18 June 2009 @ 08:15 pm
I draw it so you don't have to  
So today was my little brother's graduation (the little-little brother) from high school. It was a bright sunny day, so lots of sitting out in the sun waiting for the grads to come up...doesn't help our last name starts with 'W'. |D But the speeches were nice, there was a bit of music that the students played, and I like the fact that MHS doesn't feel like graduation has to be super-formal.

Although being there sure did make it clear to me how much the place has changed since I went to high school. I think I recognized maybe two or three of my teachers? All the rest were new. And they'd planted new stuff in the ampitheater area and painted over the paintings on the art room.

So because of gradumatation stuff, I was struck with a bit of nostalgia. I went digging through some boxes and closets and pulled out a few samples of drawings I did in grade school, middle school, some high school and a little after. So bit of a time capsule thing there. You can see a few of my terrible scribbles from when I was a wee young'un!


Hmm, mom, dad and brother are off to Mexico tomorrow. At least Kel will be over! o/
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