11 January 2007 @ 10:07 am
..."And I will be a GOD of this new blog!"  
First off: new Lunargyros page! ...Well, not quite, actually it's just a cover for chapter two. But part of it was me messing around in Painter Effects. It's a fun program and can do all kinds of cool things that PS can't, but it doesn't seem to like dealing with large files like I'm used to working with. D: I'll need to play around with it more.

Ohhhh! I SO FINALLY FINISHED that KH AMV that I'd been wanting to make forever and ever and wasn't able to because I didn't have the correct file formats! With huge thanks to [ profile] voodoobob, who deserves a thousand years' worth of cookies, I was able to get those files and finish it! *CELEBRATION* You can see the finished AMV here.

My new job started on Monday (technically Friday kinda, but that was more just intro and seeing how things worked). It's working out fine so far, as well as a reception job can, anyway. I just wish it didn't go until 6:00, since then I don't get home until around dinnertime and since after-dinner is usually "wind down" time for me in terms of art stuff -I like to go internetting or draw on fannish things during then- it's a little tough trying to fit in all the other drawing stuff I need to do. I've been slacking on stuff like revising those pages so that I can send them away and gift arts...but I must remind myself that the faster I send arts away and see if publisher-persons like them, the faster I get a job I like! I just wish I had the same energy when I get home as when I start out the day...

So I barely got any comic reivision work done between lawling my face off at KHFFR, aaaand I FINALLY FINISHED DEATH NOTE OMG. YESSS. Read the last four chapters!

And now, since I have at last finished, here are my thoughts on yaoi Death Note:

WARNING! Lots of ending spoilers inside! )

Urk, that was long! But with that kind of story, I guess I can't help but be talkative. XD NOW HURRY UP AND FINISH THE REST SO I CAN TALK WITH SOMEONE ABOUT IT, [ profile] ghettopeach and [ profile] sir_snarksalot!

Drawing: Revised more of LG! Also worked a bit more on the doujin yesterday.

Writing: Haven't had the chance to write much yet, but maybe a sporking's on the horizon?
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