21 February 2009 @ 08:52 am
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Well, I got the assignment done in time...and now I have another one! :O It turns out that the dudes in charge liked what I did, liked that I got it done quickly, and decided to give me an extra shot. So woot, a little more work! \o/ I'll be doing that this weekend, since now it needs to be done by Sunday. Thanks to dudes who sent good luck! ♥

Although few things are more nerve-wracking then trying to navigate Hollywood traffic at night during Oscars weekend. Except maybe attempting to squeeze out of the valet parking and realizing that somehow there are two silver BMWs stuck really really close on either side of you while trying to edge out. 8|

I purchased a few things recently: one of them being The Art of Bolt, since I wanted to look at the storyboards in there. And I love some of the digital concept stuff they had for it! I wish there were a few more of Chris Sanders' really early concepts, tho, as it was mostly art to do with the final product of the movie. Still, eeeeee Bolt. ♥

I also got THE REAL ADVENTURES OF JONNY QUEST ON DVD OMG. I've seriously already watched through the whole thing. I loved the whole X-Files concept of it and the pretty animation and aaah everything. Some things I noticed now that I never noticed before:
- It somehow never occurred to me that Race Bannon was SO DAMN SOUTHERN. Like every other line out of his mouth is a metaphor relating to catfish, LMAO.
- OMG, the CG on this is from the 90s and it's SO bad! There's next to no facial animation and you can totally tell that they didn't have inverse kinetics back then...or at least weren't using them enough. The camerawork is pretty nifty, though, and it looks like they spent a lot of time on the sets. I just remember thinking that Questworld was the COOLEST DAMN THING EVAR when I was little.
- SO IT IS WRITTEN IN THE BOOK OF RAAAAAGE. I love how Ezekiel Rage continuously gets blown up in increasingly more spectacular ways and then STILL comes back. He blows up in a car crash and comes back. He blows up in a plane flying into the side of a cliff and still comes back. He blows up in a space shuttle crashing to earth and still comes back! Hardcore.
- Now that I'm older, I now realize that Dr. Surd is basically AN EVIL STEPHEN HAWKING. Evil Stephen Hawking with a high-tech cybertronic wheelchair. 8D
- I wish the ghost episode with Jonny and Jessie was on this season! Alas.
- I so want to do more Jonny Quest fanart now, aaaahhhh

Also, does anyone remember the name of the werewolf episode? It's not in the first season, apparently.

Drawing: A fanarts. |D

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