23 November 2007 @ 11:14 pm
Let's sing a happy little working song!  
Since so many people posted so in journals, I say back to you: HAPPY THANKSGIVING! I hope your days were all relaxing and fun! :D

Aaaand we're back from Thanksgiving with the family! We went up to my grandparents' new house, which was closer to the church, in a nicer neighborhood, and quite a bit bigger. Also, two bathrooms instead of one FTW. It was a little weird since I'm so used to visiting them in their old house, but I am glad they got this new one.

Dinner was the usual of turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, salad and fruit salad, green bean caserole, etc. Plus pie and ice cream for dessert! Yummmmm. Also, this was the first year in which there was actually room enough for all the "kids" to sit at the adult table, lawl. (Our youngest "kid" is in high school now, so...yeah.) I'm still very thankful that I get along with my extended family pretty well; I've never gotten into a nasty conversation with them during get-togethers. Then again, we don't talk politics too much, and if anyone does it's usually in such a tone that no one can take anything seriously. :P

Otherwise, I pretty much spent the time drawing/inking, and playing "Settlers of Catan" with my siblings/cousins about twenty times over. And I only won once. D: Fail. If you've never played it and like board games, pick it up: it's addicting, and the design of it is such that the board is radically different every game.

Also today, I suggested to the family that we go see Enchanted, and they all agreed, even one of my guy cousins! Go me! What's more: everyone really enjoyed it, even the high-school-guys that went with me. XD

My short thoughts:
It was very cute and entertaining! I was laughing out loud through good chunks of it, awwwing at other parts, and the animation fan in me went all happy at the lovely return to 2D. I'd definitely recommend people go see it in theaters, it's worth the money, if for nothing else than the musical number involving hundreds of people just hanging around in Central Park. XD

My much longer thoughts:
Some spoilers, but also digging into some deeper issues I've had with the Disney animation franchise in general. )

If you don't want to deal with all that TL;DR, here's just one more thought having to do with animation and innovation:
I'm really glad we went to see Enchanted instead of Beowulf.


Drawing: So many comic things! TLS comics done, YAY!

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