15 July 2006 @ 12:20 pm
Anime Expo 2006 pictures!  
So I finally went and got my pictures from AX developed! I am about the World's Worst Photographer Known Throughout History, and it shows. :P But hey, might as well share anyway, 'cause I'm cruel nice like that. Although most of this is Kingdom Hearts cosplay (HUH HUH DURR) like you were expecting anything else. ;P

Dial-up users beware; lots of pictures! )

Aaaaand that's it! Yeah. This is why I never take pictures. :D;;

POTC 2 puppet show completion status: 0% Yeeeah. This may take longer than I thought. :/

Drawing: Not much, but I REALLY REALLY need to print stuff for portfolio reviews... *freaks out*

Writing: SPORKING.
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05 July 2006 @ 08:17 am
Anime Expo 2006!  
I'm ba-aaack, and with a long con report! Rejoice, all! (Yeah, whatever.) It was super-fun, and heeeere's what happened!

Full babble under here! )

Drawing: Look, there's some pr0n over here! Otherwise, I wanna draw some more comics for GG's fic, probably start working on the werewolf comic because DAMMIT I should stop just leaving that around, and etc. Also, don't be surprised if there's lots of horses from me in the future. :P

Writing: *plunges back into fun and exciting drabbles*
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