01 April 2010 @ 06:00 pm
When whole neighborhoods suffer from freezer burn  
I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE, dA. At least I got them werewolves in my icon if I had to get stuck with Twilight icons. Because as everyone knows, werewolves >>>>>> vampires.

Sorry, I wasn't creative enough to think of a good April Fools prank to play on dudes. But at least I have another quickie painting of Sunshine for you:

Yet another Sunshine pic )

Okay, I might have been silly somewhere else, too.

Drawing: Finished storyboards, on to more stuff for 'Scratch and the Tooth Troll'

Writing: Finished a chapter...

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01 April 2008 @ 11:13 pm
Fooled ya, but not really.  
Hope everyone's April Fool's Day was full of lulz and not annoyances! I would've done a prank here or at KHFFR if, uh, I'd had any prank ideas at all. D: *fails a lot* Instead, I just have a new Lunargyros page! It's not a Rickroll, either. In fact, it's the OMG 100th PAAAAAGE! *celebrations!* Finally done with the pages that suck and on to the pages that suck less! So excited...I've never reached 100 pages of comic before! \o/

I snickered at the dA prank and the LJ Rickroll. XD (Come on, people, lighten up!) And of course, I've been lawling silly at the [ profile] daisychainrpg prank. Holy crap, why is Wolf getting himself into SO MUCH TROUBLE. XD;

SO, UH. Started my first class last night, which was digital painting! Should be a very useful class, or at least, I'm hoping so...already learned some color stuff that I somehow never realized before. Gotta paint a portrait for homework, though, and I'm not picking myself because I loooooooathe self-portraits...

NNNNGH, THURSDAY'S COMING UP SOON. I HOPE IT GOES WELL. ;_; At least I've got some kind of hand-off portfolio ready, and other dudes from school will be there to chill with me...

Drawing: LG...

Writing: And even moar LG.
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