11 March 2010 @ 10:35 pm
Gaming gaming day  
In completely non-FF news, my parents are having their entire bathroom redone...tile, toilet, sinks, cabinets, shower, WALLS, the works. This means weeks of heavy machinery in the house, and also weeks of everyone else in the house using my shower. B|

I can handle that okay, but right now they're using some kind of grout machine or idek and it is making the most CONSTANT AGGRAVATING GRINDING SOUND, it's like someone running a generator for outdoor night games lighting RIGHT UNDER MY FEET. NGGGGGGH.

Aaaand it looks like I won't be able to shower EITHER tomorrow because some fresh caulking had to be put down in my bathroom too, and that takes at least a day to dry. @_@

With that constant noise and smell in the background, let's get back to our l'Cie friends...

There's a lot of party-splitting going on here )

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Writing: Fic progress!

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20 October 2007 @ 01:48 pm
My car, despite being fixed, is making the same clicking noises/dashboard light flashings again.

I can't find my flash drive, which has some of my old work on it.

For some stupid unknown reason, my Hotmail account is not receiving emails.

Maya is freezing on me while I'm trying to work on my model.

...Yeah, I kinda want to take a hammer to anything with circuits in it right now.
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