25 December 2006 @ 04:14 am
Merry Christmas!  
It's Christmas morning! Mwahaa I got Christmas befoooore you all...

Hooray, last night and this morning were much fun! For Christmas I gooot...lots of Italian leather! XD A leather jacket, a leather journal, a leather wallet, and a leather bag! I also got a cute Vespa shirt, an Italian cereal bowl, some posters, some monies, and my brother got me a Jack Skellington figure with changeable heads. XD And then we had a big breakfast of pancakes (with the Bisquick I brought from home...) and now we're watching the Christmas movies passed around.

We would've had Christmas presents under the tree, but it's waaay too cold downstairs and if we turn on the lights on that tree downstairs it will probably burst into flames and kill us all. So we had presents under the poinsettas instead. (Is...that how you spell poinsetta?)

My brother and I have also been sharing MST3K shorts and other YouTube videos with my dad.

Could say more, but I think I'm going to go shower/draw/hang with my family. I hope everyone has/had a wonderful Christmas! ^^
Current Mood: good