30 May 2008 @ 09:32 am
Trains of thought  
I saw a coyote crossing the road on the drive home yesterday! :O Surprisingly enough, I've never seen any coyotes in all my time living here, although I knew there were a bunch around. It was dark and at first I thought it was a fawn since I see deer around all the time, but was confused that a fawn would be wandering around without mommy and daddy deer nearby. But nope, it was a coyote! Oooooooohs.

Ryune and Teg? Sorry, but I don't think I'll be able to spork this Saturday night after all. D: Since we've missed two digital painting classes, we're making up one of them this Saturday night, so I'm staying late at school. Sunday evening's good for me, though.

I need to make some new business cards, especially for Comic Con in July. I want to make them interesting and not-generic, though. I was thinking of putting the orange juice comic on the back of them. Do dudes think that this would be a good thing to put on them? Just trying to think of something a little silly and memorable, since ultimately I guess the point of business cards is to help people remember you. o_o (The comic might be too big for a business card, though...)

Also, I don't have too many thoughts on the new "contracts" that Tokyopop has started issuing for their manga pilot program, except that...well, I'm fairly glad now that the book deal I was looking into didn't go anywhere, and that I went back to school instead. D: Because seriously, WTF, TP. You looked so appealing when I was first doing RSOM, and I'm GLAD that I entered the contest four times, but now you go and treat your creators like this! Not at alllllllll cool.

And HAPPY BIRTHDAY (tomorrow), [ profile] bewilde!

Drawing: Mostly homework and assignments at the moment.

Writing: Sporks and threads.
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21 June 2007 @ 10:25 am
Crap, I have no good title.  
There's a new Lunargyros page that was posted this past Tuesday, and it's here!

Also, because of trollishness and lack of moddishness in [ profile] kingdom_spork, Tegu and I spent most of Monday moving our sporkings to a new personal sporking journal! Dunno if anyone here reads those or no, but on the offchance you do, feel free to friend [ profile] snakesonasora. We'll be updating there from now on. :3

I got my hair cut yesterday! Chopped off a whole six inches, and YAY, it feels like my head can BREATHE again! Short hair is so much easier to take care of, and really preferable in the summer, anyway. I had to drive all the way out to the Oaks mall because the place closer to my house seemed to be closed, and that was the only other place I knew of that had a hair salon. And then I had to wait an hour 'cause I was a walk-in, so I just window-shopped until I went back. It was so worth the wait, because SHORT HAIR WEEE.

Holy crap, AX is in just ONE WEEK, and I am totally not prepared. I've got a bunch of stuff that I wanted to get done during this week off, so I'm gonna go back to that now...

/End boring entry!

Drawing: A plethora of stuff! Can't list it all...

Writing: I want to finish the next chapter of MWWBK by the end of this week.
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19 February 2007 @ 02:45 pm
LF Torture Update  


*keels over dead*
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19 February 2007 @ 11:31 am
LF Torture Update  
- Have just finished chapter 31. This means only ONE chapter remains to be read. Will now plunge into this final chapter with whatever sanity remains.
- Want to gouge eyes out anytime the word "safe" is said. Oh wait, eyes have already been gouged out. Convenient.
- Was completely shocked and awed to get an actual het pr0n scene in chapter 29. Didn't see that coming in the slightest.
- Nothing has happened since Xemnas got defeated. Nothing but magical healing buttsex, that is. Except that's all that's been happening anyway.
- Notes to my fellow sporkers:
1) Having almost finished this, I don't believe every single person has to finish reading it all the way through. That is to say, if you don't have the time to read all 32 chapters, then just read the chapters assigned to you specifically. It really is not all that essential to know what's happened previously, or what will happen, other than a brief overview.
2) Whenever others finish sporking a chapter, feel free to email it on to me and I'll code it. I can code pretty fast, and that's one thing I should be able to do during the boring work hours. I also totally don't mind doing it.

Further bulletins as events warrant.

In other news:
- We went to Yamatos on Saturday night for a goodbye party for Laura, since she's moving to, actually! :O So weird to have that happen so suddenly! But I hadn't been to Yamatos in awhile, and it made many yummy leftovers, so it was goooood. Laura, you shall be missed!
- I've gotten farther through FFXII! :D Defeated the Garuda without a sweat, charged through King Raithwall's tomb, defeated and got Belial (I gave him to Penelo) and then encountered the tons and tons of plot, holy craps! Although really, sticking the highly magical and dangerous nethicite into the big airship = NOT THE MOST BRILLIANT PLAN. Fran was kickass awesome. All the airships exploding was even more awesome. Losing Vossler was not so awesome. D: Nooo, he wasn't really a bad guy! Just grossly misguided!
So I'm now back in Rabanastre, trying to poke around for some good stuff to buy before I go back out questing. I want to go get Montblanc's elite marks, but I think there's rains now in the Giza plains (for the Cluckatrice) and I don't know how to get back to the Luhsu Mines (for the Rocktoise). Any ideas? I did get the Flowering Cactoid and the Wraith; both of which were cinches at the level I was at. I wanna go get more marks!

Drawing: I played FFXII since I got two and a half pages drawn and two pages toned this weekend on both comics, woot! Updates today and tomorrow! I hope I can continue to get ahead so that I can get to work on the other stuff set aside...

Writing: Worked more on the fic!
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16 February 2007 @ 11:44 am
LF Torture Update  
And now, a new update on my quest to finish this bloody mess:

- Have just finished chapter twenty-four. Eyes have bled out of skull. Am now reading with ears instead. Expect to go deaf by chapter thirty. Have soul on IV drip. Signs do not look good.
- [ profile] aphonetic, you were partially right. Xemnas rapes Namine. Wanted to punch someone through the internet at that point.
- Oh God, the Riku/Roxas sex from nowhere. Why?
- The Marluxia/Xigbar sex from the son of nowhere. Why part two?
- In the sporking, there needs to be something bad that happens every time someone says "you/he/someone makes me feel like I have a heart." Like, something really awful. What I don't know.
- This joke needs to be made at some point:
Xigbar: Congratulations, Demyx! You just got your heart back! What are you going to do next?
Demyx: *hands in the air* I'm going to DISNEY WORLD!
Axel: We ARE in Disney World!
- Calls chapter twenty-two, and wants the Doctor and Rose to be guest sporkers. Mostly because I have these lines )
that I want to make. Does anyone else besides [ profile] yamikonumber7 know Doctor Who enough to partner? (Since there's lots of sex in that chapter.) Can also be serious sporking lulz on that part since Marluxia keeps calling Vexen "my Rose."

Further bulletins as events warrant.

In other news:
Arrgh, financial aid! I got accepted for a Sallie Mae loan, but my co-borrower got denied! How does that work? XP Anyways, I'm going to ask my grandparents if they can sign instead this weekend. Uuuugh, I want this to work out... *hates money*

Drawing: Drew some yesterday; finished the prize thing!

Writing: More on fic!
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15 February 2007 @ 01:46 pm
LF Torture Update  
Update on my read-through for sporking:

- Am somewhere in the middle of chapter eighteen. Eyes are definitely bleeding now.
- Will totally claim chapter seventeen with whomever wants to partner. Nearly gnawed off own arm with the Sora!hate. Want sweet, sweet revenge; not sure who to use for a guest in that chapter.
- Am not sure how much can be done today because work is a bit busier. Am shooting for reading through 21. Want to at least get out of the teens.
- Laughing/crying arse off at Larxene being pregnant. Jokes about baby Dusks must be made.

Further bulletins as events warrant.

- I need to call and get that loan stuff settled. But I'm still waiting to hear back from Sallie Mae! Maybe I'll call tomorrow? *is feeling lazy now for some reason*
- I got some flowers today in the mail: roses and daisies! At first I wasn't sure where they came from, but then I realized my parents had sent them to me for Valentine's Day. Awwww!
Yes, I know I got them from my parents, but STFU! They're pretty and smell nice and are bright and cheerful on my desk. And it's not like I got any other gifts! Hooray for cool parents who sent me flowers! ^^ Although since they're shedding petals, I should probably move my coke from under them...
- Almost was late for work 'cause I just started flipping through the FFXII guide. SO INFORMATIVE. O_O

Drawing: Didn't get to anything yesterday, but I will tonight!

Writing: Just now worked more on the Disneyfic!
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14 February 2007 @ 10:48 pm
Holy crap. I about peed myself laughing at this, so I'm going to post it here for posterity and lulz.

Seven of us were having a chat on up-and-coming sporkings, and once we got business out of the way, the conversation turned into SHEER MADNESS. (Aya had left by then.)

The cast:
LynxGriffin = myself, [ profile] lynxgriffin
Icee Lilly = [ profile] aphonetic
NightblitzWakka = [ profile] alba_aulbath
LeSeptieme = [ profile] yamikonumber7
ImaDodecahedron = [ profile] tegurunrampant
Kingdmhearts1214 = [ profile] ligtness
EternalDragonAya = [ profile] ryuuzoku_aya (not present)

WARNING: VERY LONG chat log insanity under the cut! )

...And then at that point it kind of devloved into something else. XD BUT I DIED LAUGHING.

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14 February 2007 @ 12:16 pm
Epic sporking update:  
Concerning my horrific journey through the horrific fic of horrific length that is getting sporked:

- In the middle of chapter eleven now. Am hoping to finish through fifteen by the end of today, so that's about halfway.
- Most of brain is now mush. Have managed to keep it from leaking out of nose and ears, so far. However, eye is starting to develop twitch, particuarly any time a picture of Demyx is spotted.
- Am completely bored to tears with all the porn. And more porn. And even more, pointless, nonsensical, repetitive and OOC PORN.
- Want to kick Axel in the face every time he calls Demyx "baby."
- Want to kick most everyone in the face, really.
- Keep thinking of this particular MST3K short every time Xemnas talks about how the Organization is one big family.
- What the hell? Hollow Bastion is the slums?
- What the hell? Roxas is a neanderthal?
- At least liked the part where Demyx made some dude explode. Not that he actually could, but having someone explode was a nice break from the DRAAAAMMMAAAAAAA.
- Am currently at the part where Axel and Zexion go psychonauts on Demyx and are IN HIS MIIIIND.

Further bulletins as events warrant. Or until my brain shuts down completely.

In other news...
- New Lunargyros page on Tuesday! It's new character time!
- So I went to Pickup Stix today since I also wanted to go buy the FFXII guide. My fortune cookie said "An admirer is concealing his affections from you." And my first thought was, Wait! "His?" What if a GUY had gotten this fortune cookie?!

Drawing: Argh, I'm still behind on that prize I owe! Doing that and new pages when I get home today.
Writing: Worked some on that Disneyfic!
02 February 2007 @ 12:16 am
So basically I just wanted to save this conversation.  
For posterity! And lulz.

[ profile] tegurunrampant >D Yeah. Hard to top SOAS, even cross-fandom.
[ profile] tegurunrampant And if someone does--there's still IT.
[ profile] lynxgriffin .....IT?
[ profile] tegurunrampant IT
[ profile] lynxgriffin Wait, what is IT again?
[ profile] tegurunrampant THE FIC OF DOOM
[ profile] lynxgriffin not the penis hydra one?!
[ profile] tegurunrampant THAT ONE
[ profile] lynxgriffin OH YES
[ profile] tegurunrampant Nothing tops that.
[ profile] tegurunrampant Nothing.
[ profile] lynxgriffin that one is like the secret demented cousin of SoaS.
[ profile] lynxgriffin Whereas SoaS attempts to function in normal society, they lock Penis Hydra in the attic and feed it fish heads on occasion because even the freaks are scared of it. D:
[ profile] tegurunrampant XD
[ profile] lynxgriffin Keystroke: *to SoaS at badfic family reunion* Say...don't you have some other cousin?
[ profile] lynxgriffin SoaS: I DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT.
[ profile] lynxgriffin Dark Crystal: .....But I could've swor--
[ profile] lynxgriffin SoaS: OH LOOK HERE'S SOME PUNCH
[ profile] tegurunrampant XDDDD
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