07 March 2009 @ 02:39 pm
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Took awhile for me to get to this, didn't I? But OF COURSE, there's a new Lunargyros page up. Very close to the end of this chapter!

Yeah, I guess that other job thing isn't gonna work out after all, not being able to take the test. -_- However, ironically enough, heading out to school for that futile attempt at doing opened up another potential job opportunity. Go figure!

Something finished recently:

Big open skies )

I've gotten the completionist bug again for TWEWY, and I've been trying to beat "Another Day" and get the last secret report I need. Except now I am totally stuck on Pork City, trying to bet all the Pig Noise. FFFFFF STUPID PIG NOISE. I swear, I'm wearing 3/4ths of Sho's getup and I STILL can't kill this pig fast enough! DX

Man, it's a gorgeous day outside. Makes me wish I was goin' to the beach instead of going to work. :P I hope that it continues into tomorrow!

Drawing: I've started on what I'm hoping is my last storyboard for the portfolio. Will still need the obvious edits, but I'm approaching it from a different position and I'm happier with the start of it. Hooray learning?!

Writing: Sporkings!
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30 November 2008 @ 09:26 am
Some Saturdays are like that  
Sorry I wasn't in chat yesterday; I was in a pretty foul mood most of the evening and decided to just work on stuff instead.

...And judging from flist, I wasn't the only one. o_o Sheesh, is there something in the internet water?

Anyways, my Thanksgiving was quite fine! Dinner was good; the turkey was actually really good this year (apparently this was because it was a little undercooked, but usually it'd reeeeally dry) and I managed to survive any small politics discussions and photo-album-scouring. The day after, my grandma asked me (and mom) to come with her to this little sweets shop where she and her girlfriends get together and talk so that I could sketch them. That was...leeeeettle awkward especially passing around my sketchbook between sweet old ladies geez I'm glad that particular book didn't have anything "questionable" in there but the sweets shop was actually awesome since they had all this vintage candy and toys. Plus, really good hot chocolate, mmmm. Afterwards, I took grandma to go see 'Bolt' again with me, and she enjoyed it! I really need to go see it in 3D soon and see just how this 3D technology's working. Just not sure if it's worth the ticket price yet.

And yesterday was...ugh. I was supposed to go to the Getty Museum as part of one of my makeup classes. I thought we were supposed to be there at 1:00, so at around 10:45 I start writing down directions, figuring I have plenty of time.

Me: Hello?
Teacher: Are you still coming to the museum? We were supposed to meet here at 10:00.
Me: .......8(

So I grab my stuff and rush out the door for the Getty. The only problem is, Google Maps is a FILTHY, FILTHY LIAR, and instead of leading me to the Getty, led me to a frecking dead end in the middle of RichPeoplesHousesOnAHillville. I called home for directions again, only to get another dead end. Finally I managed to go the long way around and get there again, only to discover there was no parking and I had to park some five miles away and take a shuttle. So what should have been about a 40-minute drive to the museum instead took something like two hours. I'll be sticking with Mapquest from now on, no thanks Google.

So that pissed me off most of the day. The museum itself was really nice, I need to go back sometime with someone and look more when I'm feeling less stressed. Confusing to get around, but the gardens are really pretty and the view is great especially on a non-smoggy day. I spent a bunch of time in the sections for illustrated manuscripts because for some reason they were a lot of fun to read about, and the exhibit of 19th century Southern California was great, too. I manged to get in a few sketches of ideas for my final project; better get started on that today.


Kia, when is your flight back again? Depending on when it is, I may or may not be able to pick you up, or if I CAN do so, you might have to tag along to my school with me, and I dunno if you want that or not. XD;

Drawing: Need to do homeworks...

Writing: Cards.
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25 November 2008 @ 11:03 am
Of course I try to post this RIGHT as LJ goes down. Great.  
New Lunargyros page today! Gotta go work on upcoming pages in a smidge.

So yesterday I had my interview at DeepBlue Worlds, a small startup company working on an online MMO for younger kids. I think it went well! :O Most of it was spent taking a Photoshop and Flash test; I think I spent more time on the tests than was necessarily needed, but I wanted to not just prove I could use the programs, but actually do a good job on the tests.

If I get it, it looks like it'd be a bunch of research and artwork cleanup, along with other things. But the project looks like something I'd have fun working on. The head guy there said they thought my art style meshed well with the character designer's style, so that's a good sign! I'll find out next week if I got the internship and how hours would work. *hopes and crosses fingers!*

In TWEWY news, I am now on day five of Beat's week. I FOUND THE ELEPHANT NOISE. NOOOOOT COOL. D8 And I ALSO found a boss Noise that totally whooped my ass and now I'm determined to beat it, uh oh. D: Does anyone have a good strategy for the elephant Noise, or that boss dragon Noise?

Going this afternoon to drop [ profile] yamikonumber7 off at LAX. I'll probably be gone most of the afternoon and some evening because 405 traffic is a pain, and I'd rather go sit at the Howard Hughes Center and sketch than sit on the 405.

Drawing: LG pages and sketches, mostly.

Writing: RP.
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