09 January 2011 @ 05:40 pm
First anime con in ages  
Went with [ profile] yamikonumber7 and [ profile] ghettopeach to Anime LA yesterday, since Kia was showcasing her BBS AMV in the contest and asked if we could come along. I haven't been to an anime con in years (partially due to the fact that I haven't watched any anime in years), so I wasn't sure how it'd go.

However, I ended up having a lot of fun! :D Lot of great costumes from the cosplayers and art in the Artist's Alley. I had Kel and Kia take pictures for me since I am camera-less, but they need to upload them. XD I got to meet [ profile] rasenth at her table and bought two prints and a Ven keychain from her, wee! I also caved in and bought the set of the latest KH2 formation arts from the dealer's hall...the ones that include Roxas, King Mickey, Final Form!Sora and Riku on the glider. They're sooooo shiny.

We sat in and watched some anime, in particular the first two eps of Silent Mobius. OOOOMG, I got on such a serious nostalgia trip. ;_; I'm kinda tempted to rewatch the series. We also went to the AMV contest, where Kia won some awards for her video, wooo! :D *pompoms* We got dinner out, and then later we got to meet up with [ profile] sharamordinae, who I don't get to see often enough. We just hung out and talked and took pics of all the great cosplayers, and it was much fun. I will say that even though I'm not much for anime cons anymore, I do like the atmosphere of's small enough that it doesn't feel so overwhelming, and overall it's pretty laid-back and chill with good organization on the part of the staff. So yeah, I am glad that I went!

And now, I've got bunches of stuff I want or need to start in on this next studies, commishes and more. I really have no clue how the rest of this month is gonna go, so we'll just take it day by day. @_@

Drawing: FINISHED all that LG surplus!

Writing: A few things I want to work on...
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29 January 2007 @ 04:16 pm
This is the coooon report (kinda)  
Bweee, this past weekend was crazy! But a good kind of crazy. I just may be too tired at the moment to give a super-detailed review. XP

Friday after a waaay too long day at work, I decided to speed on over to the con to drop off some stuff [ profile] corrielle and [ profile] gaelic_bohemian needed for the rum party you losers! Didn't really do much at the rum party, but I wandered around and got used to where things were in the con, and sat in on the AMV contest, which we only stayed for partially. The KH ones were quite decent, though. :3 [ profile] yamikonumber7 and her friend Andi were staying at our place, so I drove them around places. XD

Saturday! Coasted in and out of the gaming room several times, where I got to DDR a bunch to songs I've wanted to do forever. :D Fweehee! Also did some SSBM, although I didn't enter the tournament. I went to the panel with [ profile] svetlania and [ profile] deedupuy! It was awesometastic and got my copies of Dramacon and Mangaka America signed. :D They are most excellent books and you should buy them for the good of the childrens. (And dude, I had no idea [ profile] deedupuy could DDR like that!)

Said hi to [ profile] pinkchan in the artist's concourse which supposedly sounds cooler than artist's alley? who was rawkin' commissions. I think I'm actually going to try and get a table there next year, since UNLIKE AX NOW the tables are cheap and business still seems pretty good. I'll ONLY HAVE TO RIVAL ABOUT FIVE OTHER TABLES FOR KH STUFF EL OH EL.

No seriously, there was a huuuge KH contingent of General Stuff there, which isn't surprising. I was able to enjoy all the awesome cosplayers, even if a bunch of them were going ga-ga over AkuRoku at every available opportunity and glomping on [ profile] yamikonumber7's Axel unasked. -_- We got many swanky pictures that I need to steal from other people since I don't actually have a working camera.

Lion!Sora was recognized by many! XD He got lots of hugs from fans and a few pictures. This big black dude helping run the gaming room actually squeed like a little girl at seeing lion!Sora. XDD

Also, I hit the dealer's hall (after standing in line forever) and got much stuff! HOLY CRAP SO MUCH KH MERCHANDIIIISE. O_O I bought six little KH keychains STFU, my current keychains are ugly and boring as hell and need to be replaced!, the Kairi play arts figure since I was planning on getting it anyway (just need Roxas and normal!Sora now...) and [ profile] corrielle found a KH wallscroll for me! ♥ It now hangs on our wall. XD Except they cut out the pictures of Donald and Goofy and replaced them with duplicates of Riku and Kairi, I guess 'cause it was bootleg and they didn't want to deal with Disney copyright. Even though Sora and co. is Disney too, apparently that DOESN'T COUNT. Cry. But I also bought some new inking pens that I really needed, go me! Considered getting one of the KH UFO plushies, but I heard they weren't of the best quality. :P They can wait. We ran around and went crazy before coming back a little early, where [ profile] estelofimladris, [ profile] scifichicx and other Torchwood junkies crashed the house and there was Doctor Who/Torchwood geekery by all. I had to hit the hay early, though, 'cause I was so exhausted.

Went again on Sunday! I didn't do as much, but we did hang out in the gaming room again, take more cosplay pictures and steal food from the Loscon Room. XD We had to leave early to take Andi back to LAX; thankfully the traffic cooperated. Afterwards, it was just a general internet catch-up with sending off inked pages, getting a portfolio together again, and I finished a sporking with [ profile] tegurunrampant.

PHEW! So the con was a bunch of fun, and I'll definitely try and go back next year, even if it will be in Burbank and therefore a bit of a longer drive. :P Even though there's less to do at smaller cons, they're not as stressful.

Although I think I slept wrong on Saturday night, because my back and shoulders are in an extreme amount of pain. DX All this stress dumped on me at work today since they just had their convention thing isn't helping. I need to down a gallon of orange juice or something so that I don't become sick.

Drawing: Need to go on a toning spree tonight...

Writing: Finished a sporking! XD
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25 January 2007 @ 05:40 pm
New Lunargyros page this past Tuesday; which you can see here.

Ugh. I can't get Friday off, so no convention for me that day. Curses. I'm not even certain I can go to the rum party. :( I'll have to see how I'm feeling after an 8-hour day, plus I really want to have my energy for Saturday.

But I will be there Saturday and Sunday. I'll have my Supreme Kickass Organization shirt, and my lion!Sora plushie since that's the closest thing I have to cosplay, STFU. and will probably be pimping Lunargyros.

Who all on my f-list is coming? Give me a shout-out so I know to find you!

Drawing: I finished inking the two Lunargyros pages that needed revision at work, and no one seemed to complain. I am taking this to mean that I can bring more comics to work on at work. At the very least, I can draw on Lunargyros (since the KH doujin sometimes requires me breaking out my massive KH2 guide for refs). MWAAAAAH, now maybe I can get something done here!

Writing: Nuttin'.
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16 January 2007 @ 10:14 am
Just a few things  
A new Lunargyros page? Y SHOR!

I am so totally going to Anime LA next weekend! I am also completely unprepared! :Db It's not like I have a table or anything. I was thinking of maybe printing off postcards or something to pimp Lunargyros...but where would I hand them out? And to who? When will I draw and print these dang things? I have to get the friggin' car fixed again this weekend! And then I have to keep up with new and revised pages for both my weekly comics and finish those gift arts! But I'd rather just play FFXII! SJKDAJKLDAAL

...In any case, I want to molest tons of people I know at ALA since I don't have any real plans. Except to hunt down Svet and get her to sign my copies of Dramacon. So look for me!

Also, I won't be online tonight, as tonight I start my life drawing class. Wee!

Drawing: On Sunday I finished toning another doujin page, a sketch commission, four more panels of revisions (although I have to do them AGAIN) and got up to flats done for a gift art. Guuuh!

Writing: I-I wrote a drabble that made people cry! o_o
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