16 February 2011 @ 10:07 pm
Gummi ship and Keyblade glider AMV!  
Just to start: there's a new Lunargyros page up yesterday, you can read it here.

Ohhhhh man, I FINALLY FINALLY finished this AMV that has eaten my brain for the past few days! Seriously, I don't know what it is about these things, but it just becomes impossible to focus on anything else. Now maybe my brain can get back to the rest of my life. 8D I struggled a bunch on this one...there were a few things that I wanted to do effects-wise, but for whatever reason I just couldn't hack it, even after wrestling with masks for hours. Buuut instead I compromised and was able to get similar effects.

SO YEAH. I've wanted to do a KH AMV or some kind of video about gummi ships and Keyblade gliders for awhile, and then finally heard this song and it totally fit so I had to do it. Have yourself a fun AMV about gliders and gummis...thoughts are greeeatly appreciated!

Drawing: Just practice stuff

Writing: Arpee
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14 February 2011 @ 09:05 pm
Good, bad, candy  
Happy Valentine's Day to all who celebrate it! I'm kind of over the whole 'Singles Awareness Day' schtick...if dudes want to have some fun and yummy chocolate with their significant other, go for it. And if not, you're still cool dudes who deserve love of any form. At least for me, I'm confident enough in my singleness to not get myself all worried about this holiday anymore.

And me? I got a bag of candy hearts all to myself, that my parents gave me. Ohhhhhh yeah.

Okay, good things first and then bad things next:

Good: Went to Disneyland with Kia and Kristin on Saturday, woohoo! Although since it was a Saturday and a holiday weekend (and a really nice day), it was pretty crowded. Still much fun, though. I have now been introduced to the convenience that is the single rider line.

I am a colossal nerd and have now obtained every avatar piece/set in Re:Coded. OMG those things are so dang cute it's really addicting. Especially those really bizarre "buddies" animals. WTF even. Who the heck even came up with those.

Bad: So, after some tests from the vet, we've discovered why Sunshine has been having a lot of problems lately: she has diabetes. D: We're going to have to start giving her injections of insulin a couple times a day. I just feel really awful for her, and I hope at this point giving insulin injections gives her some relief... :(

Also, if I seem to be totally out of it and ignoring everyone now, it's because the AMV bug has latched onto my brain and is sucking out all ability to think about anything else except DO THIS THING. So, apologies in advance while I spend however much time I need wrestling AfterEffects into a chokehold and laughing maniacally.

Drawing: Practice practiceness

Writing: RP sorta?
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05 February 2011 @ 01:14 pm
I've got the AMV bug itching at me really bad, yet again. Gah! Problem is, I just don't have the tools/footage necessary to do what I want, at least yet. 8( Does anyone out there know where I can obtain a copy of AfterEffects for mac (and if it's a torrent, with a crack that actually works? Or, alternatively, a trial version with guaranteed no watermarks?)

But for now, I have a birthday gift for [ profile] corrielle!

Temeraire and his captain )

Happy happy birthday, Em! :D Hope you like this!

Drawing: Finished this, more to come tomorrow

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06 February 2010 @ 03:40 pm
Dissidia AMV!  

I swear, whenever I get the AMV bug, I get it so hard that it becomes near impossible to focus on anything else. So yes, it's already done. XD

This is an AMV for Team Cosmos in Dissidia (although also mostly like Dissidia as a whole), since Tegu sent me this song and it was absolutely perfect for them. Please watch! :D

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27 February 2008 @ 09:22 am
Because this new icon is made of awesome.  
There's a PAR-TAY going on in the new Lunargyros page! And you're invited?!

I had the most bizarre dream last night. Or rather, it wasn't actually a was just this really strange working in my brain. I kept waking up in the middle of the night (which sucked) and checking my clock to see what time it was, but at the same time, I wasn't viewing time in a linear 2:30 comes after 2:00 and all that. I kept perceiving time as three-dimensional. It's kind of hard to was like time was existing in chunks filling out a sphere, and I kept looping back on hours I'd already woken up on or skipping ahead to hours that shouldn't have come yet, because the chunks of time I was filling in were at random. It wasn't until my alarm went off at 6:00 that time became linear again, and I somehow knew that as soon as it hit 6:00 and I had to get up that everything would sort itself out.

Is there an explanation for that kind of phenomenon? Is it due to some kind of waking-sleep state? I've just never had this feeling of experiencing time itself differently, and it was...a little weird. D:a

Otherwise...something really cool! Ecojak/Ladychimera made me a trailer for 'The 11th Hour', using a bunch of different KH clips! It is awesome, and I am so flattered! &hearts♥ (It also makes me wish I could play RE: CoM, 'cause holy crap, I haven't seen some of these scenes from Reverse/Rebirth and they're made of pretty. Just...yes, squee! ♥

Urk, guess I should get to doing that panorama homework for Lighting now, even though class was cancelled and all. We have to create a reflection map for a CG UFO and insert it into a photo we take. We were totally going to go to Hollywood Blvd. and get the reflection map and backplate photo of the Scientology building, because LOLOLOLOLOL UFOs COMIN FOR THE SCIENTOLOGISTS, but then realized that all the traffic would screw up the panorama shot. And we might get sued by internets lawyers for, I dunno, taking pictures of the building for a school assignment and infringing on some imaginary copyright. D:

Drawing: Need to ink the next LG page and, I dunno...practice more stuff.

Writing: Teensy more script.
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31 July 2007 @ 04:43 pm
I bring you...more crap!  
Such as a new Lunargyros page for today!

Also, while I did this awhile ago, I just completely forgot to mention it: I've uploaded the two KH2 music videos I've done to, so there's (somewhat) nicer copies available for download.
Here's the download place for Kingdom for a Heart, and here it is for 25 Years.

And then, a few more renders and sketches for homeworks:

Trying to get a head )

Speaking of dA, those crappy Organization comics with Demyx acting like a toddler and Saix getting turned into this puppy-thing are the new thing that's driving me up the wall. So I want to make fun of them with some kind of comic, like with Roxel and the creepy Saix-fetus-babies. Shush, I always feel better after I do one of those! The problem is, I don't have any good (and tasteful) ideas for poking fun at this newest OOC phenomenon...

In FFXII news, I have beaten the Shadowseer, YAAAAAY. OMG, it's Gollum! D: So now I only have a couple other monsters to find for the bestiary, two more marks to get (including Yiazmat), one more esper, one scary-as-hell optional boss, and four more rare monsters to find before I have 100% BESTIARY OH YEAH. /dorkery

(Aaaand wow, the internets at school suck hardcore right now...)

Drawing: Finished two more page tonings yesterday, which means I've about caught up with where I want to be, yay!

Writing: More sporkings.
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24 June 2007 @ 08:08 pm
AMV hocrap!  
I am probably gonna post this to KH-related comms later, but for now, have a gander at it here!

This is the second KH2 AMV that I've made, and I seriously spent pretty much all of today making it. (This happens to me, it seems, with video projects...I just keep working and working and shun food and sleep!) The YouTube quality version is okay, but I have a 130MB Quicktime version that's much better. Curse the file size limit on video sites!

This AMV is also one HUGE-ARSE SPOILER for the secret movie from Kingdom Hearts 2: Final Mix! Most of the footage is from that. If you fear spoilers, run away now!

Comments make me a happy thing! :D

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21 December 2006 @ 11:03 am
Time to fly  
Well, I leave for Italy in just a few hours. :O I still gotta do a bit of packing, but the bulk of it's done, so I'm not exactly rushing that. Here's hoping the flights all go smoothly and there's no delays on LAX's part, as I've got a connecting flight in Zurich that I'll only have a little over an hour to get to. :P However, considering my family should be getting in to Rome about half an hour before I do, they should be there to greet me. Oy, international flights!

Tuesday night the three of us still hangin' around here went over to [ profile] sbctaka's place for a Christmas party. We had homemade shabu-shabu, yuuuum! ♥ And there was much hilarity and watching of Law and Order, because it was on and we were too tired to play a game. And I got to see her cute kitty, Kiyoshi! Except he was really afraid of everyone and hid under the bed most of the time.

Also, I've got a new job once I get back for the new year: temp-to-hire reception work for a company that builds, um, rich people's houses or such. 12 bucks an hour with increased pay if I go full-time sounds nice to me. I need to send my portfolio places once I get back so that I can get to what I actually want to do ASAP, but at least I won't be unemployed next year. :P

And muuuuch love to [ profile] voodoobob, who's been passing along the KH2 clips in .mov format, so I'm finally getting to work on that AMV I screamed about a month or two ago! XD Even if all the money I spent on those programs was kinda blehh, and even if it's not a fantastic work of art like I've seen at the AMV contests at cons, I'm getting it done and having fun! ♥

ALSO ALSO! Rebmakash is about the awesomest awesome in the world of awesome, as she sent me a Christmas present! And it was... A LION SORA PLUSHIE OOOOMG


He is cute and cuddly and huggable and squeeeeeeeee! I am taking him with me to Italy because I lurbles him muchly and he'll protect me from Heartless Airports and probably bad weather, too! ♥

Aaanyways, wish me luck! I shall try and give a I AM IN EUROPE OKAY post if I have internets, although I probably won't be on IM the entire time there. I hope everyone has a good Christmas!
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