26 July 2006 @ 10:15 am
San Diego Comic Con '06!  
Hoookay...and here I go, attempting to sum up the weekend! (Or week, as it were, since it was certainly long enough...) I seriously spent all of yesterday just catching up on the intarwebs. HOW SAD IS THAT.

About as sad as THIS IS LONG! )

A little bit extra, too! )

PHEW. And THAT is pretty much it...I'm still exhausted, but don't really have the time to sit down and rest, since I've got soooo much I want/need to get done before the end of August. Especially since there's a good chance I won't have a steady job then. ;_; *cryfreakout*

OMG ALSO [ profile] mistressnashya finished the commission I gave out awhile ago, and it's FRECKING AWESOME YAY *hugs*

POTC 2 puppet show completion status: 10% Started in on the script! Yay!

Operator status: About normal, but I want the comp with music and AIM, dangit. :P

Drawing: Need to post the sketches I did at con, plus the other stuff I promised people... *is buried under papers*

Writing: This report, the puppet show script, continued sporking, and then maybe more ficthings caused by killer plunnies. @_@
Current Mood: busy