29 August 2008 @ 09:46 am
Down to Earth  
I had totally forgotten about it until, uh, I walked outside and saw all the people outside, but we had another Pixar event at school yesterday! /o/ David Munier, who was the set director for WALL-E, came and gave a presentation about building and dressing the sets for the movie, and asdkjsdksja I could barely wrap my head around it. o_o I have no clue how these artists and TDs are smart enough to do this, but they somehow manage to write displacement shaders that a) simulate tons of small collected trash, b) add in larger bits of poking-out trash, c) compact the trash down so that it looks worn, d) add age to the trash so that it looks like it's been there for hundreds of years, e) blend the trash into normal dirt, and f) randomize the effect so that it looks natural and not like a texture. And that's just the work that goes into ONE GROUND SHADER. And in his presentation, he managed to make it funny, too. XD

He talked about the trash-covered earth for awhile before moving to showing the scale and layers that went into creating the Axiom. Aside from the exterior (which they color-coded multiple times to demonstrate age, shininess, etc.) they also showed how they had to create dozens and dozens of animated moving billboards for the interior of the ship, and then animate THOSE so that they looked like they were holographs that had been running for hundreds of years. Perhaps most amusing was when they decided to integrate Massive for all the crowd scenes inside the Axion (Massive being the software they use for AI crowd control; think Happy Feet and the armies of LOTR), only to have the director go "Let's have all of the hoverchairs and robots move about the ship on FLOOR LINES!" Which is...exactly what Massive is NOT meant to do. XD;

Every time they do these presentations, even though it's often the technical supervisors talking tons of CG jargon, I'm always amazed at the time and effort they put into all the little details of the movie in order to tell the story best. None of the people there, from artists to TDs to effects people, really don't skimp on any part of their job...and the sad thing is, because they're doing their job so well you never even notice it! And David seemed really excited talking all this techie jargon on how they problem-solved these ridiculous sets. Work flies when you're having fun. :O

And it just made me wanna see Wall-E again. EEEEEE-VAH!

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27 June 2008 @ 12:15 pm



I am still so tired since I didn't get home until 3:00 in the morning after the midnight showing and now I'm up early again for school, BUT IT WAS WORTH IT. I could gush for awhile about the movie, but just go see it! Such a great testament to what you can actually do with animation, and what you can do when you don't bother trying to find this magic movie formula and just TELL the STORY. Wall-E was such a lovable, endearing character, and it was great seeing EVE grow as a character throughout the movie. Uh, I won't spoil anything, but yeah I never would've imagined that there could be a worse fate for a robot than getting crunched up or destroyed, and then I was proved wrong and it totally got you right in the heart. (No, it doesn't end on that "worst fate.") Just NNNNNNGH, such love!

Also, if nothing else it's worth going to go see "Presto" before the start of the movie. The entire audience was rolling in the aisles with laughter.

Maybe I'll write something more detailed after seeing it again. I certainly wouldn't be adverse to seeing it again! *hinthintwinkwink*

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