17 October 2007 @ 04:48 pm
I hate Lab Two.  
There's a double Lunargyros update from yesterday! :D And since I was thinking about it, a bit of rambling:

I've seen a few people totally having fun in the comments for started with just humorous "what-if" jabs at the characters/situations, but now I've actually even got the readers having their OCs/self-inserts interacting with my characters in comments...even hitting on them! I took me a bit to realize it, but I've got the teeniest beginnings of what amounts to a self-insert trying to sweet-talk my characters!

And yet, somehow, my reaction is 10% disturbed, and 90% amusement. I'm shocked by how little I care about fans kind of having their say in "fanfic," as it were (although that's not exactly what it is) and that some of it might start to fall into the categories I commonly associate with "badfic." or "crack." (I am generally not a fan of crack...) Instead, I just find myself amused, entertained, or thrilled that people are enjoying the story enough to want to interact with my characters. Maybe it's because I am just excited for the attention, or because I have some kind of peace of mind knowing the characters are under my ultimate control, and that no matter what people do, they'll always appear as a certain way to me? I don't know what it is. But I just know (even if I don't say so out loud all the time) I get lots more defensive about the characters for fandoms I'm in...I get super-steamed at character bashing, will go on the mockery offensive with badfic/badart, and will definitely get defensive about pairings I love/hate. But with actually making the characters? I feel a whole lot more laid back about how people treat characters that, ultimately, belong to me!

It's so weird looking at things from the creator's perspective as well as the fan, and I'm kind of surprised that I'm less uptight about my creations than I am someone else's! Has this happened to anyone else? Have you looked at how someone interpreted a character differently depending on whether you were its creator or its fan?

Speaking of characters, here's some modeling progress. )

So this afternoon pretty much fails at productivity. DX At least I got that other friggin' page toned. I'm going to go walk to Panda Express and get orange chicken before acting class now...

Drawing: Got a storyboard and Harry Potter homework to do tomorrow; finished toning a page this morning... @_@

Writing: Nuttin' much.
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31 July 2007 @ 04:43 pm
I bring you...more crap!  
Such as a new Lunargyros page for today!

Also, while I did this awhile ago, I just completely forgot to mention it: I've uploaded the two KH2 music videos I've done to, so there's (somewhat) nicer copies available for download.
Here's the download place for Kingdom for a Heart, and here it is for 25 Years.

And then, a few more renders and sketches for homeworks:

Trying to get a head )

Speaking of dA, those crappy Organization comics with Demyx acting like a toddler and Saix getting turned into this puppy-thing are the new thing that's driving me up the wall. So I want to make fun of them with some kind of comic, like with Roxel and the creepy Saix-fetus-babies. Shush, I always feel better after I do one of those! The problem is, I don't have any good (and tasteful) ideas for poking fun at this newest OOC phenomenon...

In FFXII news, I have beaten the Shadowseer, YAAAAAY. OMG, it's Gollum! D: So now I only have a couple other monsters to find for the bestiary, two more marks to get (including Yiazmat), one more esper, one scary-as-hell optional boss, and four more rare monsters to find before I have 100% BESTIARY OH YEAH. /dorkery

(Aaaand wow, the internets at school suck hardcore right now...)

Drawing: Finished two more page tonings yesterday, which means I've about caught up with where I want to be, yay!

Writing: More sporkings.
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25 July 2007 @ 10:17 pm
Transform this homework dump  
There's a new Lunargyros page from Tuesday, it's here!

Also, I finally saw 'Transformers' on Monday night with cool dudes [ profile] sir_snarksalot and [ profile] xanmuse. I never watched the TV shows when I was little, so the most I knew of it was a few names here and there. That said, I thought it was terrific fun and everyone should go see it. :D I was glad they kept the dialogue cheesy and appropriate to the characters...none of this GIANT TRANSFORMING ALIEN ROBOTS ARE SRS BZNS junk to muck up a good summer movie. I ♥'d just about everything Bumblebee did (stop torturing him, noooo!) and the transformations were just hella awesome every time they did them. Definitely no skimping on those. My heart goes out to those effects animators.

Speaking of, here's another homework dump, of 3D stuff that is most likely not nearly as cool as Optimus Prime:

Various renders be here )

Finally, everyone who's going to Comic Con: HAVE FUN Y'HEAR?

Drawing: Worked on next LG page; loooots and lots to do tomorrow.

Writing: Nothing spectacular at the moment.
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10 July 2007 @ 04:51 pm
Homework and fanart dump  
Aaaand today we have yet another new Lunargyros page, right here! I've really gotta get to work on the next one...

Since I've been doing a lot of non-doujin KH fanarts lately and not everyone on my flist is on dA or other LJ comms I visit, you can have them here! (Sorry to people who've already seen them once or twice...) Nothing's rated higher than PG-13 or anything.

Skinny-Dipping )

Destiny Islands )

Since I'm doing so much modeling and texturing stuff lately, I thought I'd show the junk-butt stuff I was making. -_- Considering I just got my grades back for last term, I'm feeling LOTS of pressure now to do better. C+ in Texture Mapping I?! B- in both Intro to Maya and Intro to Compositing?! BLUUUUUGH. DDDX Considering the competition here, I can't afford to get "okay" grades any more! But I have such a hard time understanding Texture Mapping; my stuff always looks like crap...

Speaking of, here it is anyways:

Texture Homework )

...And an attempt at stainless steel. All of these times I had to ask people for help because I was that much of an idiot with them. ;_;

Poly Homework )

I'm just really glad we don't have texturing class right now...the teacher is really nice, but man, I've got to do better this term. ._.


Drawing: Need to work on LG next...

Writing: Ficstuff?
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18 April 2007 @ 11:43 am
Yup, it's that time of week again: new Lunargyros page is There! I still need to go back and fix whatever is wrong with the images in the gallery. DX

Friggin!... I'm supposed to be texturing fruit for homework in Texture Mapping 1. And apparently I suck at it, because I can't get anything to look the way it does in references. Like, I can't get a specific color to go stay on the bump map specifically, and layered shaders are still not making sense, and asjdaks this probably makes no sense to anyone else, either.

The peach is the only thing I'm remotely pleased with so far:

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And it's still not quite how I'd prefer it. The orange and banana and grapes just suck. jsadkadla It's only the third week and already I don't understand things ARGH. I'm doomed... (Or just need to ask people all the time how to do anything...)

Drawing: Finished a commission, hopefully will at least start the other tonight, then tone the next LG page...

Writing: 11 chapters sporked. :O
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