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LynxGriffin ([personal profile] lynxgriffin) wrote on November 3rd, 2006 at 12:53 pm
As the old addage goes...
All work and some play makes Lynx a scared thing.

A word to the wise: if you put out your resume as a receptionist's position, people will be jumping down your throat to have you.
I searched Monster for jobthings, and put out a "receptionist" resume, figuring it was similar to what I did at Pepperdine. And just the day after, I got THREE calls and one email from temp agencies asking if I was interested in receptionist jobs RIGHT NOW OMG. I knew I should look, so I did.

Went to the first temp agency on Wednesday. It went okay, except for the part where I filled out mountains and mountains of paperwork (a lot of it really repetitive) and then took a crapload of tests on random stupid stuff like putting things in alphabetical order and how much a pound of lemons cost. Also a bunch of typing tests, which don't bother me because I can seriously type 80 wpm if the keyboard's good, despite having carpal tunnel. Except the keyboard at that first temp agency was like something crapped out by a dinosaur; huge thick keys that go CLACKY CLACKY CLACKY if you so much as breathe on them.

So yeah, I got that done, and they said they'd send me temp opportunities. I was so stressed that I just got home and played Smash Bros. for four hours straight and then drew some while watching MST3K. (Speaking of...does anyone who's a Smash guru *cough[ profile] wyna_hiros or [ profile] famiracough* know how in the hell you get Mr. Game and Watch? Every character's unlocked except him, and for the life of me I can't seem to get him. I beat Classic and Adventure mode (on very easy) with every character, and I thought that's what you had to do. That, and I can't seem to unlock any of the event battles beyond #39.)

The second temp agency was much better. No tests except for a typing test, and the dude there was really nice. Hell, they got me an interview with an insurance company north of here the SAME DAY. So I went home, changed into the most "formal" thing I had, and went out to the interview. I suppose it went well, considering the temp agency guy raved about me, and my typing skills were good. The job was a little different than he described it, though. They said they would call me back for a second interview if they wanted me. I hope I actually said the right things, considering that's the first "real," "business" interview I've ever gone to.
The job WOULD be a nice health insurance agency in the valley. Working in the valley = much preferable to working in LA. And the job's only part time, but it PAYS like a full-time job, and the hours are really flexible. It would be like working two days one work, three days the next week, and getting paid for full weeks. That, and full benefits and 401k. And some catered meals! I could use my off days to work on my art and portfolio stuff.

I hope I get the job. If they offer it to me, I'll take it.

But at the same time, I just burst into tears on the drive home.

I don't know why this has me so upset. It would be REALLY ideal for me as I'm still working on portfolio stuff and developing my art. I'm still doing the Maya class, and I (hopefully) signed up for a life-drawing class starting in January. But the idea of even working part-time at an insurance company just terrifies me. I don't want to have to go shopping for business attire, or have to sit at the front desk and welcome people in. I KNOW I can do it, but I don't want to. I'd rather just sit at home in my old clothes and draw all day. I'll fully admit, I hate change. If TP called me up today and said WE FINALLY LOOKED AT YOUR STORY PROPOSAL THAT WE ASKED YOU FOR AND THAT YOU SENT US FOUR FLIPPING MONTHS AGO AND WE'D LIKE TO DRAW US SOME HORSES FOR THE YOUNG GIRLS MARKET, I would drop everything and do it. I would drop a good paying job with frecking benefits and a retirement plan THAT I DON'T EVEN HAVE YET just so I can kill myself drawing horses 12 hours a day.
But I never hear back. I send people art, and they say they love it, it's great, work with us! But no job. The only people that've actually gotten back to me in a TIMELY manner with comics has been Wirepop, and I absolutely love working on Lunargyros as a result. I wish I could do that all the time. But what am I supposed to do when I need to pay bills? I can't frecking wait forever for TP to decide if they want to hire me or not. So what do I do instead? Do I keep looking for receptionist jobs where I have to dress in nice clothes and answer phones and doors forever because it pays well? Or do I say, screw paying rent, I'll continue to mooch off my parents and plunge into debt just so I can spend two years studying 3D at GNOMON? At least I know at the end of those two years I'll have a 90% chance of getting a job in an industry I actually CARE about. Maybe 3D will grow on me. I have no idea.

And THEN, I just feel stupid and selfish. Everyone else on the planet has to deal with normal, everyday, mundane day jobs. Why should I be so special? I mean, for chrissakes, it's a day job that PAYS FULL TIME AND WORKS PART TIME. WITH BENEFITS. It's like a poor artist's dream. I should be chomping at the bit for this. So why am I so scared? Why am I afraid and yet not-afraid that I came off as nervous and icompitent at the interview? I type 80 words a minute and answered phones for 30 hours a week for the last THREE YEARS. FRECKING HIRE ME! Just...don't kill what's important to me!

Ugh...I need to email Tim again. I need to practice with Manga Studio more. I need to go to the temp agency and return the guy's blazer he let me borrow. He really was a nice guy. I need to email my dad and wish him happy birthday.

Just needed to get that off my chest.

Aside from all that, life's been okay. Halloween was lots of fun! Not as many people came over as we hoped, but at least [ profile] scifichicx and [ profile] yamikonumber7 showed up, and there was costumeness and a Heartless pumpkin! One of the kids that came by totally recognized the pumpkin and freaked out.
Speaking of...where the heck have all the kids gone? We hardly got ANY, and they came by a lot later than we anticipated. A lot of the kids were much older, too. Dangit, I wanted tons of kids at our house! Are parents so paranoid nowadays that they can't let their kids go out trick-or-treating? That makes me sad. But we have so much Halloween candy now, woot!

So I totally went on a bookstore run with my roomies yesterday. And I found craploads of stuff I was looking for, including KH: Chain of Memories (vol 1), Peach Fuzz (vol 2), The Dreaming (vol 2) and Steady Beat (vol 2)! So much fun reading to catch up on...I need to rearrange my bookshelf!
Also, I was thrilled to get a copy of Mangaka America, which is made of total awesome and includes kickass artists like [ profile] lilrivkah, [ profile] taniadelrio, [ profile] minakokenshou, [ profile] mistressnashya and [ profile] svetlania! So go buy it, for it is pretty and full of wholesome fiber!

Randomly: my passport FINALLY CAME YAY. (Almost a week ago, actually!) Paying that extra 60 bucks was totally worth it. Thank you, American government!

In the realm of television: Both Heroes and Torchwood are awesome. Hiro is definitely my favorite character from Heroes so far. He's so damn cute! And Torchwood is fun, but a lot darker than Doctor Who. And what the hells, they can totally get away with showing a full sex scene on British television?!! For real?

And now, I go find food...

Drawing: I seriously can't even decide now. I need to work on LG, plus the two projects I assigned for myself, but recently, making a doujin out of a KH fic I wrote recently has been driving me MAD. I so DO NOT need more projects right now. AAAAAARGH.

Writing: So [ profile] ryuuzoku_aya sent me a fic she suggested we spork together. And I just, I cannot even describe it. Wow.
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