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LynxGriffin ([personal profile] lynxgriffin) wrote on December 25th, 2010 at 11:15 am
Just wanted to wish a huge ~*~ MERRY CHRISTMAS ~*~ to all who celebrate it! And if you don't, amazing-happy holidays to you as well! I hope everyone has a wonderful day and rest of the year...I really wish all of you the absolute best. Stay warm and safe, and have fun!

I wish I had a Christmas drawing to share, but I was awful lazy this year and didn't do one. ><; HOWEVER, REINDEER STORY WILL PROBABLY CONTINUE AFTER THE HOLIDAYS, SO I DUNNO IF THAT COUNTS?!

Umm, I have a specific giftart instead...already posted this to dA, but I may as well post it here, too. Christmas giftart to [ profile] rebmakash:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

She asked for a picture of Riku discovering his light half to its fullest, the way that him taking on the Rikunort look is him using his darkness to its fullest.

I'll admit I had a really difficult time figuring out what to do for this, since we're always so used to focusing on Riku's darkness that it's hard to remember his light side. After batting around a bunch of ideas, eventually decided on something a little more quiet and subtle. (Also, still trying to figure out a way of using both PS and Painter that works for me...)

I'm going to be heading off with my bro and the dog to visit our grandma today and tomorrow, so I won't be back until tomorrow night or so. Take care 'til then!
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