19 December 2006 @ 11:42 am
New Lunargyros page today, plus news! :O We're almost at the end of chapter one, which means I need to draw a new chapter cover...

So...yeah. Wow. About a day later, and that KH Flash ended up as first on dA's popular page, got 6,000 favorites, 1,300 comments, 50,000 views, and 160 people friended me. HOLY HELL.


- Never underestimate the power of fans in large groups ludicrously large groups
- 4/4 rhyming music + comedy = instant catchiness
- A lot of people never read the description
- People will flame something solely because it is popular Yes, I know this should be completely obvious
- If you want to time animation to music properly in Flash, set the music controls to streaming, not event.
- ...Apparently Eragon sucked?

Otherwise, today is the last day of my temp job. Weee! At least the people here were quite nice. Although now it's back to looking for a new job again. *sigh* I'll worry about that when I get back from Italy. I also really need to redraw some of those Lunargyros pages for the purposes of 1) improving stuff I suck at leikowah, and 2) impressing peoples who might let me draw stuff for monies. *puts on wibbly eyes*

And [ profile] caedhe bought me this giant book full of Disney stories and illustrations! ♥ *sends her much love!* I love it, it makes me feel like I'm eight years old all over again.

Also, the Death Note anime is made of complete awesome. I will so be buying that when it comes out on DVD, if someone else in the household doesn't beat me to it.

Drawing: Oy...I don't even know anymore. There's so much I have to work on, but basically all I can do now is thumbnails at work. I need to make revamping those pages my priority, though.

Writing: Finished that scene and posted!
Current Mood: bored