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LynxGriffin ([personal profile] lynxgriffin) wrote on May 26th, 2007 at 11:24 am
Birthday present dump
Urk! I've owed some dudes birthday presents for awhile, and having just finished a few at once, they're all getting posted together. I am sorryyyyyy that they are late! And hey, if you are another dude with a birthday soon and want something from me, kick me and I'll draw it! I need to do more giftart anyways.

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Started this awhile ago and I never finished! I intend to see Wicked someday, I promiiise! :D And I apologize if I slaughtered Glinda and Elphie; it's the first time I've ever drawn them! (And, er, I don't really know what Elphie is wearing. XD;)

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I KNOW I owed you this awhile ago; sorry I didn't get to it until now! But I hope this pony Dalek is what you were looking for! XD

And finally, This one is for [ profile] tegurunrampant, but since it's NC-17 non-con and bondage, I wasn't sure if I wanted to put it under the cuts here or not. XD If you want to see it, it's here.

Drawing: These, woot! May go back to new comic pages now? :O

Writing: Nuttin'.
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