25 November 2011 @ 11:52 pm
Lazing about on Black Friday  
Hope that all of my American friends had a really great Thanksgiving! Mine was pretty good, even though I think some of my family were going through really tough times. The food was all delicious; I contributed to that where I could, although I'm not much of a cook.

Went and saw 'The Muppets' tonight with parents, and laughed soooo much and teared up at a few parts, too. Definitely a movie worth seeing, no matter your age! There are also a few parts where I really wondered how they did the puppetry; it was really convincing.

Aaaand it looks like we'll be keeping the dog, who we're calling Sophie! She's still getting used to the house, but she really likes mom and me, and she likes being up in my room when I'm working up here. She's seriously just a big puppy who loves belly rubs and also loves to be around people, even though she has a really loud bark. It's nice to have a dog again, despite the shenanigans they get into...will have to comic one that happened recently. |D

Here's some more KH2 LP with Kia, plus All Hearts and waking-up drawings:

All Hearts - Pooh, Piglet, Tigger and Eeyore )

Under-covers drawings 234-240 )

Drawing: Finished a section of commission stuff, also doing All Hearts and coloring cards...

Writing: Tags here and there
01 December 2010 @ 08:18 pm
Start working, LJ!  
HEY DUDES, I'M BACK AROUND THE INTERNETS NOW. It's been a pretty busy week since Thanksgiving, but also lots of fun.

First off: hello to any new dudes from the KH friending meme! I don't usually do those sorts of things, but hey, It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time. Expect mostly art dumps and chatting on about nothing in particular from me.

Thanksgiving itself went better than I expected, just because it was with people I don't see hardly at all. Friday in the afternoon I went and saw Harry Potter with my parents, and it was pretty dang epic. I enjoyed the movie...I dunno if I did as much as HBP, but quite a lot. I kind of loved how they did the tale of the three brothers, with that stylistic animation. That was probably my favorite part of the whole movie. Now just need part two to get here...

Then on Friday, [ profile] teg_plays_games came over for a week-long visit, and we did many geeky and California things! I finally saw all of the first season of of course sometime I have to sit down and watch the other two seasons, too. 8D I did enjoy the show a bunch; I was impressed by so much in it. We also did a bunch of gameage, mostly Okami, BBS and Dissidia. It's really nice to be able to use the multiplayer options in both of those, and mirage arena-ing and Dissidia battles were both much fun, even if I frequently lost the latter. Ah well, I got to level some villains, since I haven't picked up that game in ages. And Teg got to laugh at the fact that sometimes rumble racing with Terra is REALLY REALLY FRUSTRATING.

On Monday we headed with [ profile] yamikonumber7 out to D-Land! It ended up being a pretty good day to go, since it was the Monday after the break and a pretty cold day. (More of that cold was felt at night, though.) So there was practically nobody there...plenty of space to run around and the lines were all very short. We got to do pretty much everything we wanted, including a bunch of the darkrides and the teacups, which I haven't done in ages. We finished it off with the Christmas fireworks show + Disneyland "snow." The park closed early (probably because of weekday and winter times), but we got dinner at House of Blues and it was quite good.

Tuesday we did a few more geeky things and then headed to Hollywood for a showing of 'Tangled' at the El Capitan! Of course there was a little walking around the walk of the stars area before hand, too. We had totally awesome seats for the movie, and they did a stage show beforehand that I actually hadn't seen before. (Best part of that was obviously the 'I'll Make A Man Out Of You' segment.) Tangled was just as good the second time; the songs actually felt a little better to me the second time around. I do love El Capitan, and I'm debating shelling out for a ticket there for the premiere of Tron: Legacy... After the movie we got delicious ice cream at the Disney Soda Fountain, and I also gave Teg a superquick tour of Gnomon.

Aaaand today was even more geekery, Malibu Seafood and showing Teg some studios in Burbank before finally having to take her back to the train station. But it was indeed a fun week!

Oof...except now I should really get back to work, and I've been hit with the tired stick, too. @_@ I'm going to try and be as productive as I can in the next two weeks on the stuff I have to get done, partially to match what friends (and particularly my mom) are having to do right now, and partially because I want to get some of the freelance stuff out of the way so that I can focus on stuff like that Okami board or getting down more of that reindeer story...kinda fell behind on that. >>

Finally, there's a new Lunargyros page from yesterday.

IT IS NOW MY INTENTION TO DO...SOMETHING. *just sort of falls over*

Drawing: Need to catch up on 10HAD, LG, and a thousand other things

Writing: Want to work on that fic and reindeer stuff...
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24 November 2010 @ 11:05 pm
Bad day for turkeys tomorrow  
The heater in our house is broken, so we need to buy a new one. In the meanwhile, it is surprisingly cold for California in November, so I am going BRRRRRR over here and trying to wrap myself in blankets. 8< (Yes I know it's not true cold like some friends in Canada or the east coast or the midwest have, but I'm a wimpy Californian so I'm allowed to complain!)

...And I still prefer this to that extreme heat wave in September/October.

Have a few sketchy things from me:

Another BBS cast style )

Big Furball )

And finally, there's a new Lunargyros page! You can read it here.

To all my American dudes: HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Relax and eat delicious food! And go shopping on Friday if you want! I am not going to because I don't like shopping already and crazy crowds just make me like it less and I already got most of my shopping done! Exclamation points!

Drawing: LG, 10HAD, lots of various boarding things

Writing: Cards
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27 November 2009 @ 11:40 pm
Back by popular demand...  
HAPPY THANKSGIVING, EVERYONE! I hope all dudes had delicious food and hopefully a not-too-stressful Black Friday. My Thanksgiving was pretty dang good, we got some delicious foods and a bit of chatter with family. Mom and dad stayed later while us kids came home to take care of the doggie.

Dudes said I should do another running commentary while playing Okami, like I did for Days. XD; Aaand I gave in! Even if it is starting late.

Okami commentary start! )

BTW: Does anyone know where you can get the Okami soundtrack?

Drawing: Finished up a drawing/paiting today!

Writing: Caaaards
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30 November 2008 @ 09:26 am
Some Saturdays are like that  
Sorry I wasn't in chat yesterday; I was in a pretty foul mood most of the evening and decided to just work on stuff instead.

...And judging from flist, I wasn't the only one. o_o Sheesh, is there something in the internet water?

Anyways, my Thanksgiving was quite fine! Dinner was good; the turkey was actually really good this year (apparently this was because it was a little undercooked, but usually it'd reeeeally dry) and I managed to survive any small politics discussions and photo-album-scouring. The day after, my grandma asked me (and mom) to come with her to this little sweets shop where she and her girlfriends get together and talk so that I could sketch them. That was...leeeeettle awkward especially passing around my sketchbook between sweet old ladies geez I'm glad that particular book didn't have anything "questionable" in there but the sweets shop was actually awesome since they had all this vintage candy and toys. Plus, really good hot chocolate, mmmm. Afterwards, I took grandma to go see 'Bolt' again with me, and she enjoyed it! I really need to go see it in 3D soon and see just how this 3D technology's working. Just not sure if it's worth the ticket price yet.

And yesterday was...ugh. I was supposed to go to the Getty Museum as part of one of my makeup classes. I thought we were supposed to be there at 1:00, so at around 10:45 I start writing down directions, figuring I have plenty of time.

Me: Hello?
Teacher: Are you still coming to the museum? We were supposed to meet here at 10:00.
Me: .......8(

So I grab my stuff and rush out the door for the Getty. The only problem is, Google Maps is a FILTHY, FILTHY LIAR, and instead of leading me to the Getty, led me to a frecking dead end in the middle of RichPeoplesHousesOnAHillville. I called home for directions again, only to get another dead end. Finally I managed to go the long way around and get there again, only to discover there was no parking and I had to park some five miles away and take a shuttle. So what should have been about a 40-minute drive to the museum instead took something like two hours. I'll be sticking with Mapquest from now on, no thanks Google.

So that pissed me off most of the day. The museum itself was really nice, I need to go back sometime with someone and look more when I'm feeling less stressed. Confusing to get around, but the gardens are really pretty and the view is great especially on a non-smoggy day. I spent a bunch of time in the sections for illustrated manuscripts because for some reason they were a lot of fun to read about, and the exhibit of 19th century Southern California was great, too. I manged to get in a few sketches of ideas for my final project; better get started on that today.


Kia, when is your flight back again? Depending on when it is, I may or may not be able to pick you up, or if I CAN do so, you might have to tag along to my school with me, and I dunno if you want that or not. XD;

Drawing: Need to do homeworks...

Writing: Cards.
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26 November 2008 @ 12:44 pm
List with a twist...of list  
It's that time of year again, isn't it? :O It's Christmas wish list posting time!

I'm not really expecting anything from anyone, since I know this is both a tough holiday season for the wallet and for peoples' time. I think my mom mentioned a much smaller present pile this year, and putting money towards buying a family a cow, goat or llama from that program instead. I'm down with llamas.

As for others, about all I can offer up is arts or small things myself, but I'll try my best! So, all that said, my Christmas wish list of wishy-ness:

Under the cut )

I'll be gone tomorrow and most of Friday for Thanksgiving with the family. Don't think it's long enough to need to call hiatus from DC, but I won't have internets there. Probably will be back around Friday seems our Thanksgiving trips to see mom's side of the family keep getting shorter and shorter.

Hope everyone has a great and delicious Thanksgiving! :D

Drawing: Should really finish some Christmas card stuff before I get on IM. @_@

Writing: Sudden DC epic from nowhere?!!
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23 November 2007 @ 11:14 pm
Let's sing a happy little working song!  
Since so many people posted so in journals, I say back to you: HAPPY THANKSGIVING! I hope your days were all relaxing and fun! :D

Aaaand we're back from Thanksgiving with the family! We went up to my grandparents' new house, which was closer to the church, in a nicer neighborhood, and quite a bit bigger. Also, two bathrooms instead of one FTW. It was a little weird since I'm so used to visiting them in their old house, but I am glad they got this new one.

Dinner was the usual of turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, salad and fruit salad, green bean caserole, etc. Plus pie and ice cream for dessert! Yummmmm. Also, this was the first year in which there was actually room enough for all the "kids" to sit at the adult table, lawl. (Our youngest "kid" is in high school now, so...yeah.) I'm still very thankful that I get along with my extended family pretty well; I've never gotten into a nasty conversation with them during get-togethers. Then again, we don't talk politics too much, and if anyone does it's usually in such a tone that no one can take anything seriously. :P

Otherwise, I pretty much spent the time drawing/inking, and playing "Settlers of Catan" with my siblings/cousins about twenty times over. And I only won once. D: Fail. If you've never played it and like board games, pick it up: it's addicting, and the design of it is such that the board is radically different every game.

Also today, I suggested to the family that we go see Enchanted, and they all agreed, even one of my guy cousins! Go me! What's more: everyone really enjoyed it, even the high-school-guys that went with me. XD

My short thoughts:
It was very cute and entertaining! I was laughing out loud through good chunks of it, awwwing at other parts, and the animation fan in me went all happy at the lovely return to 2D. I'd definitely recommend people go see it in theaters, it's worth the money, if for nothing else than the musical number involving hundreds of people just hanging around in Central Park. XD

My much longer thoughts:
Some spoilers, but also digging into some deeper issues I've had with the Disney animation franchise in general. )

If you don't want to deal with all that TL;DR, here's just one more thought having to do with animation and innovation:
I'm really glad we went to see Enchanted instead of Beowulf.


Drawing: So many comic things! TLS comics done, YAY!

Writing: Notes and scripts.
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