22 May 2007 @ 03:25 pm
I hate texturing.  
Getting the rantings out of the way first:

Ffffffffuuuuuug, I swear, sometimes using Maya makes me feel like a complete idiot. Everyone else is practically done with their models (which are due in two weeks). Where am I? Still struggling over the frecking displacement maps and UV maps! I had to ask help on how to do the simplest things today (ASSIGNING A UV MAP TO A FRICKIN CUBE HUR HUR) and the teacher just ran through it in two minutes for me. Why couldn't I figure that out myself? Did we already learn all this and I just forgot? How was I supposed to know that you need to save a drawing in PS as a separate alpha channel, invert it and THEN import it into Maya? Everyone else seems to have figured it out!

It just feels like every time I solve a problem (or have someone else solve it for me) some new problem pops up. And then I ask fellow classmates or lab hands for help, and they don't know what the deal is, either, but they have to move on 'cause they've already spent 20-whatever minutes on me. So the result is I get very little done, and I just haven't motivated myself to go in during times other than lab or class...not long enough to accomplish anything huge, anyway. I already feel like I'm wasting this time that I have to learn, but I still can't make school stop feeling like school.

Just...crap. I was so frustrated today, and it's not really going to stop anytime soon. Why do I suuuuuck at this.


...Speaking of me wasting time today, if you are a fanfic writer, you should make sure and hear about this. I haven't been this amazed at the scope of a wank since Ms. Scribe!

And speaking of writing stories, there is a new Lunargyros page, up today! (Yes, you knew it was coming eventually!)

Third Pirates movie on Thursday night! I'm so excited! :DDDD ( anyone else in my household going to the midnight showing but now the all-day marathon, so that I don't have to drive there all by my lonesome?)

Finally, a rather random question: does anyone out there on ye olde flist have the music for Green Hill Zone from Sonic the Hedgehog? (Any version, but preferably the earliest ones.) I've never even played Sonic the Hedgehog, but I've been watching YouTube videos of it for this group project, and I SWEAR the Green Hill Zone music is made of crack, because I can't stop listening to it! NEED MP3 PLZ D:}

Drawing: Going to go paint two more UV maps now.

Writing: ...And then I'm going to go write on my group project which I also feel like we're behind on and I can't muster up the motivation to really go the extra mile for it, even though the whole topic is on VIDEO GAMES. X(
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