28 January 2012 @ 12:06 pm
Why should I worry?  
I'm going through a whole bunch of anxiety about the future...although a lot of that anxiety will probably kick in later down the road, so IDK if I want to talk about it right now. It will probably come up later in time. I think plurk knows some of that already. :(

Aside from that seemingly-endless worry, I have of course still been busy with art stuff. We'll start with the most recent LP episode, then go into drawings...

I went to Disneyland yesterday, and had a really good drawing day! So, here's a dump of all the life drawing a did, plus a watercolor:

Disneyland doodles )

All Hearts - Lumiere )

Also, I'm thinking of doing a livestream of how I do All Hearts paintings tomorrow night. Will see how that goes!

Under-covers drawings 292-299 )

Drawing: Commissions, projects, storyboards, All Hearts...tons of stuff, basically

Writing: Tags!
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20 January 2012 @ 05:46 pm
So much drawing  
Once again, it's been awhile since my last post, and I apologize! I've been busy on my new schedule, which is still working out well. But aside from the usual nerdery and crazy things happening in [community profile] itsjustagamerp, I haven't had that many exciting things going on. I am thinking of going to Disneyland on Monday to draw and paint, however.

Anyways, here's a big ol' dump of LP, art and sketches!

Starting in on Beast's Castle characters!

All Hearts - Beast, Belle and Cogsworth )

Under-covers drawings 281-291 )

Drawing: Finished the opera backdrops pretty much, started designs on a game idea, some on reindeer story, and All Hearts

Writing: Craziness at iJAG
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07 June 2011 @ 09:51 pm
Love, Vincent Price  
New Lunargyros page is up today; read it here.

Did Disneyland on Sunday with the usual crew, and it was much fun! We were specifically going for all the new rides that just opened. First things first, we did Pirates (which is now featuring Blackbeard at certain points instead of Davy Jones...they use about the same lines anyway, so there's not much difference there). We had reservations at Blue Bayou right after, and finally got a waterside seat, woo! I've always wanted waterside for Blue Bayou. XD

Then it was lining up for Star Tours. The wait time listed two hours, but this was a was more like 3+ hours. We entertained ourselves as best we could (I brought my PSP and sketchbook), and we did word games, but man after three hours in mostly-sunny queue, it got kinda difficult. (I'm also pretty certain I got sunburned.) Luckily, the ride was worth the wait! There's a bunch of different combinations of places you can go for the revamp, and we ended up getting the pod race in Tatooine and then vs. Boba Fett in the asteroid field. I know a lot of people don't like the Episode I stuff, but I maintain that pod racing is much better suited for a ride or video game than a movie. It was fun! I wanna try and get other planets, as long as we make sure to get a fast pass next time.

We then headed on over to the new Little Mermaid ride in DCA. A much shorter wait, but that could have been because it was a lot later in the day and people were starting to shift over to ElecTRONica. I love how it was built a lot like the oldschool darkrides in Fantasyland, including the not-quite-on-model paintings where you enter the ride. It was fast-moving, basically like getting onto the ride at Haunted Mansion. Very pretty ride with great atmosphere and animatronics. However, Kia and I totally freaked out on it because...OMG INCREDIBLE MR. LIMPET! It's a very obscure reference, but oh man I remember watching that movie a bunch when I was a bitty! Kia spotted him on the other side of the main characters in the "Under the Sea" section, hiding behind some rocks and plants. Seeing Mr. Limpet on the ride totally made my day. XD

After that we hung around ElecTRONica for a bit and then did some shopping. We didn't stay long because line-waiting drained most of our energy. Man, I haven't stood in a line that long at D-Land for a looooooong time. But at least we did what we set out to do!

Also, I went to the doctor yesterday, and it turns out that I do have a sinus infection. XP Yuuuucks. I'm on antibiotics now, so hopefully that will help, but doctor says that I'll probably have balance issues for a couple of weeks. Dumb ears. :P

And random thoughts on E3 conferences so far:
- Really don't care about anything Microsoft is putting out.
- Not that much with Sony, either. The new Uncharted game looks really sweet, but considering the fact that I don't have much fun trying to get through shooters, no sense worrying about it.
- PSVida? Huuuh. I'd rather not have to buy yet ANOTHER console (already getting a 3DS eventually) but hmm we'll see...
- Nintendo stole the show again. DAYUM, THAT CONTROLLER. That's some pretty cool stuff. I want to see what they can do with that. (Doubles as a drawing tablet, weee!)
- New Zelda game looks shiny, as does new Smash Bros and everything else they're doing!

Newest waking-up drawings are below...

Under-covers drawings 78-80 )

Drawing: More of LG

Writing: Transcribing
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16 May 2011 @ 12:29 pm
Weekend of busy-ness  
Yikes, meant to update earlier, but this past week has been busy and this next week is gonna be even busier! So, random things...

There's a new Lunargyros page from Friday, up here. A new one will be up tomorrow too. XD

Internship has been going okay thusfar; I had lots more to do on Friday. I talked to the concept artist some about various things and he was pretty cool, but spent most of my time doing a ton of runs, so it was a looooot of driving all over the place. Up to Santa Monica and back, and then up to North Hollywood and back. And on the last one, I got a ticket for my trouble...parked in a metered spot, and I didn't have change on me. I figured since I'd be in and out in ten minutes, it wouldn't be an issue. Obviously this wasn't the case, since in the ten minutes I was gone I got a ticket. -_- Nnnnnnnnnnngggggh. It was entirely my fault, but still, just an annoyance. And I guess we're still working out what to do for our projects...

Yesterday, went with [ profile] yamikonumber7, [ profile] amorsinseramada and Kristin to Disneyland for Kia's birthday! It was pretty awesome and we did most everything in both parks. XD Although when we went on Indy, a bunch of the lights were off (like the rats and the fire in the skull), probably as a result of them having troubles with the ride earlier in the day. Also, we found out from one of the pin traders that OMG, D-Land is actually releasing a limited edition Kingdom Hearts pin at an event next month. 8O NEED TO GET ON THAT LEIKWOAH. Disneyland never releases their own KH merch, so the fact that they're actually putting out their own pin is BLOWING MY MIND. Pin traders will trade KH pins, but usually you'll only find KH pins at Hot Topic (WTF?), so they're very rare...and there's like, five of them total. I'm no pin trader (ahaha too expensive for me), but I just want the KH one. 8D

Kia even convinced me to go on Tower of Terror, even though I do not like drop rides. |D And we finished it off with ElecTRONica, where I actually got one of their liquor drinks. I haven't had alcohol in like...four years, and I wasn't driving home, so I figured I could indulge myself this once. I think I was reminded why I never drink alcohol...the tuscan lemonade-martini thing I got was STRONG; especially for a teenyweight like me. I did manage to down the whole thing, but yeah, it was pretty strong for me. The rest of the night I felt warm in my face and very tired. We did some games at Flynn's Arcade, and then on the way out we ran into [ profile] scifichicx, [ profile] ald_fan_girl and [ profile] lady_entropy17, so it was total funtimes!

I've got a phone interview this Wednesday that I'm of course a bit nervous about...if it didn't work out, oh well, but if it did, it would mean a lot of sudden big changes on my end. @_@

Waking-up drawings will have to come at a time when I have access to a scanner. |D

Drawing: LG pages and thumbnails, gotta start on a commish, and more

Writing: Tags and ideers and challenge fic
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18 April 2011 @ 11:18 pm
Just checking in  
No new arts to share right now; I've been working mostly on freelance stuff and will keep doing so all this week. Still dunno how summer stuff will go, but for good things, I finally finished that long animation project! And the client liked it a lot, so YAAAAAAY. So glad that it's done and that the client was happy. ToT

Went to Disneyland with Kia yesterday, was much busy and much fun! I am sore from walking, which probably means I need more exercise. For some reason there were a ton of tour groups there; we ended up keeping count of how many different groups we spotted, just based on matching shirts or hats. XD We did Electronica for awhile, and also went and saw the preview of the new Pirates movie. XD I was intrigued by the preview, and was rather amazed by the way they synched up the pirate cast members introducing the preview with what they showed from the movie. About a month until next Pirates movie is out...

Speaking of Disneyness, I'm debating doing some art for the Epic Mickey art contest, because it looks like fun, and I haven't done any Epic Mickey fanart yet. But, I just need a really good idea...

Well no new arts except some more waking up drawings...

Under-covers drawings 27-30 )

I think I may color some of these earlier ones when I have some time...

Drawing: Now on to more freelance stuffes for the whole week

Writing: Tags per usual
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16 March 2011 @ 09:37 pm
He tried to kill me with a forklift  
There's a new Lunargyros page, read it here.

I've been working all week on this sudden-flash project, with the first pass needing to be done by tomorrow. I really hope I don't have to make that many changes to it, because I literally do not have the time to make it as long and elaborate as I suspect the client is thinking. Guh, this is probably the most stressful freelance thing I've done. T_T I'll be happy when I get it done. (And also will be happy to get some more monies from it, since this way I can actually justify getting Dissidia 012 when it's out...)

The two books I ordered came today! Dream Worlds and Framed Ink, which look very informative/inspirational and I need to read through.

I realized I forgot to post the sketches and stuff that I did on Saturday at D-Land here, so here they are:

Lots of people sketches and a watercolor )

Drawing: Just this animation

Writing: A tag or two when I can get them in
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20 February 2011 @ 12:23 pm
Workin' for the weekend  
There was a new Lunargyros page up on Friday; read it here.

This weekend has been fun as I've got to spend it with friends! Went to Disneyland on Friday with [ profile] betwixt_worlds, and we had fun even though it started raining pretty hard. XD That's probably the only time I've seen no line for Dole whip floats. Just did stuff with no real worries in mind and talked a lot. I actually went into the Innoventions area, which I haven't before, and ate at the Storyteller's Cafe in the hotel, which was delish. :9

And then yesterday [ profile] corrielle joined us and we just hung out for the day, watching Disney movies and playing Final Fantasy XIII or Angry Birds. XD We wanted to try out a new restaurant around Malibu for lunch, but it was closed on Saturdays, WTF.

I've created an animatic version of the Bremen Town Musicians board (that I was actually happy with, yay), but I need to post that later. I'm really hoping for some good things to get kicking next week. *crosses fingers*

Drawing: Need to do more; mostly been doing editing stuff

Writing: Arpee...I have finally given in and joined a game with Eraqus. |D
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14 February 2011 @ 09:05 pm
Good, bad, candy  
Happy Valentine's Day to all who celebrate it! I'm kind of over the whole 'Singles Awareness Day' schtick...if dudes want to have some fun and yummy chocolate with their significant other, go for it. And if not, you're still cool dudes who deserve love of any form. At least for me, I'm confident enough in my singleness to not get myself all worried about this holiday anymore.

And me? I got a bag of candy hearts all to myself, that my parents gave me. Ohhhhhh yeah.

Okay, good things first and then bad things next:

Good: Went to Disneyland with Kia and Kristin on Saturday, woohoo! Although since it was a Saturday and a holiday weekend (and a really nice day), it was pretty crowded. Still much fun, though. I have now been introduced to the convenience that is the single rider line.

I am a colossal nerd and have now obtained every avatar piece/set in Re:Coded. OMG those things are so dang cute it's really addicting. Especially those really bizarre "buddies" animals. WTF even. Who the heck even came up with those.

Bad: So, after some tests from the vet, we've discovered why Sunshine has been having a lot of problems lately: she has diabetes. D: We're going to have to start giving her injections of insulin a couple times a day. I just feel really awful for her, and I hope at this point giving insulin injections gives her some relief... :(

Also, if I seem to be totally out of it and ignoring everyone now, it's because the AMV bug has latched onto my brain and is sucking out all ability to think about anything else except DO THIS THING. So, apologies in advance while I spend however much time I need wrestling AfterEffects into a chokehold and laughing maniacally.

Drawing: Practice practiceness

Writing: RP sorta?
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26 January 2011 @ 10:07 pm
Cut Short?  
There's a new LG page up from it is!

Oh, also...thanks to donations, I was able to put up the puppet show for Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban!

Took my grandma to Disneyland and DCA on Monday, and it went really well! It was a really beautiful day, and we managed to do lots of things since there were very few crowds. We caught World of Color at the end, too, and I saw the Tron part they added on this time. XD We also just talked about all sorts of things, which is nice since I don't get to do that often. So, pretty successful D-Land trip. Although, there was a lot of construction going on...large chunks of Main Street were roped off, and the best parts of the animation building were closed. D:

Man...I feel like there was all this other stuff I was going to say, but now I can't think of it. -_- Suddenly feeling overwhelmed with lots of different projects that I either want or need to get done, so I'll just have to be dealing with those one at a time.

Drawing: Finished an LG cover, studies, lots more coming up

Writing: Need to get back into reindeer stuff...
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23 January 2011 @ 04:49 pm
Left my shadow, hope you don't mind  
Not much going on around Lynxland lately except for me hanging with people. [ profile] ghettopeach and [ profile] corrielle came over Friday night and we had a really great dinner and then hung out with crazy stories and FFXIII. Need to do it again soon!

[ profile] yamikonumber7 kidnapped me today and took me down to the farmer's market, where we bought some delicious foods and I also got a sample of homemade dog treats for Sunshine. Got some apples there that were reeeeeally good.

Aside from attempting to get trophies in Re:Coded and freelance stuff, I'm also trying out some more stuff with Painter, which I need to get better with. Lil' preview of some (unfinished) stuff so far:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

You won't be seeing me much tomorrow, since I am taking my grandma to Disneyland. She hasn't been in a long time and I offered to take her. So yay, funtimes!

Drawing: Still freelance stuff and practicing

Writing: Trying to get back into it...
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01 December 2010 @ 08:18 pm
Start working, LJ!  
HEY DUDES, I'M BACK AROUND THE INTERNETS NOW. It's been a pretty busy week since Thanksgiving, but also lots of fun.

First off: hello to any new dudes from the KH friending meme! I don't usually do those sorts of things, but hey, It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time. Expect mostly art dumps and chatting on about nothing in particular from me.

Thanksgiving itself went better than I expected, just because it was with people I don't see hardly at all. Friday in the afternoon I went and saw Harry Potter with my parents, and it was pretty dang epic. I enjoyed the movie...I dunno if I did as much as HBP, but quite a lot. I kind of loved how they did the tale of the three brothers, with that stylistic animation. That was probably my favorite part of the whole movie. Now just need part two to get here...

Then on Friday, [ profile] teg_plays_games came over for a week-long visit, and we did many geeky and California things! I finally saw all of the first season of of course sometime I have to sit down and watch the other two seasons, too. 8D I did enjoy the show a bunch; I was impressed by so much in it. We also did a bunch of gameage, mostly Okami, BBS and Dissidia. It's really nice to be able to use the multiplayer options in both of those, and mirage arena-ing and Dissidia battles were both much fun, even if I frequently lost the latter. Ah well, I got to level some villains, since I haven't picked up that game in ages. And Teg got to laugh at the fact that sometimes rumble racing with Terra is REALLY REALLY FRUSTRATING.

On Monday we headed with [ profile] yamikonumber7 out to D-Land! It ended up being a pretty good day to go, since it was the Monday after the break and a pretty cold day. (More of that cold was felt at night, though.) So there was practically nobody there...plenty of space to run around and the lines were all very short. We got to do pretty much everything we wanted, including a bunch of the darkrides and the teacups, which I haven't done in ages. We finished it off with the Christmas fireworks show + Disneyland "snow." The park closed early (probably because of weekday and winter times), but we got dinner at House of Blues and it was quite good.

Tuesday we did a few more geeky things and then headed to Hollywood for a showing of 'Tangled' at the El Capitan! Of course there was a little walking around the walk of the stars area before hand, too. We had totally awesome seats for the movie, and they did a stage show beforehand that I actually hadn't seen before. (Best part of that was obviously the 'I'll Make A Man Out Of You' segment.) Tangled was just as good the second time; the songs actually felt a little better to me the second time around. I do love El Capitan, and I'm debating shelling out for a ticket there for the premiere of Tron: Legacy... After the movie we got delicious ice cream at the Disney Soda Fountain, and I also gave Teg a superquick tour of Gnomon.

Aaaand today was even more geekery, Malibu Seafood and showing Teg some studios in Burbank before finally having to take her back to the train station. But it was indeed a fun week!

Oof...except now I should really get back to work, and I've been hit with the tired stick, too. @_@ I'm going to try and be as productive as I can in the next two weeks on the stuff I have to get done, partially to match what friends (and particularly my mom) are having to do right now, and partially because I want to get some of the freelance stuff out of the way so that I can focus on stuff like that Okami board or getting down more of that reindeer story...kinda fell behind on that. >>

Finally, there's a new Lunargyros page from yesterday.

IT IS NOW MY INTENTION TO DO...SOMETHING. *just sort of falls over*

Drawing: Need to catch up on 10HAD, LG, and a thousand other things

Writing: Want to work on that fic and reindeer stuff...
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14 November 2010 @ 08:07 pm
Various four-legged things  
Disneyland was fun yesterday! Got to hang with [ profile] hystericblue42, who I haven't seen in awhile. Did various things across both D-Land and DCA, even though we didn't do all of our staples. XD Still good times. Also, we managed to catch the end of Fantasmic, and they have the new dragon up, holy crap! It's pretty dang impressive. Not as tall as the old one, but less skeletal and a lot of movement on the dragon's neck and face.

Finished a second lineup for the reindeer story (dang it needs a title!) so here's a look at all the characters as humans...

Second lineup! )

CTN Expo is coming up this next weekend, and I've been thinking of possibly taking the reindeer story idea around to people and asking where/who would be good places to pitch to, or how to go about doing it. (Since dudes seem to like it enough). I'm definitely not in a position to actually pitch now; I don't have enough details worked out and no way can I get enough of that by Friday. But aside from being nervous about attempting to throw half-finished ideas at Big Name People in the first place, I'm nervous about it getting the absolutely inevitable put-through-the-shredder treatment that happens to everything in Hollywood. So...all in all I'm nervous, and not entirely sure what to do. 8(a

Drawing: LG pages, 10HAD, this reindeer stuff

Writing: More plotty things and another scene for reindeer story...
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20 October 2010 @ 04:55 pm
I'm going to run away to Kansas and become a ventriloquist  
Yesterday at D-Land was quite fun! It was raining most of the time (not hard rain, but enough to require hoods and umbrellas), which drove away most of the crowds. This made the lines super-short, so we pretty much ran through all the queues and onto the rides. I have never seen a ten-minute line for Space Mountain before; it was kind of mind-blowing.

We also got lots of candy, om nom! We ran into a Roxas and a Halloween Town!Sora, and of course had some geekout moments. A lot more people recognized KH outfits; Halloween is usually a good time to go for that. XD

Also, I haven't even played Professor Layton before, but holy crap that Layton / Phoenix Wright crossover looks like ten flavors of EPIC. I'm gonna need to pick that up, because daaaayum that is awesome.

Aaand I guess this is the end of the KH 30 Day Meme! I'm kinda going to miss doing these. XD At least it was fun to do!

Kingdom Hearts 30 Day Meme
Day 29 - World/Disney Character you would most like to see

I HAVE WAY TOO MANY, FFFFF. I really want to see a Pixar world; either Toy Story or Monster's Inc., because they'd both work well as worlds to run around and fight in (and I have a huge soft spot for Monster's Inc.) Oh and I REALLY want a Bambi world, if for no other reason than to see the heroes run around as deer. I would also like to see Atlantis, and as for characters, I would scream and explode from awesome if they had Marahute/any aspect of RDU in there. Or the firebird from Fantasia 2000 as a boss. *_*

Day 30 - Biggest Wish for KH3

- I want to see a Sora/Kairi kiss, dangit! They're way overdue for one! BUUUUT, Nomura knows his audience way too well, so that's never gonna happen. Other BIGGEST WISHES:
- Again, any Pixar worlds. I know they mentioned the possibility once, and that makes me go *_*
- Let Kairi fight with us for once! Make her a party member or something!
- Getting to run around the big island of Destiny Islands instead of just the kids' island. Meeting their parents would be awesome.
- A mention of OSWALD.

...Yeah I have too many wishes. 8D

KH 30 Days Meme )

Drawing: 10HAD, holy crap suddenly juggling three freelance things, fanart when I can squeeze it in

Writing: RP, fic
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10 October 2010 @ 06:39 pm
He must have a really good agent  
First and foremost: HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to [ profile] betwixt_worlds, [ profile] chobit001 and [ profile] deltashade! You dudes rawk!

Disneyland was quite fun yesterday! Despite heat and crowds (it was a Saturday on a three-day weekend, so yeah) we did plenty of rides, ate lunch at the ESPN Zone (which I've actually never been in before) and other funness! Checked out the elecTRONica event they were doing in DCA, which was bunches of dancers/techo music/awesome lights/MARTINIS. They were also showing nine minutes of the was what they showed at Comic Con, so nothing new for me, but they also did these cool in-theater effects. They also had a Flynn's Arcade setup where you could go in and play a bunch of oldschool arcade gammes -Galaga, Centipede, Donkey Kong, Pac Man, Asteroids, etc.- for a quarter each. That was pretty awesome. XD Also finally saw World of Color from the front, since some awesome dudes were cool enough to trade us their tickets for the earlier show! And we just talked BBS and fandomy stuff all day, which is always good at D-Land. XD

Also, I should be taking my grandma really soon and then also going for Halloween, so lots of Disneyland this month... @_@

Kingdom Hearts 30 Day Meme
Day 19 - Least Favorite Boss Battle

LEECHGRAVE. GEEBUS, HATE THAT THING. Days has a bunch of Heartless bosses that are just a pain in the ass (Antlion, Infernal Machine, Ruler of the Sky) but Leechgrave is DEFINITELY THE WORST OF THE LOT. I had so much trouble killing that thing, no matter what I did. I sucked so bad at that boss battle that the game had to lower the difficulty for me. 8|

Day 20 - Favorite Boss Battle

This was tough, but I think I'm gonna say Dark Thorn...AKA the big Heartless that you fight in Beast's ballroom. That this is just so much fun to fight. XD I love tossing it around the room using the chandelier or leaping off the pillars to counterattack. It's not often you get to use your environment to your advantage in a boss battle, so it's fun to do it there.

KH 30 Days Meme )

Drawing: 10HAD, bunch of commissions, LG, playing with other ideas...basically just anything I can do on paper.

Writing: *still mulling*
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08 October 2010 @ 05:05 pm
Please come, weekend...  
Nah much today; I'm trying not to use my tablet at all until the new one arrives, so that cuts down on much of what I can do. (This is probably a good thing, considering the freelance thing still needs a couple more design adjustments...) I just got an email saying the tablet's shipped, so hopefully I'll get it on Monday!

I'm heading to Disneyland with [ profile] yamikonumber7 tomorrow too, since we both need a bit of happy. Will probably still do some sketches, though. (Dang, my pass is gonna expire soon...)

Speaking of, been messing around with a little character exploration...

Three Robbers )

Yeah, either need to do that, or else I've thought about trying to take some parts of Okami and storyboard them like a film. (Either the battle with Ninetails or the battle with Yami or something less action-oriented...) Just have to do something to keep trying to improve my boards! /o_O\

Kingdom Hearts 30 Day Meme
Day 17 - Favorite Drive and/or Command Style

In KH2? Antiform. I know you can't trigger it and sometimes it harms more than it helps, but DANG I love Antiform! I abuse my drives before getting Final Form just in the hopes that Antiform comes up, because there's something so deviously fun in just roundhouse-kicking Heartless in the face with POWAR OF DARKNESSSSSS. And as for Command Styles...Ghost Drive for Aqua is friggin' awesome. It's like you kill everything via teleportation. Very badass.

Day 18 - Most Frustrating Minigame

I'm gonna have to say Tigger's bouncing games from KH1. GEEZ those things were a pain, and I wasn't even that terrible at them! Probably the most frustrating bit is where you're supposed to jump up onto the tree branch to follow Tigger, except you can't see what branch he's jumping onto. I can't even describe how many times I had to redo that stupid game because of that ONE STUPID TREE. Tigger's bouncing games improved a lot in CoM and KH2. 8|

KH 30 Days Meme )

Drawing: 10HAD, Heartless commishes, some gifts and other things

Writing: *mulling over another idea*
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18 September 2010 @ 09:32 pm
Did you notice that we're in a tree?  
Back from drawing at Disneyland today! 'Twas fine, although traffic was rather bleh, and I could tell I've gotten out of practice a bit. Which just means it's time to kick it into gear more. Starting Monday I'm going to try and make myself draw ten humans a day. Real people, fan characters, OCs...doesn't matter, as long as they're people.

Big ol' sketchdump )

Starting Monday I'm going to try and make myself draw ten humans a day. Real people, fan characters, OCs...doesn't matter, as long as they're people. Doing this straight for 100 days should hopefully help me improve and continue to get more confident at human characters. May ask for suggestions as the days go on, but I think I've got plenty to work on now.

Drawing: All these sketches today

Writing: Hmm, dunno now...
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17 September 2010 @ 08:41 pm
KH parent fic ahoy!  
Tomorrow I am planning to head over to Disneyland and do me some drawing/people-watching. It's been awhile, and need to be drawing more, so an excuse to go and draw at D-Land is always a good. So if you don't see me around, that is why!

In the meanwhile...I have at last finished the fic I was working on! It is a one-shot sequel to Islands Like Glass Towers, so it's about Sora's (and Riku's) parents again. This time, taking place during the CoM/Days timeframe...expect angst. 8<

Title: The Locked Room
Rating: Safe for childrens
Disclaimer: I do not own KH, natch.

The Locked Room )

Drawing: Still working on the covers

Writing: Finished this!
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07 September 2010 @ 09:12 am
Yesterday at Disneyland with [ profile] yamikonumber7, [ profile] amorsinseramada and Kristin was much fun! Traffic was good both ways, it wasn't too bad crowd-wise considering it was Labor Daybor, and we got in a bunch of rides, including Splash Mountain, which I haven't done in a long time and I got friggin' soaked on. XD Also, somehow we got started on a game of "Marry, Screw, Kill" that seriously continued on and off for half of the day and got into some very weird territory. It was friggin' hilarious. Ended the visit with Fantasmic and the new fireworks show, despite the fact that Maleficent Dragon was still broken. Poor giant animatronic dragon.


In half an hour I am driving down to the Gamestop to get my copy and probably the guide, too. 8D Checking my 2-gig memory card, I should have enough space to install the game and hopefully cut down on loading times.

And yes I will be doing running commentary. 8D So expect pretty much nothing but BBS playthrough for the rest of this week, like lots of other people are doing. ALSO, be warned: I'll probably be swearing a bunch in playthroughs, because it seems the only two times in life I really get a foul mouth are when I'm driving or playing video games. And I'm tackling BBS on Proud mode, so yeah. 8D;

And of course, there's two new Lunargyros pages up today! (I will never forget updates!)


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05 September 2010 @ 08:53 pm
*stares intently at the clock*  
Yesterday I went and got my hairs cut, and it is nice to have them short again! Also went to visit all the cool dudes at Fandom House, and we got delicious frozen yogurt and watched fun movies. Also, I got to play with their doggie, who is soooo cute! And teeny! I'm not used to playing with such a small dog. XD But she was still a total sweetie.

Tomorrow is Disneyland with more awesome dudes, which will probably be crowded on Labor Daybor, but oh well it's still good.

Otherwise my brain has just kind of turned to mush just waiting for it to be Tuesday, because it seriously needs to be Tuesday yesterday. Holy crap, BBS is so close and yet still feels AGES AWAY WHAT IS THIS.

Drawing: Slowly making more headway on the covers; have the feeling much more is coming up...

Writing: Should work on the fic...

Days until BBS release: 2! LESS THAN THAT EVEN, AAAAH
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14 July 2010 @ 04:31 pm
And now the busy-awesome begins  
Hey dudes, just an FYI, you are unlikely to see me around the internets (especially AIM) for the next two weeks or so! Awesome folk [ profile] purapea and [ profile] ggmoonycrisco are coming over, so we'll be romping about California and Disneyland and other fun things in the next few days! And then next week is Comic Con (AAAAAAAA) so we'll be away at that and I don't have computery things there.

Also I will be 26 in three days I am so old and wrinkly aaaaaaaaaaaaa

I really must be, because I feel like I've been fwapped with the tired stick. Pretty sure I'm getting enough sleep, so it's not about that. Maybe it's the sudden heat...the July gloom FINALLY burned off yesterday, so now it's getting to be really hot. Here's hoping traffic and crowds are kind on Saturday!

Drawing: Some more LG

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