26 December 2009 @ 09:47 pm
Another crazy list  
Aaaand I hope everyone had a great Christmas! :D It sounds like it for the most part, which is in turn goodness! I had a bunch of big breakfasts and dinners (holy crap like two big breakfasts in a row) and Christmas Eve we actually went to the church service down in the chapel. The service itself was nice (except they only had a soloist sing O Holy Night, and it's one of my favorite carols, sob) although the message part of it was WAAAAAAAY long. Nice guy, but I'm not entirely sure he had a focus for what he was talking about.

I got some sweet stuff this year, including
- Bunches of clothes (including pants, which I desperately needed)
- Snow White and Hunchback of Notre Dame on DVD (my Disney collection groooows!)
- Some sketchbooks
- A new blue and green comforter (ALSO desperately needed, as my old comforter was literally torn to shreds)
- Very comfy socks
- Some cash and candies (CHOCOLATE ORANGE, WOOOO)
- Scribblenauts for the DS! I tried it out, and while the game is fun and incredibly cute, it is also FRIGGIN' HARD. It makes me feel like a total uncreative idiot. D: I seriously can't even complete the first world, WTF. Is it supposed to be this difficult?!

And since I got the cash, I'm thinking of going out and buying one other game I wanted and then saving the rest for other things. I'm debating between FFIV and Dissidia, and leaning mostly towards Dissidia. I also want something that I can hopefully finish before the end of the break. What do you think, flist?

Went out to my grandparents' place after Christmas morning, we were just chilled around the house. I saw my uncle for the first time in awhile, and while he's, at least he's there and getting along with everyone. Hopefully this means betterness down the road, too. We got another puzzle this year, and ended up finishing the entire 1000-piece puzzle in ONE DAY since nearly everyone worked on it. XD It's funny how doing a puzzle over Christmas is starting to become a tradition for me, but I like it. Jigsaw puzzles force me to turn off my entire brain and just relax.

Played a whole bunch of Settlers of Catan, but only won one round 'cause I suck at that game. OH, and I also dragged my family out to Princess and the Frog tonight! And they all liked it! XD (I still would not be adverse to seeing it again!) I suppose I also need to go see Avatar since my brothers saw it and liked it, but I'm not sure how to feel about it yet. If I go see it, I want to go in 3D, since I think the point of it is to get the full 3D experience.

I would break open the chocolate orange now, but I'm already kinda full on cookies (We had a friggin' ton this year). And speaking of, I also made an Okami Christmas cookie, but I need to take a photo of it before I eat it.

OMG 2009 is almost OVERRRRRRRRRRR thank goodness~

Drawing: Intend to work on some more projects tomorrow, hopefully

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11 December 2009 @ 11:33 pm
Princess and the Frog!  
SO YEAH, I just got back from seeing "The Princess and the Frog" with Kia and her roomie. :D

The long and short of it: LOVED the film, would gladly go see it again, and would recommend that anyone and everyone go see it. It's been a long time since I've seen a movie that I just enjoyed watching so much, and made me leave feeling happy. We were laughing the entire way through; it was just full of good old-fashioned character humor without having to revert to "current" jokes. The music was great fun, and I'm sure after a few more listen-throughs I'll be able to sing through them the way I did old Disney movies.

And most of all, the art and animation were gorgeous. While it wasn't the exact same stuff as the old 2D movies all done on paper, it was its OWN kind of fluid 2D, and it succeeded completely on that level.

Review inside, contains SPOILERS )

SO YES. Excellent job with this, Disney! I REALLY hope they continue this trend with future movies, and that this movie is a financial success so that they have the motivation to do so (and for other studios to latch onto the idea!)

And also, I really hope that some of the young kids watching this are inspired the way I was inspired by movies like Aladdin and The Lion King when I was a kid. Several times I heard the kids in the audience laughing and clapping at the end of songs, and I think that's what made me the happiest.
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