18 April 2011 @ 11:18 pm
Just checking in  
No new arts to share right now; I've been working mostly on freelance stuff and will keep doing so all this week. Still dunno how summer stuff will go, but for good things, I finally finished that long animation project! And the client liked it a lot, so YAAAAAAY. So glad that it's done and that the client was happy. ToT

Went to Disneyland with Kia yesterday, was much busy and much fun! I am sore from walking, which probably means I need more exercise. For some reason there were a ton of tour groups there; we ended up keeping count of how many different groups we spotted, just based on matching shirts or hats. XD We did Electronica for awhile, and also went and saw the preview of the new Pirates movie. XD I was intrigued by the preview, and was rather amazed by the way they synched up the pirate cast members introducing the preview with what they showed from the movie. About a month until next Pirates movie is out...

Speaking of Disneyness, I'm debating doing some art for the Epic Mickey art contest, because it looks like fun, and I haven't done any Epic Mickey fanart yet. But, I just need a really good idea...

Well no new arts except some more waking up drawings...

Under-covers drawings 27-30 )

I think I may color some of these earlier ones when I have some time...

Drawing: Now on to more freelance stuffes for the whole week

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30 December 2010 @ 05:08 pm
Yes this icon again, but it's appropriate  
I have at last finished playing Epic Mickey! (Yes, I did get through it quickly, if for no other reason than my time with the Wii is limited.) Since I'm already going to be blabbing teal deer enough about the game with the final thoughts, I'll just sum up what I thought of the rest of it really quick-like:

- Bog Easy was neat!
- ARRRGH I'm glad I released those two extra gremlins, because that Mad Doctor boss battle was nerve-wracking. I'm terrible with using the sketches, which is what was needed in that area. 8(
- Did whole bunches of sidequests before going on to the rest.
- Arrrgh had to do the battle against the Blot several times over...
- Even though I didn't get hurt at all, that "skydiver" part was really unsettling in kind of the same way the final area of Keyblade Graveyard was really unsettling.
- Awwwww, sweet ending! Yay happiness for all! :D

ALRIGHTY and now the final thoughts:

Graphics )

Gameplay )

Characters )

Story )

Overall? If you're a big Disney nerd (especially of the parks and oldschool Disney), if you enjoy platformers or enjoy challenging games in general, then you'd enjoy it. But if you're not much of a Disney nerd or hate platforming, then...yeah, don't bother. It is really not worth it to fight your way through the many frustrating parts if you're not into the nostalgia and nerdery that goes along with the characters and story. And, at least from my perspective, I feel like they didn't go far enough with the forgotten-Disney nostalgia...there were a bunch of things I was expecting to see but missed, or just things they could have elaborated on but didn't. True, I guess they had to keep the focus on Mickey and Oswald, and that leaves plenty of stuff for sequels. But for me personally, I got less on that front than I was expecting. :( I'd say I would pick up a sequel, but only if I was certain that a lot of this playage frustration and camera problems were fixed, and that there was more content I wanted. Just...want to make sure I'm not going to die over it first. 8(
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29 December 2010 @ 11:35 am
Goals and such  
As of yesterday, I've actually reached my goal for 10-Humans-A-Day! My goal was to draw 1000 humans by the end of the year (starting from...whenever I started, which was after I finished BBS, I think) and I've now drawn that 1000 humans! Most of the time I was drawing form stock photos, sometimes copying other artists, and sometimes my own stuff (like the BBS casts). While I didn't always feel up to it, I'm glad that I stuck with it all the way to the end of the year. My humans aren't totally perfect, but I think there was significant improvement...I feel a lot more confident drawing them, and can get them down faster, too. Soooo, yay! Glad I did that art goal.

And so knowing that I can do it, I'm setting new art goals (I guess art resolutions?) for myself starting next year. Since talking with People Whose Opinions I Trust (or recruiters, who are People Whose Opinions Matter The Most) it seems that in terms of my boards, my drawings are fine and the story is clear but my camera usage and staging needs more work. So to fix that, I need to sit down and study more movies...pick a scene from a movie and write down the shots/camera moves and then draw them out, just to see how they work. So I plan to do that for four movies a week...pick one scene and board it. My goal is to do at least 50 movies.

That aside, I also want to do one grayscale painting a week. I want to be better at color, but to do that, I need to get better at doing things in grayscale, especially faces. So, along with the movies, one grayscale painting a week (probably from a photo as well.) I'm hoping to do at least 20. Hopefully these will also work out okay.

I do have one other resolution for next year; slightly less fun...I decided I'm going to give up soda completely. Just go cold turkey on it, like my little bro did. I tried to just cut down my intake, but that didn't really work. This is going to be hard for me, because I loooove soda, and I don't really have any other regular caffeine source like coffee or tea...I drink those pretty rarely. But I know I'm already lazy about my food choices, and giving up soda is at least one "lazy" thing I can do to better my health. After hearing about all of the junk soda does to you (totally aside from weight), I'm thinking it may be for the best. So, after December 31st, I'm saying goodbye to soda.

And of course, some more Epic Mickey playage...

Up through the end of Ventureland )

Drawing Finished all of 10HAD! And some LG.

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28 December 2010 @ 08:27 am
Shoulda gone before the heist  
I very nearly forgot to update, but I still got it in today! There's a new Lunargyros page...actually two of them. DUN DUUUN TURNING POINT.

Here's some more blabbery on my Epic Mickey playthrough...

Up through the end of Tomorrow City )

Drawing: 10HAD (NEARLY DONE) and LG more

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27 December 2010 @ 08:55 am
In all the lighthouses in all the world, she had to fall off of mine  
Got back from seeing grandma yesterday; we had a pretty decent time! Good dinner, got even more candies and stuff for Christmas, and grandma made us go through this kind of elaborate scheme to get each present. |D I also got to see my cousin's place for the first time, and that was an...interesting experience.

And uuuugh, last night was miserable. Went to bed at 11 since I knew I had to get up at 6:30 today, only I woke up at 2 and then couldn't go back to sleep because of that STUPID WIND. Have I mentioned that I hate wind recently? No? In case you've forgotten: I hate hate hate HATE the sound of wind at night. It keeps me awake and fills me with persistent dread. So I was kept up all night; went to sleep right before I was supposed to wake up and had a nightmare right up until my alarm went off, then when I woke up, I went downstairs and discovered it was so hot in the house because the wind blew the front door open and our heater was trying to heat the whole outside. By the way, I hate wind.

In better things, I started playing Epic Mickey last night! I can't give quite the same blow-by-blow commentary that I usually do with KH games since Epic Mickey requires a lot more concentration, but I'll still do thoughts as I go through:

Up through the first half of Mickeyjunk Mountain )

Drawing: 10HAD and LG

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