03 February 2008 @ 09:30 pm
Two gift arts  
(Posted here so that dudes can have electronic copies, too. :O)

Both are sketches, and both have slash implications. If guy/guy pairings bug you too much, don't click! Don't worry, they're fairly PG/PG-13...nothing worse than shirtlessness.

First is for [ profile] corrielle, since she is fantabulous and today is her birthday. POTC-verse, with James Norrington and Andrew Gillette, since I know she likes her Navy boys! I apologize if the likeness or anatomy is off. XO Happy birthday, either way!

James and Andrew )

Second is for [ profile] scifichicx, who's been going through some tough times lately and needed the love. From HP, Remus/Sirius squishiness. :3 (I would've done a Torchwood pairing, but I'm afraid I don't know the characters/dynamics for that well enough at all!)

Remus and Sirius )

I hung with the crew from the Ranch today for Em's birthday, although we didn't go to the zoo because of rain. Feh! :P Still, was fun to hang with everyone, and I miss you guys! Also did some live-action sporking with [ profile] ghettopeach, my Amazing McFate sister. ♥

Drawing: Just finished a non-comic LG pic. I really need to get back to doing some other non-usual stuff, too...

Writing: Same old.
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01 December 2006 @ 10:05 pm
Some giftarts!  
Figured I might as well post just a few of the giftarts I've finished so far. There's still many to go, though!...

Fly, Baby Dragon )

Checkmate )

A Distinct Advantage )

Otherwise, my new tablet still hasn't come yet. :P On top of that, our internet has been sucking haaaardcoooore. It goes off all the time and stays off for hours, even days on end. So if I disappear and never come back for long periods of time, that is way. It's driving me frecking CRAZY. I even drove all the way out to the Time Warner building and exchanged our old modem for a new one. Did that fix it? No. No, it did not. So we still have to have the technician come out later next week. Aaaaargh. *Rips out own hair* I am so frecking dependent on the internet. DX

Also, I have a job! ...Temporarily. It's a typical receptionist answer-the-phones-and-sort-our-mail job, but it only lasts one, possibly two weeks. My guess is I'm filling in for someone else on their vacation. Not terribly exciting, but oh well, it's some extra money. And it's only a 6-hour day, too, so that's not horrible. I just wish all those nice reasons would reach my brain so I'd stop worrying about it already. XP

I finished revamping my reel today. I need to gather up the gumption to send it to places. :P

Drawing: Bunches of giftarts and comic pages pencilled and inked. Still can't color or tone without a tablet, though. D:

Writing: I think I'll go work on writing now.
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