22 December 2006 @ 03:17 pm
Made It!  
Just givin' a big hey from Italy! :D (Yes, I am stupid and don't know enough Italian yet.) My flight totally went smoothly. The first flight left on the dot, and I switched seats with someone so I ended up getting a front row seat with plenty of legroom. The company was good, the service was great, and I was able to sleep for most of the flight (although not that well...) My flight transfer went over without a hitch. The Swiss have everything streamlined so well! o_o Landed in Rome, where my family was there to greet me! XD There were much hugs and hellos, and we managed to catch two trains all the way to Florence. My brother showed me a crapload of pictures on his laptop of their trip to Egypt, and shared many stories of their adventures. He also had some really beautiful pictures from Ireland.

So now I am here at the Florence villa, and it's midnight, and I am totally tired and ready for bed. So, quite possibly more details will come later! Hopefully at least one day we will be able to go out to Venice. :D

Oh, and to everyone still at the Ranch: who is picking me up on the 30th? I know I arranged for someone to, but, uh, now I don't remember who. o_o;

Current Mood: jetlagged