15 December 2008 @ 05:22 pm
So I Figured  
My car is clean, my room is clean, and stuff is printed out to mail tomorrow! It's amazing what a clean room can do for the psyche.

I took photos of and scanned in a bunch of the life drawings I did for two of my classes: Gesture Drawing and Creative Life Drawing. Two veeery different drawing and instruction fact, they were pretty much opposites.

Sorry if some of these look crummy: they were oversized, so I had to take photos of them, and it's a known fact of science that my photography absolutely sucks.

Dialup beware; lots of pictures under the cut )

Drawing: Need to work on LG summore.

Writing: Just RP.
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30 November 2008 @ 09:26 am
Some Saturdays are like that  
Sorry I wasn't in chat yesterday; I was in a pretty foul mood most of the evening and decided to just work on stuff instead.

...And judging from flist, I wasn't the only one. o_o Sheesh, is there something in the internet water?

Anyways, my Thanksgiving was quite fine! Dinner was good; the turkey was actually really good this year (apparently this was because it was a little undercooked, but usually it'd reeeeally dry) and I managed to survive any small politics discussions and photo-album-scouring. The day after, my grandma asked me (and mom) to come with her to this little sweets shop where she and her girlfriends get together and talk so that I could sketch them. That was...leeeeettle awkward especially passing around my sketchbook between sweet old ladies geez I'm glad that particular book didn't have anything "questionable" in there but the sweets shop was actually awesome since they had all this vintage candy and toys. Plus, really good hot chocolate, mmmm. Afterwards, I took grandma to go see 'Bolt' again with me, and she enjoyed it! I really need to go see it in 3D soon and see just how this 3D technology's working. Just not sure if it's worth the ticket price yet.

And yesterday was...ugh. I was supposed to go to the Getty Museum as part of one of my makeup classes. I thought we were supposed to be there at 1:00, so at around 10:45 I start writing down directions, figuring I have plenty of time.

Me: Hello?
Teacher: Are you still coming to the museum? We were supposed to meet here at 10:00.
Me: .......8(

So I grab my stuff and rush out the door for the Getty. The only problem is, Google Maps is a FILTHY, FILTHY LIAR, and instead of leading me to the Getty, led me to a frecking dead end in the middle of RichPeoplesHousesOnAHillville. I called home for directions again, only to get another dead end. Finally I managed to go the long way around and get there again, only to discover there was no parking and I had to park some five miles away and take a shuttle. So what should have been about a 40-minute drive to the museum instead took something like two hours. I'll be sticking with Mapquest from now on, no thanks Google.

So that pissed me off most of the day. The museum itself was really nice, I need to go back sometime with someone and look more when I'm feeling less stressed. Confusing to get around, but the gardens are really pretty and the view is great especially on a non-smoggy day. I spent a bunch of time in the sections for illustrated manuscripts because for some reason they were a lot of fun to read about, and the exhibit of 19th century Southern California was great, too. I manged to get in a few sketches of ideas for my final project; better get started on that today.


Kia, when is your flight back again? Depending on when it is, I may or may not be able to pick you up, or if I CAN do so, you might have to tag along to my school with me, and I dunno if you want that or not. XD;

Drawing: Need to do homeworks...

Writing: Cards.
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10 November 2008 @ 09:35 am
I can't stop listening to this song  
Some stuff I've been doing for Imaginative Landscapes class:

What about that shadowy place? )

I'm on day six now in Joshua's week. Taboo Noise are everywhere?! FFFFF Joshua is a big cheating prick. D: Can't wait until he's out of here and we move on to Beat's week, even if Beat kind of sucks at the whole GRR I'M A REAPER deal.

You guys, don't forget: if you want a Christmas card from me, please be sure to ask for one here! It's open for all! And I've only gotten half the replies I did last time. Now that it's actually November (AAAAH) you're allowed to remember more Christmas-y stuff. XD

And now I'm off to go draw people in the Starbucks. o/

Drawing: All that, plus Christmas cards, and I really need to catch up on LG.

Writing: RP, upcoming plots eeeee.
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12 September 2008 @ 05:52 pm
Visit Calnavory! See the Loveli Trees!  
Well, I've got one more make-up class for this term. And it's tomorrow night, tomorrow being a Saturday. :/ Urrrgh. I have no clue why this is the case. But then I'll have a week off, and that is always goodness!

In the meanwhile...I have completed Digital Sets stuff! I tried to upload the actual animation, except the file's too big for Photobucket, and I really can't justify putting up something so small on YouTube. Feh. So, have some stills instead.

Pictures inside )

Also, this is something I forgot to post earlier. For another class, I had to create a personal portfolio site, I have my own site again!

Visit! It's got a lot of art, most of which people've probably already seen before, and I need to add more stuff to it. But at least I have a site!

The wolf spider still isn't done. Even solving the initial fur problems, I've run into new ones; and problems that would involve completely redoing the UVs. D: Uuuugh. DO NOT WANT.
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04 September 2008 @ 11:55 am
Since it's just about the end of the term, there will be some final projects going up! Aaaand this is one of them. o_o

For my Animation for Games class, I wanted to do Phoenix Wright as if he were a playable character in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, since then hey, I'd actually have fun doing it. XD

- Obviously this isn't an actual model of Phoenix Wright. I wish I had an actual model, but I just didn't have the time to actual model and rig and skin a whole new Phoenix. Plus it would probably look crappy because I suck at rigging. :P So, have Generic Naked Guy I Grabbed Off The Network instead.
- I didn't get the chance to do a bunch of moves, like A-down, all of the A-arial moves, the hit/hurt moves, the grab and throw, etc. The walk and sprint took up a lot more time than I thought they would. Maybe if people really really really really want the rest I'll get to it sometime? o_O
- Obviously didn't have the resources to do a Final Smash attack. I at least wanted to get the B-moves in there.
- The music is from Cadenza; sorry that it cuts off like that.

BUT YEAH. That was an interesting exercise. XD; It's really crazy how many assets you actually need just for one character in game animation.

Digital sets tonight. My stuff needs so much work, cryyyyyyyy. DX

Drawing: Catching up on LG, plus I restarted that KH fanart because the first pass was made of ugly. Looking much better now. And I'm suddenly been getting a big fanart urge. Need more ideas!

Writing: RP.
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04 August 2008 @ 09:02 pm
Get thee to a schoolery  
Murf, not much of huge interest from me at the moment, so...schoolwork dump! Very small one. Also, my eyeballs hurt. D: I suspect it is because I have been staring at screens so much.

No I didn't forget about the LJ cut, what're you talking about )

YES. That's what I've been spending all my hours on. @_@ And now I'm gonna go read more V for Vendetta.

Drawing: Still not nearly enough. LG when I can.

Writing: RP.
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01 July 2008 @ 10:52 pm
Too hot for stuff  
First off, thanks to everyone who gave me suggestions for the ZBrush project! Although I actually didn't end up using any of the commented suggestions uhhhh But in the LOTR tradition, I'm doing a bust of Aragorn! The hair might prove to be rather difficult. Regardless, started on that today, along with Brawl!Phoenix and the nightmare that was attempting to UV the Wolf Spider. Argh, I need Maya at home.

I've started on Crisis Core! Not very far so far, but it's interesting and all (even though I have no clue who most everyone is...) Also, the whole randomization with fighting and leveling up is...interesting, more getting used to. We shall see as I venture onward!

I agreed to do a drawing session with [ profile] squeakyorm, in which we both were to draw a human as if they had evolved from dinosaurs. Here's my funky-looking dino guy not at all based on guys sitting in my class, really

Rawr )

New Lunargyros page today! I've officially finished off drawing all of chapter three!


Drawing: Ho boy...whatever I can get inspired for.

Writing: Teensy RP; not much
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27 June 2008 @ 07:21 pm
I need to sculpt a likeness for my Advanced ZBrush class! I have absolutely NO IDEAS FOR IT.

So PLEASE, flist...suggest someone good to me! It can be a real person or the character they play, and they can be slightly unusual, cartoony or monster-y, as long as they're a recognizable likeness. I'm just planning on doing the bust.

*Begs for help from the masses on hands and knees!*
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24 June 2008 @ 09:25 pm
Summer is for wusses  
First off: standard call of new Lunargyros page today! And I just finished coloring the cover page for chapter four, too. Close to there!

And school's officially started up again. Only done two things so far, though...I started on the Cloth/Hair/Fur online class, which looks to actually be a lot of work for being a five-week class. o_o Also started on Character Animation for Games. The teacher seems nice, but a little...confused as to what he expects of us? I dunno. Basically we need to get a set of animation for a character in a particular kind of game. I'm assuming.
...So I was thinking of trying to animate a set of moves for a fighter as they'd work in Smash Bros. Brawl. We'll see if that works?! (Mostly I need a working rig because uuuugh rigging why are you a pain. Okay, so I need a model too.)

Of course, this also means I need to go study Brawl to see how the animation works there. And by study, I mean play for several hours. And by animation, I mean kicking some ass.

I got tagged by [ profile] tafkae, so have yourself a nice healthy meme:

Cut for convenience )

I tag [ profile] farcical, [ profile] tegurunrampant, [ profile] ghettopeach, [ profile] lovediamond, and [ profile] odd_on_purpose, if they want to do it. o/

OOOOOOMG so I am so going to go see WALL-E at the midnight showing at Universal Citywalk with friends from school. SO. EXCITED. I've been waiting for this movie forever. *o*

Drawing: LG stuff. I am in desperate need of a new sketchbook!

Writing: Usual.
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09 June 2008 @ 04:51 pm
PHEWWWWWW. The last week's been pretty crazy, or about as crazy as sitting on one's butt most of the time can get. Let me, there is too much. Let me sum up:

- Stayed up superlate on Thursday helping everyone finish our final project for Matchmoving. UGH, SO GLAD THAT CLASS IS DONE. Discovered in the process that certain Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf locations are open until 11:00. Sweet.
- Finished all other projects, pretty much. You shall see them below, BEWARE.
- Saturday night went over to the Ranch for [ profile] ghettopeach's b-day party. We had delicious foods (holycrap those brownies were so good), played Apples to Apples, and watched the finale of Doctor Who. Very good times!
- And then last night, went over to the Ranch AGAIN for a goodbye dinner for [ profile] chobit001. We had homemade shabu-shabu, lol'd at things on YouTube, and then played Wii Sports and Brawl. Even more good times!
- Tonight is my final makeup class, which then means I get two weeks off! WEWT. We'll see just how much time I waste during then. XD; But at the very least, I need to start getting ready for SDCC.

AND NOW. As is per custom (actually not really) for end of term, I give a big dump of final projects and various other artses.

Evil clowns, evil creatures, evil pools...EVIL! )

A Lunargyros pic - contains *MAJOR SPOILERS* )

And otherwise:
- Somebody please come see Kung-Fu Panda with me? ;_; Don't let the fact that Dreamworks can't market worth crap stop you! I've heard very good things from friends and critics alike!
- I cannot waaaaait for WALL-E, OMG. I want to go see it as soon as it's out! ...Except I might have next term's class starting that Friday, dammit. Then I want to go see it as soon as it's out AND I'm able.
- I want some actual dinner tonight, but I also don't want to spend too much money. Curses. :P

Drawing: All this be DOOOOONE. Now time to catch up on LG (aaack behind aaaack), more turtles and sharks stuff, and organize portfolio things. -_-

Writing: Clover is love XD
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03 June 2008 @ 11:20 am
Not another art dump?!  
IT'S THE LAST WEEEEEEEEEK OF TERM OMG. I'm so ready for the break! ;_; And we pretty much have the whole two weeks this time, except for one makeup on Monday, but I can deal with that. YAYZORS. (I really wish that WDW trip had worked out, though. D:)

On Sunday John subbed our character design class, and he brought in a model for us to do figure drawing. OH MAN, JUST WHAT I NEEDED. I really have no clue why I'm such a lazy ass and don't force myself to draw from life more often, particularly using John's methods (his methods being sending a big FU to rigid anatomy and just making an interesting drawing), because every time I do it I feel like I've loosened up all this artistic tension and still learned something new.

So have a crapload of stuff I did for that Sunday (and it's all the same model, FYI).

These figure drawings include bewbs, uh oh )

Also, some fanart )

Gonna crosspost all of this to dA, so be warned. /o/

Of course, there's a new Lunargyros page today. Yikes, gotta catch up, I'm behind...

Drawing: But first, I've got to finish up character design and digital painting homework, since it's the LAST ASSIGNMENTS. o_o Doin' that most of the day today, then tomorrow, turtles and sharks...

Writing: Stuff here and there.
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08 May 2008 @ 12:11 pm
It is week 6, WTF.  
There was a new Lunargyros page on Tuesday; you can check it out here. Next week will be a two-page update!

I feel like the only thing I have to show these days is more schoolwork. B| That said...have another dump of school-related stuff, I guess?!

Killer Klowns, krap...I mean crap. )


These are all WIPs )

OH OH, and because I totally forgot to say so earlier:
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, [ profile] sir_snarksalot!! ♥♥ Much love and hugs to you!
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02 May 2008 @ 09:42 am
'Nother studio tour  
So yesterday I got up early again for another studio tour! (Wow, we've done two in one term already...) This one was for Nickelodeon Studios in Burbank (the one really close to Disney), which I'd just been to recently, but not for an actual tour-like thing. XD; Since we had a pretty big group, we got the full presentation/breakfast/packet of info/run-down on Nickelodeon's workings. It seems like the network is in such a different state now that Klasky Csupo has pretty much fallen off the face of the planet, but maybe that's just because I'm remembering the shows I grew up with. Regardless, it looks like it'd be a fun place to work! Very bright and colorful, wacky architecture, and of course everyone was very friendly. Our tour was kind of whirlwind all over the place, so we didn't get to stop and observe all that much. One of the things that made me AWWWUH was the walls they had completely decked out with fanart...I saw a wall for Danny Phantom, and a wall for Avatar (they also had Fire Nation banners over the Avatar workstations). Man, I still need to watch Avatar. :/ (Also, I am really pathetic, as when they were showing off their Dora spinoff "Go, Diego, Go!" I kept sitting there wondering SO HAS ANYONE DONE A PARODY OF THAT WITH GODOT YET.)

They actually spent a lot of time talking about pitching new show ideas (I guess because someone asked), but I found it interesting that if you pitch a show, it's creator-owned, and you're expected to run your own show if it's picked up, instead of just handing it off to other directors and producers. They've got both 2D and 3D in-house work, although all of the animation is still done overseas. They were doing the modeling and texturing overseas too, until they realized that it wasn't worth the money saved. Since they take portfolios, maybe I'll try applying around the end of this year. o_o

So that was enjoyable! (And urk, I need to go write my thank-you letter for that before I forget...) Ooootherwise...urgh, why is matchmoving so stressful. D: It's like all of the most technically-dependent yet artistically tricky aspects of CG stuffed together, and it's ALSO what comprises most CG work. Adkjasklda, I'd rather stick with pre-production or animation, thanks! And I haven't even been doing most of the work on this project because I'm the group's failmember. DX

Drawing: The usual stuff, plus I'm still getting the urge to speedpaint, and I've started making a 3D model of the Wolf Spider, because everyone seems to like him and say he'd made a good 3D model for reel stuff. So! Starting that.

Writing: Little.
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14 April 2008 @ 10:18 am
Even more evil clowns  
But first! This was already on my flist, but I just had to share it some more for the SHEER LOLARITY FACTOR:

And now, the other 20 pages of that character design homework I had to, plus one...

Way more crappy scans this time )

Except now, guess what's this week's homework? :D


...Yeeeeah, don't think I'll be posting those, as it'll likely just be more variations on the stuff he liked.

*Goes off to drown in art ohgod*


Writing: RP.
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08 April 2008 @ 10:12 am
So, uh, yeah.  
Had my first character design class on Sunday. Axel's a pretty nice (and excitable) guy, and had a bunch of good stuff to show. And THEN, he told us the movie he wanted us to redesign characters for. And that movie was...

Killer Klowns from Outer Space.

And then. THEN. We were fortunate enough to get to WATCH THE WHOLE MOVIE.

This is probably some kind of MST3K karma acting on me or something, as I have a not-so-secret love for terrible movies getting riffed on the way I love to riff on terrible fanfics. And I can safely say that this movie was MANY. MANY. times worse than almost every MST3K ep I've seen, with the possible exception of Manos, because Manos is in a class all itself. As such, I COULD NOT KEEP MY MOUTH SHUT THE ENTIRE MOVIE. Because I was lacking a Joel and the bots to do it for me, my brain suddenly switched into emergency snark mode out of pure self-defense, and as such as I couldn't stop commenting on EVERYTHING. I probably annoyed the spit out of everyone else and the teacher, too, but I don't care, because they were laughing at the dialogue too. Every single frame of this movie deserved mockery. Sometime, I want to watch it again, but with an audience that will put up with me talking through the entire thing, because I want to fully riff the living hell out of it. OHGOD THAT DIALOGUE. A COLLECTION OF TWO-BY-FOURS WOULD HAVE MADE BETTER ACTORS.

But yeah. That's the movie we're redesigning. We need 20 pages of loose sketches by next week. Here's what I have so far...

If you don't like evol clowns then...don't click? D: )

So.......yeah. School is weird sometimes.

Also, I've been coming to the conclusion that I kinda suck at manga-style drawing. Or at least suck at making it look any good. :/ I feel like I get much more dynamic lines and interesting expressions when I do more "Western"-style drawing. Then again, damned if I even know what my style is.

Also also, I love how when I type "clowns" into Google image search, I get more results of creepy evil fangy ones than I do normal ones.

More schoolwork; not an evil clown! )

And finally, something else that also ISN'T evil clowns, thank goodness: a new Lunargyros page. o_o

I'll get on AIM later this evening after I've gotten some work done on yet another non-school project, because I really need to do that, and AIM is becoming more of a distraction to me. DX Uuugh, it didn't use to be this way! It's likely the Daisychain OOC chat's fault.


Writing: Little.
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22 March 2008 @ 11:20 pm
Final project splurge  
Finished off the last of my classes today, WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Now it's time for...a break! Sort of. Kind of. Maybe a day somewhere in there, perhaps. :/

Either way, some more stuff I finished...

Videos and pics inside )

I'll be gone all day tomorrow for Easter, visiting family and having good lunchthings. Hope everyone has a good weekend~ ♥
*crawls into bed*
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19 March 2008 @ 08:11 pm
Alfred Hitchcock is behind this somehow.  
There are birds, and they are somehow after Falcon Peak.

I get in my car one day about a week ago, and notice there's this brown gunk all over my passenger side rearview mirror. At first I thought it was blown seeds or something, then realize it is bird crap. I go "Ewwww, gross. Dumb birds." And yet, I can't help wonder...why is the crap so localized? There's lots of it, and it's ONLY on my rearview mirror.

Then I walk out to my car today, and I notice there is a sparrow sitting on that same rearview mirror. It keeps hopping around my window, peering in and pecking at the glass. Said sparrow does not fly out of the way until I'm actually very close to it. And even then, it only flies to the nearby bushes, as if it's just annoyed that I disturbed it doing something very important.

o_o; So apparently, small birds want something that is INSIDE MY CAR. Or something about the passenger side is just fascinating to them. I don't know what, but whatever it is, that's just weird.

SPEAKING OF WINGED THINGS. I took some pictures of my sculpture! I show them here, along with the explanation stuff that I also posted on dA:

Sculpture pics inside )

Drawing: Lots of animation for character timing. Gonna scan that in a bit, too...

Writing: Nothing.
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12 March 2008 @ 08:59 am
Going Down  
First off, huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY wishes to [ profile] wyna_hiros and [ profile] famira! Do you dudes want me to sketch you something? I totally will, if you have anything you want to request. :3

There's also a new Lunargyros page yesterday. Ack, already starting to get behind...I need to thumbnail more pages, but I have no clue when I can.

Our last Character Animation class is today (the only class that wasn't canceled at least once, ahaha) so I uploaded my (very short) final to YouTube. We had to do something with a character interacting with an elevator. Several people in my class did much more amazing (and epiiiic) finals than this, (and a lot of stuff still needs work), but at least I think this is an improvement on the animation I did last term. :o

Also, the model isn't mine; it was grabbed off the student share which I think was grabbed from A very useful model (except for one weird bug that didn't pop up until rendering) and fun to play with. XD

Nnnnnnnnnngh, spent seven hours yesterday working on my sculpture and it still needs LOTS of work before next Monday when it's due. DX the wings are too heavy for the shoulder supports and kinda dip down instead of up like they're supposed to. Very tired...

Drawing: Other animation final stuff

Writing: Nuttin'.
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04 March 2008 @ 10:48 am
Bullet lists make life easy  
- New Lunargyros page today! It has some dun duh duh duuuuuun.
- Getting my hair cut on Thursday. Realize that I really haven't overcome my fear of makeup, and am still not motivated enough to overcome it. D:
- Supposedly going to Nickelodeon on Friday to talk to storyboard artists there. @_@;;;; I...really need to make business cards, at some point. I had some before, but they're horribly outdated now.
- Goin' to the sculpture lab now to attempt to sculpt a face. Hope everyone's day goes well~ ♥

Drawing: Various things...

Writing: Nothing substantial.
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02 March 2008 @ 11:00 pm
Sunday art dump  
While I have not been as school-wise productive as I probably should be, I've been doing stuff here and there. So! Have a bunch of different 2D and 3D art that doesn't quite fit into one category or other. XD;

Lunargyros sketches with BIG SPOILERS!! )


Lyle's Zoo )

And anthros, too. )

Near Balrog completion! )

And that is all for now, for I am a sleepy thing. Gotta work on animation more tomorrow at school. >_>

Drawing: This stuff!

Writing: Are-pee.
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