15 August 2008 @ 09:48 am
Oops, forgot to update earlier...  
While I'm thinking of it: new Lunargyros page went up this past Tuesday.

This past Tuesday I headed down to the LA Convention Center for a day at Siggraph! Free passes are handy that way, although that meant I could only visit the exhibit floor. I got totally lost coming off the freeway, but eventually found my way to the convention center. Curse you, Los Angeles!

All in all, an interesting and productive day! And yes, I spent a lot of time stalking the Disney booth. Holy crap, it was sooo much nicer than what they had last year. They had a bunch of stuff from Bolt and Princess and the Frog (including concept art) and this little area showing off self-portraits of Disney artists and some Disney animation history. :D Got to chat with Alison Mann there, who is a sweetheart and might be teaching one of my classes next term, woot! Also talked with a bunch of people there about the Talent Development program and got some feedback on my portfolio. Aaaagh, I soooo want to do the TD program, it looks like exactly what I want. But they admit so few people! XO Eeeeek. I will try anyway! I think I'm going to make my area of focus be on Story, since everyone I've talked to has said I need to decide on an area of focus. As such, trying to do another comedy-oriented board to include in my submission...hopefully I can finish it and get some good feedback on it before then.

Otherwise, there was a whole lot of wandering around the exhibit hall. Also got my portfolio looked at by Blizzard and kind folks at Nickelodeon. It seems Blizzard essentially wants WoW fanartists working for them, which I COULD do if I really tried, but...ehh, we'll see. Actually, if Disney and nowhere else works out, I might go for a Nickelodeon internship, even if they ARE unpaid...I've just heard a lot of good things about the work environment from people who've been there before. Seems like a nice way for a newb to hop into the industry. Gave out some business cards other places, lalala.

Of course there's always like ten booths going off on how awesome mocap is. Missed most of the Lucasfilm booth this year, crap. (It was hiding!) Also, Gnomon didn't have a booth in the exhibit hall this year, just in the job fair center, and it was a small booth. What gives, Gnomon?! Your booth last year was actually friggin' awesome. Also, I looked in on the art gallery, and the Emerging Technologies section. There was some cool stop-motion 3D zoetropes, and then there was this...glove and screen interaction that would give you the sensation that ants were crawling up your arm. It was called "Ants in the Pants," and it was from Japan. WHAT THE HELL, JAPAN. Only you would think up something like A GLOVE THAT MAKES YOU FEEL LIKE ANTS ARE CRAWLING UP YOUR ARM. No, I did not try on the glove.

It was a super long day and I was going to go to this Gnomon gallery party thing in the evening, only to discover that students weren't invited after all. Niiiiice. -_- Soooo I came home with quite a few cards and free thingies, as well as a Pixar teapot. Got them before they ran out, yay!

My parents are back from Catalina, and my little bro is back from Edinburgh. Only BA totally lost the luggage of him and his entire theater crew, and he won't get it until today or tomorrow. WAY TO GO, HEATHROW. Speaking of airports, I picked [ profile] yamikonumber7 up from LAX on Wednesday, and we hit up the Howard Hughes center, talked RP and finally got stuff moved into her new nail-ridden dorm. Maaaan, it so doesn't feel like August to me.

And finally! I've never done an RP meme before...first time for everything?! Ganked from [ profile] dorkage:

I list the characters I play with their journals. You ask questions, on your IC journal or OOC journal, it doesn't matter. They answer IC. Okay? Okay. It can be about their username, what their favorite food is...whatever your mind can come up with.

[ profile] optimistickey - Sora (KH2 version)
[ profile] huff_puff_wolf - Wolf (from The 10th Kingdom)
[ profile] itsjustashow - Joel Robinson (from MST3K)
[ profile] cloverlovesit - the Cloverfield Monster (yes it's crack)

Have at it! /o/

Drawing: Started on a new series boards yesterday, and actually got decently far. Hopefully they will turn out all right. *makes grabby hands at TD Program*

Writing: Continuing ooooon yes.
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08 August 2007 @ 11:52 am
My adventures at Siggraph  
I made it to and from San Diego safely in one day! Go me! :D Although while driving I was often in that weird state of my body and mind being awake, while my eyes are not. That wasn't much fun. Either way, I survived being awake from 4:00 am to 11:00 at night when I got home, and running around like crazy all day!

My one-day con report )

'Twas fun, but I'm glad I've got three days off before I'm back in class. A lot of artwork both for school and otherwise to work on now, oy!

Drawing: Going to go do revised storyboards now for Jeremy's animation short project...

Writing: One more chapter of MWWBK to go!
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