16 December 2007 @ 10:38 am
To [ profile] ghettopeach, [ profile] caedhe and [ profile] chobit001: I wrote up that letter to the amazing TRANSFREIGHT! I found their website online, so I can mail them the letter anytime. However, I know I'm missing some of the great words that we came up with from that word game, so could you remind me what some of the really awesome ones were? The letter is here:


Also, related to that: the birthday party for [ profile] hystericblue42 was awesomefun! We ate at the King's Head pub in Santa Monica, and got the whole party room to ourselves 'cause there were so many guests. I ordered the fish and chips because they supposedly had the best fish and chips in Someplace. And I suppose they were...okay. The fish looked like it was deep fat-fried, dipped in lard, then fried once again in pure animal fat and then sprinkled with MSG. It was wrapped in a fatsponge. D: Needless to say, I didn't really eat all of it. But the chips were good, and the Mrs. Fields cookie cake was made of delicious awesome! And of course, the company was lots of fun. A good time had by all! :D

Completely unrelated: my brother brought his Wii over again, and I've been playing Twilight Princess. :3 I suck hardcore at using the wiimote, but the graphics are so pretty and it's fun so I try anyway.

And Disneyland tomorrow! Woohoo!

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