16 December 2006 @ 11:34 am
Totally forgot to update on Tuesday, but here's a new Lunargyros page. Action go weee!

And Flash, WHY DO YOU INSIST ON TORMENTING ME. I finally got the song for that KH Flash ready, and I lined up all the frames so that they timed perfectly with the lyrics. All is good to go, right? NO.
When I test the movie, the timing is ALL SCREWED UP. The pictures are moving faster than the music, but if I preview it, the music's the one moving faster. WTF? So now I have to go back and re-time the pictures just by GUESSING where they should go because obviously what I see on my screen is not what I get when I publish the movie!

Dammit, this would NOT be happening if this were iMovie! SDJDKSAJSDKLAJFKLA0490Q

Okay, and now the real point of posting:

KH2: FM and Re:CoM?!! OMFG YES PLZ.
- Organization!Mushrooms? Cutest thing EVAR.
- Zexion boss battle? No, the Soul-Eater-Keyblade is not his weapon, get over it
- New KH2 cutscenes? I WANT I WANT And screw the fanbrats that I know will ruin that Axel/Roxas scene, I'm gonna ENJOY THEM WHILE I CAN

*collapses on the ground, twitching with glee*

P.S. What's with this new LJ layout thing?

P.S.S. Binturongs are probably about the coolest animals on the planet.

Drawing: THIS STUPID FLASH SJAKDjAKLDL So uh...giftarts may be put on hold. D: Apologies!

Writing: Almost done with that one scene...
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