07 April 2007 @ 10:39 pm
Lynx's Thoughts on Yaoi  
Or, Why I Am Unable to Ship Sora/Riku. (This is crossposted to [ profile] khfanficrants; just felt like posting it here, too.)

Another fandom post?! For serious! I should probably actually talk about starting school at GNOMON and all my first impressions (most of them good!), but eh, I think I'll go with this instead. Two of my classes, including one I'm really interested in, are getting pushed forward a week anyway because tomorrow is Easter Sunday. Although I will say that I spent about three hours today just working on perspective exercises for homework. I suck at two-point. This needs to be remedied! D:

Oh, and because I never mentioned it earlier, here's a link to the latest Lunargyros page!

Okay, and now to the actual rant/thoughts/speculation:

Warning: long and rambling fandom talk under here! )

Drawing: Ugh, a bunch! I'm finally starting to catch up. Slightly! I need to, as school will only get tougher...

Writing: Also a ton, mostly fic stuff!
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