22 July 2008 @ 11:02 pm
SDCC, Away!  
While I'm thinkin' of it: this week's two-page update marks the end of chapter three of Lunargyros! Next chapter starts next week, WOOOO! Yes I'm a little curious to know what people think about this last panel. 8D;

I am up waaaay too late right now considering I still need to pack tomorrow morning, sfjdlkfjaljfla. Either way, I will be at Comic Con the full time, from Wednesday to Sunday! If you're going at all, please come say hi to me! I'll basically be wandering around the con with the intent purpose of talking to whoever, passing out portfolio-thingies and just enjoying the geekery. I don't even know what panels I'm doing yet sfjakljdfalk. Need to get the schedule ASAP when I'm down there!

So if you're going...YEAH, COME FIND ME. I wanna see old and new friends!
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