01 November 2010 @ 08:45 pm
In Paraguay, a woman shops. Connection?  
Halloween last night was quite enjoyable! Carved a pumpkin for my 'rents since usually me and my bros do the pumpkin art. Then went to hang out with friends at the fandom house. It was fun...we had a really delicious dinner, passed out candy to adorable kids, and watched creepypastas and that 100 Scariest Movie Moments series. I'm not a big party person, so something quiet with friends makes me happy. XD

Also, today I started out at the new job. It went fine...the dudes there are nice, and while I can't actually talk about the project because NDA and such, it's totally my alley in terms of genre/style, and it's all in Photoshop which I know like the back of my hand. So it should be fine to work on, even with a really tight deadline.

The NOT-fun part was driving. D: That studio seems to have bad car luck or something. I went searching around for a place to eat for lunch...that area of Venice is not a great place to drive or park; lots of oddly-crossing roads and one-way streets. D: Finally gave up on anything cheap and went to eat at some organic vegan shop that, while tasty enough, was expensive. Except when I was pulling in I hit the curb really hard on my left side. When I tried to leave again, I immediately noticed a bad noise...pulled over, and discovered my left front tire was completely flat. DX

Soooo I had to call Triple A, in the process, sign up for Triple A membership too, since apparently I'm no longer good on my parents' plan. Dude came out and changed my tire, and the spare seems to work okay since I was able to drive home on it. BUUUUT now this means that I have to get up much earlier tomorrow to go out and buy two new tires, and tires are expensive. Pretty much all of today's salary will go towards getting Falcon II new gummis. NNNNNNNNNNGGGH.

I hope the rest of the week goes better~

Drawing: Stuff for work, will try and keep doing 10HAD

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31 October 2010 @ 12:28 pm
Killed by vapor action  
Oh man, so I've been trying to get the last two secret bosses in Birth by Sleep. Why? Because I'm insane, obviously. They're all that stands between me and that 100% trophy! AND ARRRRRGH, I AM SO CLOSE. I managed to finally beat the Vanitas Lingering Spirit, even though that was totally nightmarish. I can't even count how many times I died at that battle, and most of those attempts were within the first five seconds. 8( Then I went on to try the Mysterious Figure. THAT WAS ABOUT FIVE TIMES AS NIGHTMARISH. I haven't beaten him yet, but on one attempt I got REALLY SUPER CLOSE. He had less than half of an HP bar left before he went invisible and whipped out the laser orbs on me. Stupid bastard is the biggest cheater boss in all of boss history.

And now because of them, I have lost all feeling in my left thumb. D: I should probably wait for it to heal before I attempt to kick MF's butt again. Or attempt to die 50 times in a row again.

Aaaaaaand I thought I would do a little creepy-silliness for Halloween...

You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you? )

Have a happy Halloween, everyone! Have fun and get delicious candies!

Drawing: 10HAD, hopefully will do lil' more on freelance stuff...

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21 October 2010 @ 08:49 pm
I like how the horse is so affected by the gunfire  
Ack, forgot to mention this before: there's a new Lunargyros page up today; it's here.

I don't usually do Halloween pics, but got inspired and of course had to do a BBS-themed Halloween pic. XD

Contains both adorableness and potential BBS spoilers )

Spent most of today working on a huge mural for one of the freelance things; hopefully it shall work out well. I also haven't drawn that large in a really long time...or for that matter, drawn with crayons in a really long time.

I can't believe we're coming up on the end of October so fast...

Drawing: 10HAD, finished this and finished mural, looking at other egg-related stuff

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20 October 2010 @ 04:55 pm
I'm going to run away to Kansas and become a ventriloquist  
Yesterday at D-Land was quite fun! It was raining most of the time (not hard rain, but enough to require hoods and umbrellas), which drove away most of the crowds. This made the lines super-short, so we pretty much ran through all the queues and onto the rides. I have never seen a ten-minute line for Space Mountain before; it was kind of mind-blowing.

We also got lots of candy, om nom! We ran into a Roxas and a Halloween Town!Sora, and of course had some geekout moments. A lot more people recognized KH outfits; Halloween is usually a good time to go for that. XD

Also, I haven't even played Professor Layton before, but holy crap that Layton / Phoenix Wright crossover looks like ten flavors of EPIC. I'm gonna need to pick that up, because daaaayum that is awesome.

Aaand I guess this is the end of the KH 30 Day Meme! I'm kinda going to miss doing these. XD At least it was fun to do!

Kingdom Hearts 30 Day Meme
Day 29 - World/Disney Character you would most like to see

I HAVE WAY TOO MANY, FFFFF. I really want to see a Pixar world; either Toy Story or Monster's Inc., because they'd both work well as worlds to run around and fight in (and I have a huge soft spot for Monster's Inc.) Oh and I REALLY want a Bambi world, if for no other reason than to see the heroes run around as deer. I would also like to see Atlantis, and as for characters, I would scream and explode from awesome if they had Marahute/any aspect of RDU in there. Or the firebird from Fantasia 2000 as a boss. *_*

Day 30 - Biggest Wish for KH3

- I want to see a Sora/Kairi kiss, dangit! They're way overdue for one! BUUUUT, Nomura knows his audience way too well, so that's never gonna happen. Other BIGGEST WISHES:
- Again, any Pixar worlds. I know they mentioned the possibility once, and that makes me go *_*
- Let Kairi fight with us for once! Make her a party member or something!
- Getting to run around the big island of Destiny Islands instead of just the kids' island. Meeting their parents would be awesome.
- A mention of OSWALD.

...Yeah I have too many wishes. 8D

KH 30 Days Meme )

Drawing: 10HAD, holy crap suddenly juggling three freelance things, fanart when I can squeeze it in

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01 November 2009 @ 04:03 pm
No messy soul residue  
I hope everyone had a happy Halloween, and got much candy! Also, I want to wish good luck to everyone doing NaNo this year! I will be certain to cheer you on from the sidelines! /o/

Went to Disneyland yesterday with [ profile] yamikonumber7 and her roomie, and we had a blast! It was a really nice day, we did a bunch of rides, did a little bit of people-watching during lunch, and then watched Fantasmic and the fireworks show at night. There were so many little kids there in adorable costumes, we were AWWWWWUUHHing all over the place! Since both Kia and I were in our Organization shirts, we also happened to meet up with another KH fan, and we showed her some fun stuff from Days and EBA versus songs while we were waiting for Fantasmic (and we had our DSes because we're nerds). Hooray for meeting new fans out of the blue!

I got my AP there as well, so I'm set to go again whenever for the next year. Maaaan, the prices for D-Land have gone up significantly... I'm super glad that we got an extra hour of sleep last night, too, because I really needed it.

Huh, so I might actually have a sort-of-something resembling work. We'll see if it works out.

Drawing: Lunargyros today, mostly, plus sketching.

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30 October 2009 @ 08:26 pm
Boo And Stuff  
HEY SHAE: I got the Nostalgia Critic autograph in the mail! :D THANK YOOOOOOU MUCHLY!

My parents are out for the weekend, and so are my little brothers, so it's pretty much just me alone in the house. Blehh, it's both nice and lonesome all at once. :< I also still need to make a birthday card for my dad, but I'm having trouble coming up with really good ideas.

Man, I've only just finished that art meme and already I want to do another one. 8D;

Tomorrow I'm going to be out all day at Disneyland with [ profile] yamikonumber7 and her awesome roomie. WOOT WOOT! I need to get out of the house desperately anyway, and D-Land is always good times. 8D

Of course, this means no one will be about to pass out candy to the kids, which is a bit of a shame. More candy for me mwaha

Drawing: Practice practice practice

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23 October 2009 @ 01:03 pm
An Invitation  
So, I just found out recently that my family will be gone for the entire Halloween weekend (unless little brothers show up, which I generally doubt), leaving me by my lonesome in the house. And it's pretty sad to spend Halloween alone, therefore I ask:

Does anybody in the area want to come and chill at my place for Halloween? We can watch movies of any kind (most likely MST3K, because my scary movie collection is pretty miserable and I'm not a huge horror fan anyway), play video games (we still need to do that EBA battle, Kia!), get delicious snacks, pass out candies to the neighborhood childrens, and maybe even hit up the hot tub afterwards. Costumes aren't required because I'm a lazy ass and don't have a costume myself, but you can if you want. |D

So come on, it's free house, free food, free gameage, even free Lynxes?! I don't have any other plans, so yeah, it'd be nice to have people over there!
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31 October 2008 @ 09:35 am
Scary story time!  
Happy Halloween, everyone! I hope you all have a fun and safe holiday and snag tons of delicious candy! I will be dressing up as a post-graduate student in my jeans, shoes and shirt I got from Comic Con, and this evening I'm attending a party that I in fact attend every Friday wherein I get to sit and listen to the teacher drone on about scripting and rendering histories for three hours straight.

.......Hm. :|

In the spirit of the season, someone linked this in chat last week and it scared the everloving bejeezus out of me. You should read it and get the everloving bejeezus scared out of you too!

By the same horror manga guy that did Gyo, The Enigma of Amigara Fault (read right to left).



Drawing: Still 'bout the same in schoolwork; will link that dragon graveyard thing laters.

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15 October 2007 @ 10:25 pm
The Happiest Place on Popcorn Planet.  
(If you get that title reference, you are either psychic, or know me waaaaaaaaay too well.)

Aha, finally, I get the chance to write about my Disneyland trip! It was both fun and exhausting, as such things often are. But you'll hear the details anyway!

Because I want to mention this outside the cut: I finally caved in and...BOUGHT A DISNEYLAND ANNUAL PASS WEEEE. :DDD I got the deluxe (the SoCal versions had too many blackout dates, but the premium was too expensive for me) so if anyone on the flist or otherwise ever wants to hang at Disneyland for a day, I will be more than willing to! In fact, I'd like to take some Disneyland dates with people soon, considering I want to make the pass worth the money! But at least for this trip, I was glad to have it!

LynxGriffin and the Halloween Party Treat Thing )

LynxGriffin and Club 33 )

So I will just repeat happy birthday wishes FOR ALL! They also extend to my brother even though he doesn't read this journal.

Otherwise, yeah, it's time to catch up with school again. D: We had internal critiques today, which weren't as harsh as I was expecting, but still a bit nerve-wracking to prepare for. Most of what the critiquer said I already knew (my textures suck; I need lighting work; etc.) but he seemed interested in my storyboarding/production design stuff, and when I mentioned that's what I was interested in going into, he said he thought "I had a good hand at it." So I'm just gonna take that as encouragement and work even more. Also, I finally got my grades back for term two, and they were better than term one! No more 'C's and a higher GPA this time, YAAAY.

Note to self: RSVP for that Thursday presentation by that Pixar effects dude who worked on Ratatouille :o

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Writing: Homeworks. @_@
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