25 December 2007 @ 04:28 pm
Merry Christmas!  
A very Merry Christmas to everyone! :D Love and miss all of you that I haven't seen/talked with in awhile, and I hope your holidays are going great! Even though I woke up early today because of howling winds in the canyon this morning (blehh) today was still a good day.

While I'm thinking of it: just want to give lots of love and thanks to everyone who sent me Christmas cards! ♥♥ I loved getting those in the mail! And [ profile] ayn504: thank you for that lovely drabble! ♥ I think I'll definitely try and do cards again next year, and they were lots of fun to do.

Got back from grandparents' place yesterday early afternoon! It was a good weekend there, and it consisted mostly of eating, attending church and me working on Lunargyros. XD; It's getting harder for even my parents to stay there since my grandpa has such strange sleeping hours. But all in all, it was quite relaxing. Heh, on the drive up there, I actually went and wrote up a long theorizing blurb on Birth by Sleep. XD I'll post it later, though.

For now, my Christmas haul! )

All in all, I was extremely surprised and happy with how much great stuff I got this year. And what's more, it was great just spending time with the family! We ate a huge breakfast of biscuits and bacon and eggs and fruit, and watched some of my brothers' DVD gifts, which included the first season of "Arrested Development" and the "Planet Earth" documentary DVD set. (I love nature documentaries, so my brother and I geeked out over his gift together.) I think everyone was happy with what I got them, or at least, I hope they were!

*hugs to all once again!* And if you don't see me too often the next day or two, it's because I'm engrossed in lawyering. XD

Drawing: Lots of Lunargyros!

Writing: Script for the same, plus the theorizing fun.
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