of different projects that I either want or need to get done, so I'll just have to be dealing with those one at a time.

Drawing: Finished an LG cover, studies, lots more coming up

Writing: Need to get back into reindeer stuff...
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19 January 2011 @ 08:17 pm
Note for JTFP/Hand Puppet Theater fans!  
Crossposting this several places, so sorry if you see it multiple times...

I'm trying to reupload the hand puppet shows to [ profile] jerrythefrog, but I'm finding it very difficult considering HTML troubles and especially considering the fact that they're very low on my priority list. However, I know a bunch of people really want to see them again. Therefore, I'm setting up a donation pool so that I can spend the time to get the shows back up! Once I repost them, they'll be free for all forever! I just need a little help getting the time to spend on them.

If you enjoyed the puppet shows and want to see them up again, and if you can spare the funds, please donate to the donation pool! The goal for each show is $20. Once I hit 100% for the show, it'll be put up.

PayPal only please. Send your donations to xfilespuppetshowATyahooDOTcom. (Obviously replace AT with @ and DOT with .). Also include a note or title your donation with "Hand Puppet Theater" so I know what it's going towards.

Thank you so much for helping out, everyone! The link to the donation pool is here, and I'll update progress there.
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18 May 2007 @ 08:27 pm
(This is being cross-posted to my deviantART account, FYI.)

I've been puttering around this for awhile, but since I finally posted as such on Jerry the Frog itself, I shall say so here as well:

I am terribly sorry to say that I am closing down the Hand Puppet Theatre. It's had an absolutely terrific run of almost six years, but now at last, I am ready to say goodbye.

No, it's not anything big or earth-shattering, it's just a lack of time, money and interest. I've been considering doing this for awhile, and have just in this past month decided to actually take steps to do it. So the plan is for the site to go down by the end of next weekend. I will announce when it does both here and at my dA account.

My plan was to have the puppet shows available for download, but it turns out that's not as feasable as I'd hoped. Curses! Even the possibility for it would just require a lot of tedious and mistake-prone work that I just don't have the time to do now, and won't really have the time to do in the future. I do apologize to the people who I said I would have stuff available for download! And I guess, the point of that being, if you'd like to look through some of the puppet shows before the site goes down, you have notice to do so, and now's your chance. Go for it!

I'm really sad that the site is going down, as I had lots of fun doing it, and it's given me many fond memories and helped me meet some really cool people! I'll always treasure those, and the huge amounts of absolutely incredible feedback I've gotten on it! But I think I would feel better overall if I officially close this chapter on my internet "career," as it were. I hope people understand it, and I completely understand if people are disappointed, especially with so many great movies coming out just this month. Enjoy the movies anyway, I say!

Again, this is just the announcement that the site will be down indefinitely starting next weekend. I shall say so then!
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12 May 2007 @ 01:55 pm
Getting over yesterday's gloom...  
I have a few questions, and some pictures.

FIRST AND IMPORTANT: Does anyone out there in LJ land know how to embed .jpgs into an .html file so that you don't have to pull them from an outside folder or source? Or, that failing, does anyone know how to save out an .html file made in Dreamweaver as a PDF or other viewable document? Basically, I really need to figure out how I can put up the puppet shows for download. However, upon testing, it seems that none of the images work from a downloaded file because they can't find the source. D: As I'm trying to take down the puppet theatre site by the end of next weekend, I'd really like to know if it's even possible for me to do this! (The fact that this is all going to have to come out of Dreamweaver kind of worries me.)

Otherwise, I realize now that the weekend I thought that the family reunion was is on another weekend...which totally leaves me free for the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows! So I'm wondering: who out there is going to a midnight party? Which bookstore were you planning on going to for said party? I've never been to a Harry Potter midnight party before, and seeing as this is the last one they'll ever have, I'd like to have the experience at least once. So, let me know, so that I can make plans, too! I'm excited for this last book, for all kinds of reasons. ;D

Watch out, my notes will bite. )

Look ma, textures! )

Drawing: I'm up to speed on the latest comic pages, but I'm not quite sure what to tackle next! Maybe the commish? New pages? An FFXII fanart I've been wanting to do?

Writing: Finished the next chapter of MWWBK! :D
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29 March 2007 @ 10:56 am
Spring Cleaning?  
New Lunargyros page was posted last Tuesday here! Eek, I've got to get to work on more pages, too, considering all this time I supposedly have...

HOLY CRAP WHAT THE HELL, FINAL MIX. Who are these people and why is some kid that looks like Roxas frozen and Mickey why are you going even more goth than before about to kick some ass and asdjsakldjsaldjalsdk *asplode*
Cuuurses, I so want this game it's ridiculous...

In only slightly fandom-related stuff, I'm thinking about shutting down the Hand Puppet Theatre. Even though there's upcoming movies that I said I would do as puppet shows (PotC 3 and Order of the Phoenix, for some), it's just starting to get to the point where it's not worth it for me anymore. I don't think I've updated the site in months; heck, I don't even think I posted about Lunargyros there. And it's basically just become eight or more bucks every month that's going towards something I don't even really maintain. I could use that eight bucks for, um...a nice meal. XD; More than that, making puppet shows isn't as fun for me anymore, and I've got so many other projects, fandom-related or original, that it's become ridiculously low on my priority list.

The problem is, I know people really, really like the site, which is why I've been putting off taking it down for so amazingly long. (That, and it's going to be a pain in the ass getting it down if putting it up was any indication...) It was basically my first big stint on the grand ol' internets, so there's tons of sentimental value, too! I hate just cutting off the whole website when there was a big fanbase built around it. Heck, I even met some of my fans while I was visiting in London, and that was pretty cool. So I think if/when I did take it down, I'd keep all of the HTML files of all the puppet shows and offer them for download, so that people can keep a copy if they want to. (And there's a hangin' crapload of them, so it'd probably end up being multiple downloads. o_o)

I know a lot of people may be really upset with me closing it down, but I think I might feel better if I "officially" close the books on that chapter, just because in my brain I kind of already have. And it would be extra-nice to get back those eight bucks a month and not have to deal with that server anymore (which was kind of a pain in the arse). It'll be tough to do all around, but I think it might be for the best. If I ever started up another personal website again, I'd probably try and find a cheaper host that was easier to deal with and didn't involve talking to people in India for tech support. (Haha, yeah, good luck with that. -_-)

I have no idea when I'd start doing this, as this week is already rather booked, but I suppose I'll let people know when I actually get to it and offer up the puppet shows for download.

Maybe I'm just thinking about this because I'm going to try and get my room clean and organized today. I also need to go buy a flash drive for taking stuff back and forth between school computers and home. Oyy, that's going to be expensive... So I need to head to Wal-Mart and maybe Trader Joe's in a second.

My wisdom teeth actually hurt less today; they've only been hurting when I eat something or sneeze. Maybe this means they're growing in straight and eventually the pain will be gone? I really hope so, because I sure as hell can't afford a dentist trip right now. Just getting them looked at would cost nearly $100. D: *curses lack of insurance*

And holy crap, I CANNOT STOP LISTENING to the FFXII OST. It is that jawsome. ♥ And I wanna go play more, too...finally made it out of the Great Crystal (I love the area map for that place; lawls. YOU'RE SOMEWHERE IN A BIG CRYSTAL BUT WE DON'T KNOW WHERE OKAY.) I need to get Reddas in my party and then go sidequesting for a bit. XD

Drawing: Still working on maaaassively huge pic; there's a commish I should work on, plus comic pages, durr...

Writing: Still reading stuff for a sporking!
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