06 March 2007 @ 11:23 am
The saga of the Loanmonster - finished?  
Told in terms of video game battle, because somehow that makes more sense in my brain.

- Lynx spots Loanmonster - lvl 43
- Loanmonster is aggro'd
- Lynx sets gambits: Foe = 100% HP -> Attack party leader's target
- Lynx attacks with Government Grant Sword. It deals no damage!
- Lynx attacks with Stafford Loan Dagger, dealing 4000 damage. Loanmonster's HP is now 39,000.
- Loanmonster casts Protect and Shell
- Lynx prepares Quickening: Career Training Loan
- The Quickening fails! Not enough credit points!
- Lynx commands party members Mom and Dad to cast their Quickenings.
- They fail! Not enough credit points!
- Loanmonster casts Doom on party members, rendering a time limit!
- Party members Mom and Dad have fallen!
- Lynx casts Summon: Other Family Members
- It fails! Other Family Members do not have enough MP!
- Lynx uses Technik: Apply Personal Loan
- It fails! Still not enough credit points!
- Loanmonster casts Doom on Lynx, rendering a time limit on her!
- Lynx switches weapons, attacking with Out-of-Pocket Handaxe.
- A direct hit! Lynx deals three successive hits of 1,600 damage to Loanmonster.
- Loanmonster flees to heal!
- Lynx cannot afford to give chase. She instead casts Raise and Cura on her party members, waiting until she has enough credit points to try again.

And THAT is the saga...not terribly exciting, but at least now I should be good for the first term of the program. Less than three weeks, and I'll be free of this job! YAAAAAY. (And can you tell I've been playing too much FFXII? I'm at the Phon Coast now, wee!)

Might do an art post of stuff I've already put on dA but often forget to post here some stuff tomorrow. :O

And finally: not one, but two new Lunargyros pages can be read here! Now I just gotta catch up for next week... XO

Drawing: Lots and lots! More comics must get done, plus I now want to try and draw The Impossible. Dun duuuun.

Writing: Tad more on the fic. Finished a sporking!
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