09 April 2007 @ 06:09 pm
Because I know you all care about my homework...  
I'm in lab now with not much else to do, since I finished the primitive version of my model for Intro to Maya class. And here it be!

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Nothing really exciting since it's all very basic shapes, but the stairs ended up being a bit tricky. The goal is to eventually make it look like this:

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The dragon-head is in another file, but it still needs tweaking. I'm not entirely sure how I want to handle some of those huge cracks in there: some of it can be texturing, but not all of it. The actual pyramid still needs some tweaking too, I think. But ugh, this will be lots easier than what I tried last time I did this class. HOORAY FOR PRIMITIVE-SHAPED THINGS.

I need to find some better way to stay awake in class. I was totally nodding off, because it's dark and cold (for the computers) in the classroom and it was just the teacher talking. D: Doodling helps, but then I can't actually watch what he's doing.

By the way, I hope everyone had an awesome Easter! I didn't do much except finish the next doujin page, stuffed myself with candy, and then I picked up [ profile] yamikonumber7. The internets were down so I got some more marks and espers in FFXII (OMG the Cuchuu-whatshisname was FREAKY) and then we watched Mirrormask over dinner and pie. XD Good times!

My brothers get home from Europe in about a week, but then my parents do a week or so after them, because they couldn't get their flight changed. Then I guess we'll tackle financial aid once again. :P

Drawing: Finished the page, and did a bit more on the cast pic.

Writing: Sporking, pieces of fics here and there!
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