29 December 2011 @ 10:55 pm
I'm Game  
I'm once again in that kind of do-not-work slump that I tend to hit right at the end of the year, with the expectation that once the new year hits I'll have a full schedule of projects to dive right into. And, at least in this case, I do. |D Even unemployed or underemployed, I never lack something to work on.

Although right now, I've mostly just been playing video games all day, and trying to do it as guilt-free as possible. Since my little bro is here for Christmas and I rarely see him otherwise, we kinda use this as our own hanging-out-time, anyway! I've started Ocarina of Time on the 3DS, which has been a lot of fun so far, even if I fail at a lot of it. (Like throwing a shield...etc.) It really is such a lovely game; I can see how it's endured so long. My bro also started me in on Paper Mario while he's here with the Wii, so it looks like I've been doing a bunch of oldschool games. That one is also fun, and ridiculously cute.

However, I caught a bad cold on Christmas Day, and it gave a whole lot of tiredness and stuffy nose-ness. Thankfully, I think I'm getting over it now, and it's not leaving me with a horrible cough or anything.

Also, Sophie is all fresh and clean after a bath, and there was a lovely sunset today!

Now, let's go in for my first post on DW with an art and LP dump...

Three new episodes of the KH2 LP!

We've also got a poll up where you can vote or give thoughts on Kia and I's next LP:

Happened to get a bunch of All Hearts done at once...

All Hearts - Tarzan, Jane, Clayton and Sabor )

And then more waking-up drawings:

Under-covers drawings 262-270 )

Drawing: Mostly All Hearts and reindeer stuff

Writing: Tags everywhaaaar
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06 June 2010 @ 10:34 am
Nerdy nerd nerd  
AAAAAAAAAAND AT LAST, I have completely finished the National Pokedex in Platinum! Everything has been seen and caught! I ACTUALLY HAVE CAUGHT 'EM ALL, WOOOOO

Also, another chapter of the DI fic has been posted, read it here.

Aaaah I wish I was going to E3 so I could see all the KH shininess.

Otherwise, I think I'm finally starting to get over this persistent least, I really hope so. Although I'm starting to wonder if that Claritin I took is having an effect on me...I feel overly-awake, a little jittery, and my heartbeat is up. 8(

I feel like doing another art request post all of a sudden. So, the first five people to comment can request any animal, creature, character (fandom or original) to be done in the sort of color-cutout style used in this picture. Just the first five only since those thingies can take awhile to do.

Drawing: Bunches of LG

Writing: Aaaand still workin' on it

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02 June 2010 @ 06:22 pm
In the tiki tiki tiki tiki tiki...oops  
Uuuugh I'm STILL sick. Not as bad as Sunday, but it hasn't gone away completely...I'm still congested and coughing all the time. I've felt like a slug all day...barely gotten anything done. I was going to make dinner but I still feel like crud and I probably shouldn't be getting my breath and snot all over stuff my family will eat anyway. D: Just go away, cold! Rrrrgh!

But I do have a few things...firstly, two new Lunargyros pages, which are sad ones. D:

Wow I totally forgot to mention that I've updated that Destiny Islands fanfic, too. Here's chapter eight and chapter nine!

And now, have a silly comic I just finished:

What happened to Rosita )

I hate feeling sluggish about my art right now. I'm considering putting up another art request post...

Drawing: This lil' comic, need to practice a few other things

Writing: Still getting through chapter eleven

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29 April 2008 @ 09:27 pm
Do do do, dah dah dah  
So I was sick over the weekend and that pretty much sucked. I skipped Shake class on Saturday, not that I really care too much as I'm not that interested in compositing and we had a sub anyway. BUT, thankfully I somehow pulled a miraculous recovery and am now better! Getting sick may have had something to do with getting next to no sleep and the sun bleeding fire all over California these past few days. Stupid sun. :/

Hrmmm, in a weird drawing-state again. I kind of want to do something my digital painting teacher suggested and do one half-hour speed painting a day, just to bolster my painting and coloring skills. Except I've been kind of crappy at keeping my artistic promises lately, so I don't know if adding ANOTHER to the pile will do me any favors. D: Except except if I actually DID it, it would probably be a lot better for my rendering-without-lines skillz. I realize now that most people are YAY about my linework and just kind of MEH about my value rendering. Hmm.

Speaking of, have a smattering of art:

The littlest quetzalcoatl )

AAAAAAND because I promised some dudes, I did a few more [ profile] daisychainrpg doodles during class:

Even moar Daisychain )

...There were, like, ten other things I was going to mention and now I've gone and forgotten them all. So instead, have a new Lunargyros page! Drawing wise, I am now a mere ten pages away FROM THE END OF THE CHAPTER, AND THE FIRST ACT. O_O Hoooolycrap.

Drawing: asdjskljalsjfa9...Digital Painting homework, evil clowns homework (still deciding when the post more), LG, turtles, Lighting homework and textures, and whatevertheheckelse.

Writing: Same old.
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15 October 2007 @ 10:25 pm
The Happiest Place on Popcorn Planet.  
(If you get that title reference, you are either psychic, or know me waaaaaaaaay too well.)

Aha, finally, I get the chance to write about my Disneyland trip! It was both fun and exhausting, as such things often are. But you'll hear the details anyway!

Because I want to mention this outside the cut: I finally caved in and...BOUGHT A DISNEYLAND ANNUAL PASS WEEEE. :DDD I got the deluxe (the SoCal versions had too many blackout dates, but the premium was too expensive for me) so if anyone on the flist or otherwise ever wants to hang at Disneyland for a day, I will be more than willing to! In fact, I'd like to take some Disneyland dates with people soon, considering I want to make the pass worth the money! But at least for this trip, I was glad to have it!

LynxGriffin and the Halloween Party Treat Thing )

LynxGriffin and Club 33 )

So I will just repeat happy birthday wishes FOR ALL! They also extend to my brother even though he doesn't read this journal.

Otherwise, yeah, it's time to catch up with school again. D: We had internal critiques today, which weren't as harsh as I was expecting, but still a bit nerve-wracking to prepare for. Most of what the critiquer said I already knew (my textures suck; I need lighting work; etc.) but he seemed interested in my storyboarding/production design stuff, and when I mentioned that's what I was interested in going into, he said he thought "I had a good hand at it." So I'm just gonna take that as encouragement and work even more. Also, I finally got my grades back for term two, and they were better than term one! No more 'C's and a higher GPA this time, YAAAY.

Note to self: RSVP for that Thursday presentation by that Pixar effects dude who worked on Ratatouille :o

Drawing: Homeworks, Lunargyros, the doujin...

Writing: Homeworks. @_@
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