31 January 2008 @ 01:50 pm
My brain is going nuts today...  
...So I'll try and get it all out properly!

ANY DUDES WHO WANTED TO TRY THAT WDW TRIP (I think this is Shi, Yume, possibly Abla or Tafkae) : We need to arrange a time either today or tomorrow to settle on when exactly we want to make the trip, and to actually buy our tickets and to make hotel reservations. It's been put off too long, and if we wait much longer, it'll be too expensive to the point where we can't manage it. Especially if the cheaper hotels fill out! So please, comment with a time you can be on AIM either today or tomorrow! I should be on AIM nearly all day (until midnight or so) both today and tomorrow. Let's get it worked out; it'd be fun!

Man, school's been running me ragged. I spent about five-six hours on Tuesday working on my sculpture. It's been years and years since I've sculpted, so WOW, it was an interesting experience! It was simultaneously engrossing and exhausting, and I'm still sore in a few places...just from putting on clay! (Mostly, my thumbs, as there was lots of clay-rubbing and grabbing of chunks that were extremely hot.) Hopefully I did everything right. o_o

For other sculpture stuff, I did Terra as another practice head for ZBrush. Posted it to [ profile] khxart here.

And here's some more progress on the Balrog )

I got tagged by [ profile] cup_ramen_chaos, wuh oh! So, have a meme:

A. List seven habits/quirks/facts about yourself.
B. Tag seven people to do the same.
C. Do not tag the person who tagged you or say that you tag "whoever wants to do it."
Man, that's kinda cheating! I don't which of these I have or haven't meme'd before...


Dunno if anyone will do it, but...I tag [ profile] ayn504, [ profile] corrielle, [ profile] lazzchan, [ profile] odd_on_purpose, [ profile] tegurunrampant, [ profile] voodoobob and [ profile] yuukihikari.

Also, I'm doing this meme, since it sounds interesting and I'll have a camera around me today/tomorrow:

Comment with anything in my life/house/whathaveyou that you'd like me to take a photo of, and I'll post it in my next entry for you to see! (Obviously pictures of stuff that I can do...please don't ask for a picture of my bank account number and PIN or anything like that. XD;)

Man, I'm certain there's something I'm forgetting, but...meh.

Drawing: Gonna do more LG, then some giftarts.

Writing: Scripts.
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06 November 2007 @ 09:31 am
Three unrelated things  
New Lunargyros page is up right now. I'm ahead for the next page, woot!

To fellow KHFFR mods for WDW next year (and anyone else who was interested in going...)

Finally checking my school calendar for next year, and I think the best time for me to take the time off would be the week of the 15th through the 21st of June. It'd be a week after any make-up classes I might have to do for that term, but gives me a buffer week in case classes pull a surprise early start on me like they did last year.

So maybe we can set fly-out dates for Monday, the 16th, stay three or four days, and then fly back on either Friday the 20th or Saturday the 21st, so that we don't worry too much about weekend crowds? If this is okay for you dudes, please let me know! Then maybe we can get to looking at which hotel we want and getting airline tickets. :D It will be excitingtimes!

Kinematics was canceled yesterday, but that means we'll have to make it up, probably during Thanksgiving break. :P Bleh. I've been feeling this strange kind of blehh feeling my brain has a ton of great ideas it really wants to work on, but my body doesn't feel like working on any of them, and so my brain is getting pissed off at my body. Maybe part of it's coupled with the season: I'm in a Christmas mood, but it's still too dreary and cold without being cheerful enough to actually let myself feel Christmas-y. Maybe I'm just subconsciously worried about being faced with the fact that people (and pets) in my family are, well...getting old. Maybe I need to stop worrying about getting something done every second of the day and dust off the DDR pad for some exercise. :/

Drawing: What next? I have so much I either need or want to do...

Writing: Same stuff
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