17 July 2007 @ 11:52 am
I am 23 years old today! :D Woot!

Disneyland is 52 years old today! More woot!

There is a new page of Lunargyros up! ...Fuzzy woot?!

Dunno what I'll be doing about b-day stuff today, aside from trying to cram texturing and surfaces and polys into my brain and failing miserably. But I should hopefully be doing something or other Thursday and/or Friday.

So I went to the mountains... )

Anywhos, I am now back, and probably going to keel over trying to catch up with schoolwork and such. Also, I still really want to go see Transformers, as I keep hearing so many good things about it! D: And I'm kinda sad, because they're starting to take down the scaffolding from that huge skyscraper on the corner of Sunset and Vine with the ginormous Transformers ad! Dangit, I kinda liked being able to drive down Vine and see TRANSFORMERS in letters THE SIZE OF A BUILDING. Although having a picture of Optimus Prime the size of a skyscraper would've been cooler, I imagine.

Drawing: Finished inking five comic pages total over the weekend, heck yes!

Writing: Also finished another chapter of MWWBK on paper!
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03 May 2007 @ 09:57 am
Frecking zombies.  
New Lunargyros pages was posted on Tuesday, here. I meant to do a two-page update, since not so much happens on the first one, but I never got to making the second page. D:
I am considering making a Lunargyros LJ community, just because then I can stop spamming my personal journal, and maybe post some other fun extra stuff. But I'm not certain if I should take on modding another LJ comm. o_O Is that something people would actually even be interested in joining, just so that it wouldn't be a dead comm? *ponder*

I had the weirdest dream last night; probably having to do with lots of gaming yesterday. I don't remember all of it, except that the reoccuring theater came back, which seems to be either in place of or in conjunction with the reoccuring house of stairs from my dreams. Someone was puking a lot, and my friends had to deal with it. D: The part that was weird was that I had come back from some mission thing, and somehow my Intro to Maya/Texture 1 teacher had gotten brainwashed, because he was trying to kill me, and I had to attack him back. And I knew that he was trying to get me because he had the little red "enemy health bar" over his head. And I was going, "No, I can't attack you! Then how will I pass the class?! D:" Maybe killing that Garif hunter played on my conscience too much and wormed its way into my subconscious?

And I probably had that dream at all from some weird combination of remembering eating lunch with him and a bunch of the other students on Tuesday (industry talk over Greek food, weee!) and then playing through FFXII for who knows how many hours yesterday. I kind of accidentally stumbled into an Esper battle yesterday, too. :D;

Me: *scouring the Shrine of Miriam* Woot, way stone! Hunh, "Stone of the Condemner seems to react to it"? Well, sure, why not...
Vaan and co.: *use way stone*
Me: Uh oh, this room is...suspiciouslly round...
Zeromus: Y HALO THAR.
Me: D8

Luckily, I still managed to kick his ass. After going through nearly every phoenix down and hi-potion in my inventory, that is. Damn you, anti-magic field!

Speaking of, are there any kind souls out there who have completely filled out the FFXII bestiary and can give some help? I am having a hell of a time finding some monsters, and I'm not even talking about rare ones (which just kind of show up everywhere, ironically.) I really want to complete the Sky Pirate's Den, but now I'm wondering if I'll even be able to do that because there are certain monsters that I'm not even sure exist in certain areas anymore!

Yes, I am still on FFXII while everyone else has moved on to Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. And considering I have no DS, I probably won't get those, either. I phail. DX

Drawing: Going to finish the next LG page, then on to homework...

Writing: Same old.
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