25 October 2007 @ 10:42 am
This is a test  
I think LJ is screwing up again. I want to see if I'm actually getting email notifications for comments/posts, a comment here, because I want to see if I get a notification in my emails. So, if you're one of those people watching me and I barely even know who you are...comment me something fun? XD;

So last night in acting class we did our first improv: a bus stop skit. One person sits at the bus stop, usually not knowing who they are, and then the other person shows up and starts talking/acting to them, revealing information about who they are your relationship to them. In that sense, you improvise your own character by reacting to what the other person is giving to you.
...And in one of those skits, I ended up being a incestuous/pedophilic father talking to his son. And the thing is, I totally got into it and pulled it off in a decent sense! And it freaked out the class, but mostly it freaked ME out! D8 I got done with the skit and was all ASDJAKLkasjdasdj9482390 *heeblyjibblesjibbles* the rest of the evening. Acting is scary!

Have to go try and make up my assignment for Digital Video now. D: I'm not looking forward to having to set up all these hot lights by myself.
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