29 April 2011 @ 02:40 pm
Peer pressure wins  
Sooo while I'd been considering this for awhile, I finally gave in and got a Plurk. And it is right over here. You can friend me there or be a fan, I dun' care, whatever works for you! And I'll friend others back too! I am always a little apprehensive about plunging into new social networking places because AHAHA HALF MY LIFE ON THE COMPUTER ANYWAY, but if it's fun and I catch up with dudes I haven't seen in a bit, all the better. |D I guess I adjusted to FaceBook well enough without that totally taking over, so yeah. (But I don't play the games on FB like Farmville, so that may have something to do with it.)

Not sure what I'll be posting at dudes want me to cross-post various arts there, like all my waking-up drawings? Although I almost feel like the waking-up drawings series would be better suited on a Tumblr. (AAAAAH YET ANOTHER THING TO GET SHEESH)

Well, speaking of, here's some more waking-up drawings:

Under-covers drawings 39-41 )

All that aside, my mom is getting her Masters finally, so we're going to her graduation tomorrow! This next week the house is going to be soooo crowded because of lectureships. 8( And then I'll be starting that internship in a week...

And one final thing: if anyone is still planning to do the storyboard collab with me and seriously wants to, please let me know what characters you'll be using? I'd like to practice drawing them so I get some confidence on that front.

Drawing: Lots of LG, and there will be lots more in the following weeks, plus hopefully some other paintings.

Writing: Not much currently
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